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Old friendships

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Nat goes and meets up with some old friends and they learn about her surprise as well

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A/N: I know these have like practically no Gerard in them but please hold on he's coming up i promise

Chapter three

Finally Niki and Natalie were heading home, well to Niki's at least where she lived with her husband. Niki and Pete finally married after their daughter Anastasia was five years old.

"One side done the other to go and tell the wonderful news to." Niki said to her sister as she walked into the house and plopped on the couch practically.

"Yeah no kidding. I have the Skelly side to tell in two days then I will be staying here for three more days after that then I get to go home finally. Alicia and Jamia will be happy about that since they probably are bored to death without me there." Natalie said blissfully, she really wanted to go home to her and Gerard's house, she misses it.

"You'll be home soon enough, and now the Storing's are definitely going to be coming to the wedding and you know grandma and grandpa are going to go, you are grandpa's favorite granddaughter, and of course Cindy since she's your godmother." Niki sad as she flipped through the channels trying to find something the least bit interesting to watch.

Natalie nodded, "Yeah I know, if Pete comes you know its going to be a big wedding and he's going to get anxiety." Natalie said remembering that Pete doesn't like big crowds really.

Natalie and Gerard's wedding is going to have a lot of people there, some of the bands friends, some bands who are their friends like the Used and people like that. The band of course and some of Natalie's friends from high school and some from when she worked at the record company that produced MCR's second CD, of course there are going to be tons of photographers around and publicists around as well.

One thing Gerard really wanted to do was have the wedding filmed and broadcasted on TV, he said 'everyone gets to see a MCR style wedding, no one will expect it' in his words at least. Natalie wasn't sure about millions of people watching her get married to Gerard Way on TV, but after thinking about it she thought it would be a good idea. People would get to see a MCR style wedding, something that they've never seen before. Nothing about their wedding is going to be normal, their clothes, bridesmaids or groomsmen, nothing.

"Pete has actually gotten over that finally, well somewhat at least. He still may get the anxiety when you guys get married now that I think about how big it is." she said to her. "But he'll be able to stand it for at least a little while."

Natalie smiled, "Good I want him and Nina both to be there, they're like my family too ya know. Just like the band is my family as well and Gerard's parents and brother are like mine, basically they are since I'm marrying into their family." she said to her sister smiling a bit and just now realizing that she is going to be related to Mikey.

Natalie yawned tiredly, "I'm gonna go to bed its been a long and tiring night especially with the evil side of the family." she said smirking.

Niki rolled her eyes at her sister, Natalie has always been more fond of their mother's side of the family then their dad's. Probably because she always spent time over there and Niki was always spending time with the other side instead.

Niki went upstairs to her daughter Anastasia's room, she was sleeping soundly. Niki just looked down at her and smiled, to think that she used to get up every morning to help her own sister get ready for school and now she does it for her daughter. She still cant believe that her sister is getting married in five weeks, it's a big step for her sister, Natalie used to always be so shy and quiet when around new people and now she's well not, Natalie loves to be the center of attention if she wants to be. She's the outspoken one of the group without even realizing that she does that though. Niki shook her head and went to bed thinking of how her sister used to be compared to how she is now.

When Natalie woke up the next morning she noticed a heavy something was sitting on her, she opened her eyes and saw her niece. "Asia what are you doing, sitting on me?" she asked her as she opened her eyes even more.

"Waiting for you to get up." she said smiling happily.

Natalie sighed, "How about you go and bother aunty Nina so I can get dressed and I will be down in ten minutes." she told her six year old niece.

Anastasia quickly hoped off and ran out there door closing it behind her, Natalie sighed heavily. Her niece just loved getting everyone up so early, seven in the morning isn't exactly a time she liked to get up, especially on a Friday. Natalie pushed her covers off of her and quickly got dressed in a pair of jeans and a shirt that had My Chemical Romance on it.

"Hey Nina." Natalie said as she walked into the kitchen to make some food for herself, probably something very simple and easy to comprehend and remember how to make like cereal.

"Hey Natalie, what time did you and Niki get back at?" she asked her.

Natalie shrugged, "Around eleven I think, I'm not sure I wasn't paying attention to the time exactly." she told her.

The two sat on the couch in front of the TV eating their cereal and watching cartoons, only because of Anastasia. They can't exactly watch the interesting shows that they normally would because Anastasia would have nightmares most likely. Natalie offered to take Anastasia to school since she was going to be meeting a few of her old high school friends around that area of town.

None of her friends knew that she was getting married either, she's hardly ever been able to talk to them much, let alone talk for a few hours and tell them how her life has been and whats been going on in it lately. The only one of her friends that knows what's going on is her best friend Hope who is one of the bridesmaids in her wedding.

Natalie walked into the said place that she was going to meet her friends at, she saw them but her friends had some of the guys that they went to high school with them. It sort of surprised her seeing as they were some of the popular guys that her friends really never talked to at all and didn't even glance at them usually.

She took a deep breath and walked over there and greeted her friends, "I see things have changed for all of you." she said from behind them.

Breanna was the first one who turned around, when she did she saw Natalie and smiled at her, she stood up and hugged her friend to death. "Nat long time no see, we've missed you. Sit, sit." she said pushing her down to sit next to Jon Stensgard.

"So what have you been up to Natalie? Any boyfriends?" Breanna asked her.

"Been working at Crimson Decay, I've been there for about five years or so, my friend Brian said that they needed some help. So I quit working at Reprise records and moved over to working there instead." she answered.

"What is Crimson Decay? Sound like something morbid and scary." Harley said shaking his head at the name.

"It's a music label, I help with the paper work that the bands usually have to do and schedule new bands to come in and give us a taste of their music and to see if they are what we are looking for at the label." she explained to them. "I am also a writer though too, I have two books of short stories. My friend Frank owns and runs a clothing line, record label and book publishing company. He's the one who published both of my books." she said smiling.

"Damn. You must be loaded." Harley said, Natalie lifted a brow at him as if asking what the hell he was on.

"I don't know. I guess." she said to them.

Becky changed the subject, "So you've changed quite a bit. I remember you being shorter and not as small as you are now." she said as politely as she could.

Natalie smirked at her, knowing that she used to be a bit over weight but she got over that when she got to New Jersey. She was walking everywhere it seemed, especially when she had to go and meet with some bands at a local coffee shop or something.

"Yeah well I moved somewhere else for a change I thought my life needed a whole new change so that's what I did." she answered.

"When do you have to go home?" Holly asked.

"In four days why?" she asked.

"We're gonna try to pick you up a guy possibly." Breanna told her suggestively.

Natalie shook her head, "No thanks I don't think that would be the best idea, besides I don't think Gerard would be too happy if he found out I did that." she said smiling.

"Who's that your boyfriend?" Clint asked.

"More than just that, getting married on October 13th to him." she said.

She was met with shocked looks, "Why didn't we ever get to meet him?" Crystal asked.

Natalie shrugged, "I don't know probably because he's on tour a lot, or at least lately and I live on the east coast in New Jersey and you guys live here in Minnesota. Its kind of hard to get together you know." she said to them.

"Wait, wait hold up. Your fiancé is in a band?" Adam asked finally just realizing that.

Natalie nodded, "A very well known band at that, it's actually the best band ever known to man kind." she said.

"How well known?" Kyle asked suspicious.

Natalie smirked, "Ever heard of My Chemical Romance?"

They nodded and she gave them a pointed look, "Well my fiancé is the lead singer and artist of the band Gerard Way." she said to them proudly.

They then began to ask her how she met him and what he was like and how it felt to be engaged to a rock star who is gone a lot of the time. The guys actually reminded Natalie of gossiping teeny bopper high school girls who just discovered that they can make themselves look sexy. They talked for a few hours, she said that she would let them know a bit more about the wedding when in got closer and how they would arrange for them to come when it's closer to the date.

Natalie noticed some people taking pictures of her and her friends, immediately she recognized them as the stupid paparazzi wanting a story or something like that on her just because she is dating Gerard. They only want a picture of her so that they can get some money. She's gotten used to it over the years of dating Gerard, nothing new to her really but its just getting too repetitive, their habit never change whatsoever.

Later that night she got a phone call from Hope asking her if she wanted to have a girls night just the two of them since Natalie would be leaving for home in a few days; of course Hope wanted to know more about the wedding plans and if her dress was done yet and what it looked like and all of those things.
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