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Horror Hotel

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Nat and her sister go to the hotel to have the family reunion thing, to her its hell becuase she doesnt like half the people there

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Chapter two

Natalie's aunt finally decided to turn the attention or spotlight onto her rather then whatever she deems worthy. "So Natalie," her aunt Sally began. "Where do you live again, is it New York?" she asked, knowing full well that it wasn't.

Natalie shook her head sighing in frustration at her, "No I live in New Jersey. a few blocks away from the Hudson River."

"Where exactly?" Scarlet asked her, Scarlet was always interested in places so she liked to know the town name so that if she ever did go there she could say that her cousin or whatever is relevant to the situation lives there.

"Newark, been living there for almost three years or so. It's a beautiful place if you look close enough." she said to them.

"What's in Newark ?" Natalie's uncle Dale asked her.

She gave him a obvious look, like why else would she be in Newark if not for friends and family that she's made. "My friends, I miss Frank he's awesome and really crazy." she said smiling happily.

Kaely smirked, "Is this Frank guy your wonderful boyfriend?" she said half joking and half serious.

Natalie scrunched up her face at the accusation, "Never that'd be like totally wrong and just plain sickening, he's like my brother." she told them.

Sally was about to ask her something else, most likely not something very nice when Natalie's cell phone rang, it had the ring tone of Thank You For The Venom her favorite song by the guys. She immediately knew who that was, it was Gerard's tone, each person on her cell had a different ring tone.

Without looking at the screen she answered the phone, "Hello Gerard." she said using the sexy voice as Gerard told her at one point in time.

She heard him laugh at that, "I love it when you do that and using the sexy voice turned me on even more. And you saying my name right away instead of a greeting even more hot." he told her as she heard some laughter in the background.

"Well good, so how's it going?" she asked him curiously, wondering why he is calling her.

"Good, had a rabid fan girl attack yesterday but other than that not very much excitement unless you count Mikey putting the radio in the shower. Again." Gerard said trying to hold back the laughter.

Natalie laughed, making some of her family look at her wondering what she was laughing at. "Why did he put the radio in the shower with him again. Was he cold, needed a bit of warming up?" she asked curiously.

Now Natalie's family was really curious as to what the two were talking about since it was suck an odd conversation that they were having, Natalie noticed their confused looks and smirked. "I don't know what was on his mind but you know how he is at times, I really do hope he never has to live alone he would kill himself." Gerard said to her.

"Yeah I really hope him and Alicia stay together forever and be perfect together." she said to him, Alicia and Mikey do have a perfect looking relationship so to say. Both are bass players and are in the music industry and are the quiet types so to say. "So how are the others; Frank, Bob and Ray, they haven't tried anything like Mikey have they?" she asked jokingly to him.

Gerard laughed at that, "No they haven't done a Mikey yet, but the guys are all doing alright as always. Ray is being his normal computer geek like self, Bob still after all of our hard work isn't very fond of human contact and of course Frankie is trying to kiss me at every chance that he gets and is his normal crazy self as usual." Gerard paused to take a break, he said most of that in one breath. "Natalie, lets stop talking about the guys, I would really rather not talk to my fiancé about the guys when I call her. I want to know how you are." he said to her, she could practically hear the smirk in his voice.

She smiled into the phone, "I'm good. I miss you more than you think I do." she said to him.

"You do not miss me more than I miss you that is almost impossible since I can't even put into words with how much I miss you." he said to her.

"Yeah, yeah I know Gee, but anyways next time you and the boys go on tour me, Alicia and Jamia are so going with we feel left out and alone when we don't have you guys here with us you know." she told him.

"We will don't worry, Frank and Mikey are missing their fiancé's just as much as I am missing my soon to be wife." he said to her lovingly.

"Yeah, next time you go on tour I'm definitely going with you no matter what anyone else says." she said to him.

"Well I got to go Nat, we have to get up early for a radio interview or something like that as you know. I guess that I'll talk to you tomorrow or something?" he asked her.

"Most definitely, if you don't I'm going to beat you up." she said to him.

"You're so abusive. I love you talk to you tomorrow."

"Love you too Gerard."

Natalie's grandmother was looking at her curiously wondering who it was that she was talking to like that, "Who was that, that you had to say I love you to them, I've never once heard you say that to someone who wasn't family." she told her.

"My boyfriend." she answered the questioning glances, leaving out the part that she was getting married to him within a few weeks.

Niki faked a cough hinting at something, "More then just that." she said giving Natalie a look.

"What does she mean by that?" Gale, her aunt asked.

Natalie shrugged giving them an innocent look, "Well I'm getting married to him in five weeks, two weeks after he gets back from tour." she said to them.

Sally of course got a disgruntled look on her face once she realized that Natalie's future husband was in a band. "He's in a band?"

"Yes, why what's it matter?" Natalie asked her already being able to tell her aunt is going to say something bad about Gerard.

"They hardly get enough money in that business, and no offence Natalie but you really don't seem the type who would attract a famous rock star." she said to her.

Natalie glared at her aunt, she really wanted to say something mean and just hurtful but refrained herself. "Ever heard of My Chemical Romance?" Natalie asked them, she was going to show Sally that she was attractive to rock stars.

Sally shook her head and Scarlet reminded her of the song she liked, "Yeah you know the dancing funeral one that you like mom?" she asked her.

Sally got a comprehending look on her face, "Oh yeah I remember now, but what does that have to do with anything, it's not like one of them are your fiancé, right?" she asked.

Natalie smirked and took a picture out of her purse of her and Gerard a few months ago at a lake that Gerard just loved to go to when he was a kid. It was a family picnic that Gerard and her were required to go to by Donna. Mikey and Alica went to, Alicia was the one who had taken the picture without telling them.

She handed the picture to Scarlet who would most likely recognize Gerard for the lead singer of My Chemical Romance since she was really the only one our of them all that was into music somewhat. She passed the picture to her mother, "Natalie how did you meet him let alone get engaged?" Scarlet asked her amazed.

"I was working for the company that produced their second CD and met their manager who then introduced me to them that way. I was helping them with some paper work that they needed done if they wanted their next CD out, really boring shit. So sine I was helping them Gerard and I hung out a lot, one night it was late and I hadn't eaten and either had he, he took me out and the rest is history." she said smiling at the memory.

"Okay lets see the ring." Natalie's grandma said to her excitedly, her grandma is such a gossiper at times seriously she is almost worse than her daughter, Natalie's aunt which is saying something.

Natalie held out her hand and all of the women ooh-ed and ahh-ed at the ring as was normal for them to do, Natalie just smiled at them and shook her head.

"So where are you going to having the wedding?" Fiona asked curiously.

"Well we have it between two places, either in Bevelle or in Newark where he grew up at, it's a hard decision." she said to them.

That made a few of her family members curious as to why she didn't want it where most of her family was at, "Why not here in Minnesota?" Sally asked voicing everyone's question.

Natalie gave her a look as if she should know why she was having it in New Jersey instead of in Minnesota, "Because most of Mine and Gerard's friends and family live in New Jersey so it would be a lot easier if we just have it there." she said told her.

"Are we welcomed to come?" Kaely asked hesitantly, not sure since Natalie and Sally keep on having slight fights over the years.

Natalie nodded, "Of course you are, if you want to come just let us know ahead of time so we can make arrangements and all that." she said happy that someone on her side of the family would want to come and see her get married to the man that she loved more than anything in the world.

"When is it?" Scarlet asked.

"On October 13th." she replied smirking.

"That's a ominous day to have it, when evil lurks about in the night?" Fiona said smirking a little bit.

"Its a scary day and a bit before our friend Frank's birthday, originally I wanted it to be on Halloween but then decided since that was Frank's birthday that we would have it on the next best day." Natalie said smiling.

They talked for a few more hours about Natalie's wedding and what she plans on doing with it and some of the details. Some of them Sally hated so much with a passion that she just couldn't believe that Natalie's mother in law was allowing her to do them.

Sally especially hated the bridesmaid dresses; they were going to be like the dress in the Helena music video. It was going to be mostly black with an under layer and bright red to show where the black stopped. Her wedding dress to Sally was even more radical, she was going to have a dark red tint go all the way up to the bodice where it will stop finally and blend in with the white. The back was corset tying and the front was in a corset style as well, it was kind of gothic looking.
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