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Erik is up to something...

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Erik's poinr of view after he left the two alone

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Erik ran out of the opera house, his breath very still in the night, but his heart pounding. he rean over the details of the letter over and over in his head again, to make sure he wasn't about to make a fool of himself.


this is as okward for you as it is for me. If Raoul wasn't keeping me away from even the slightest sound from a songbird I would have returned to the opera house to make sure you were safe. The reports have said you have died but i know you better then that. I worry about you every second of the day Erik, you have been the biggest inspiration in my life. If you hadn't driven me away, and if I hadn't of been so foolish to leave I would have stayed in that opera house with you forever. Erik, I knew I was making the worst decition from the second I gave you the ring back. After that it was only proven true that I made the wrong choice, Raoul has been keeping me and our daughter, Cecile, locked inside this house. We are forbidden to sing or play music, as well as go to listen to any music as well. He tries to tell us that music is what brought this tragety to him, but in his heart he just knows that I still love you, Erik, and he wants to keep any memory of you out of my head. It has failed, if not, made me think og you more. I have been teaching Cecile when Raoul is out of the house music since, and I have told her the stories, the songs, the meanings, she knows everything. If you and I had a child they would be no different from Cecile, she is so spirited in music, and finds joy in nothing else.

This is the reason I write to you today, Erik. I have become ill beyond all reason, and I fear for Cecile. Raoul promised me that when Cecile would have grown up, that we would have moved away from Paris, from France! he said that it would cost to much to take three people from the country, and i fear that if i die from this illness he will take Cecile instead of myself. She may never sing again if that happens. I have the dearest favor to ask of you Erik. Take her in like you took me in. Raise her like you raised me. start her on the life that I never got to finish. Please Erik, you are my last hope for my daughter Cecile.

I sent her with this letter, don't let her leave until you have made your decition.


Erik couldn't stop thinking over and over in his head again, Christine was still in Paris! He knew which house they had to of been in too, the one that Christine always visited in the past, the "dream house" she use to say. He kept his face and his body in the shadows, hiddenin darkness untill he reached the adress. one lite was lit, the bedroom lamp. He climbed a nearby tree and gazed inside, and saw the most beautiful, and the most vial person all in one room. Christine was lying in bed, pale as anything. Erik's heart broke to see her in such a withering state. Raoul was at a desk across the room, wrighting something out. Christine's eyes didn't have that desire and passion that they were always filled with. She had lost all hope in life. He reached out his hand to the window, but he saw Raoul stand up and say something to Christine, and he left the house. The sun was begining to rise as Raoul walked out the front door, so he stayed entangled in the branches until he was out of sight. Erik turned back to Christine, she looked even more depressed, she was putting on an act for that dispicable man, and Erik couldn't wait for the day to take the revenge on how sad and cold he made Christine feel. He decended from the tree and went up to the house, the sunlight barely showing his figure as he walked inside the house. He silently went up the stairs and tried to figure out which room was Christine's. He opened one door and found a very plain room with a bed for one, he assumed this was Cecile's past room. He tried the next door and found a powder room, but the third time was the charm. Christine looked up at him and his heart sank. Christine sat up, but quickly laid back down.
"Erik," she whispered. "You shouldn't have come,"
"Christine, you are worse then you said!" he quickly went to her side. "Oh Christine, i should have never let you go that day!"
"Forget the past," she softly said. "What has beed done is done," She slid her hand over the one that rested on a bed with a lether glove on it. "Where is my Cecile?" she asked worried.
"She is safe with my son, she passed out from shock but should be awake by now."
"passed out?" she almost got above a whisper. "Son?"
"Not biological, i found him abandoned at the opera house, that day." he sighed, "and yes, i guess she was scared of the reality"
"she is alright though? can i trust your boy?"
"i promise with everything i have she is safe" silence fell over thier conversation.
"Erik, the doctors say i may not make it past this week," Erik felt his heart sink all the way to his feet.
"Christine, i'm sorry for everything, any pain I may have caused you, anything that i may have done to make you cry even the smallest tear, Christine, i," Christine sat up slightly and put a finger on his lips. to feel those fingers on his lips was like a touch from heaven. She moved from his lips to the side of his face that was bare. He felt Christine draw his face to his, and after a long wait, they had finally shown eachother that they both missed eachother, in one, silent, soft kiss.
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