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Rise again

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Cecile wakes up without feeling woozy

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I woke up in the same place again, except this time the candles had been faded and it was harder to see. I found some more strength and i was able to sit up easier, and I was also able to get from under the convers without freezing to death. my clothes were still slightly damp, but it wasn't that bad. I got up and went to the door that was opened a crack, and I heard the organ playing in the distance. how far away was I from that room I saw before? I opened the door even more and wandered down the small hallway, the music getting louder and louder every second. I got to the glass door and I pushed it open, the sound of it creaking not even hearable over the sound of the organ. Kristopher was sitting there playing. I couldn't reconize the song, untill he opened his mouth and started singing. It was the first one my mom ever taught me to sing, the last song that she ever sang on stage, the only song that the phantom had ever sung on stage, the point of no return.
"Past, the point of no return, no backward glancecs," he continuted on with a voice that seemed deep and crisp, but it also had a softer side as the notes went higher. I closed my eyes and listened to the guy's part that I had never heard. The words were soft and sweet, but the notes gave it that powerful edge to it, it was such a glorious sound to me. When the guys part ended he just kept playing, and I lost control. I started to sing. I opened my eyes with that first note and I saw Kristopher turn around, the organ stopped but I kept singing.


I jumped when i heard the second voice acompany in my favorite song, and when I spun around, there I saw Cecile. She startled me at first, but I listened to her voice and my soul went flying. I realised the organ behind me was still there and I started playing again. I felt her move closer, and she sat down next to me on the bench, still playing. My ears had never heard such a fabulous sounding voice before, and I live under an opera house. I looked up from the keys and looked at her singing, and she had her eyes closed and her head slightly tilted up, she was so into this song it amased me. It felt good to see someone who was just as pasionate for music as I was. The part where both parts merge came up, and i joined in with her. the sound of my tener voice mergind with her mix of saprano and alto sound was such a mix, it was as if our voices were made to sing at once. I looked up at her again, and this time she was looking at me as well. Her eyes were like two dark emeralds, i felt embarased by her stare and looked back at the keys blushing. What was this feeling that overcame me? and just like that, the song was over.
"Well it's obvious that Erik has trained you well," Cecile said, brushing her hand lightly over the keys.
"Who did you learn from? your voice is amasing!" I felt stupid how exited that sentance came out, I was looking like an idiot and I knew it.
"My mother," she sighed. "Learned from the best though, so Erik might as well have taught me."
I glanced at a clock nearby, and it was six in the morning. "Erik hasn't returned yet, I wonder where he has gone and still not arrived yet"
"I don't know," she whispered.


I stood up and looked around the room, seeing it without the view of the back of my eyelids and water to follow. Everything was just like my mother said. The candles sprinkled all over the place, The music and posters all over the place, the slight mist that the water gave off hazed the room, and on the other side of the room, the steel bed in the shape of a bird. I sighed.
"My mother doesn't lie," I breathed to myself. I turned back around to see Kris looking at me again, his two pools of blue shining with curiosity to what I was doing. I remembered our conversation earlier.
"So did you want to know about the stories?" i asked quietly. I know what I said before, but it felt wrong to not know thw wonderful stories that my mother told.
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