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School Reunion

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'Josh, I'm not going. Everyone has changed and I'll feel totally alone. I mean, I haven't seen the guys in, like, 20 years! And FYI, it's called a 'School Reunion', not a 'School-thingy'.' The reu...

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'Oh come on, Theresa. You need to go there for your movie anyways. You might as well go for your School-thingy.'
'Josh, I'm not going from LA to New Olympia. Everyone has changed and I'll feel totally alone. I mean, I haven't seen the guys in, like, 20 years! And FYI, it's called a 'School Reunion', not a 'School-thingy'.'
The celebrity's best friend laughed.
'Actually,' He said with a grin. 'You've kept on reminding me that it's only been 10 years, not 20.'
'Well,' Theresa lowered her Dior sunglasses to the tip of her nose. 'The point remains. I'm not going to that stupid school reunion. I'll go to New Olympia for the movie but nothing else. You got that, Smart-Alec?'
'Ha,' Josh said. 'I got it. But just one more question, who's Jay?'
Theresa stiffened in her movie-set chair. The dream last night was still haunting her; Jay told her to fuck off, Atlanta had her head in her trembling hands with Archie's comforting arm over her shoulders. Odie and Herry were just standing there; right in the middle of the Brownstone's hallway with their eyes darting from an angry Jay to an awed Theresa and Neil was fiddling with his thumbs on the couch while pretending to watch a blank TV. Tears were slowly rolling down her reddening cheeks as she ran to her room, packed up her things and bolted out the door almost as fast as Atlanta could have. Theresa received several messages on her cell phone from Atlanta, Odie, Neil and even Archie, begging her to come back. But none from Jay; no, he was too proud and stubborn to call her back. Theresa never forgave him for saying those awful thins to her, but there was some reason why he spoke to her that way, and some reason why she took off and never returned.
'No one,' she said sternly, ignoring the fact that her bottom lip was quivering. 'He's no one.'
'Because you were muttering something about Jay last night in your sleep-'
'Read my lips,' she said, clutching the collar of his shirt. 'He is no one!'
'Well he seems to be someone if you care this much about this topic-'
'HE IS NO ONE!' That particular comment was the reason of several turned heads on the movie set. 'Uh, Josh, you are my agent,' Theresa said quietly. 'Not my therapist, and this particular business does not involve you, so please don't try to be.'
'But I am your friend,' Josh lifted her hand off of his shirt and smiled. 'So I think that I should know what happened between you guys.'
Theresa sighed. 'He was my high school boyfriend. We were the hottest couple, but then he did something, I can't remember what, but it was something really bad and told me to fuck off. I ran away and here I am.'
'Theresa,' he said comfortingly. 'You're 28, not 14. You know well enough that you can't just run away to solve your problems. Even if you do succeed in running away, your problems won't just stay where they are, they'll run with you and follow you where ever you choose to go, even if it's to the ends of the earth. You taught me that.'
She sighed. 'Yah, I know. So I guess I'll be going to school reunion, huh?'
Josh laughed. 'Oh yah.'


The reunion was boring, eventless, and a complete waste of Theresa's time. Everyone there was either staring at her or glaring at her, but either way, it made her feel very uncomfortable.
'Why did you bring me here?' Theresa whispered to Josh through clenched teeth. 'What was the point?'
'Trust me when I say that you need to see your friends,' Josh said calmly. 'I saw my friends at the reunion a couple years ago; do you know my girlfriend Rachel? She went to my school and we just hit it off at the reunion.'
Theresa laughed. 'Really?'
'Excuse me,' a deep voice said behind Theresa. 'But are you Theresa Sheridan?'
'I'll leave you two alone then,' Josh said as he approached the buffet table. 'See you later Theresa.'
She turned around to come face to face with a broad chest hidden under a navy blue suit and black tie. A tall black man, clearly over six feet tall was smiling down at her, his long, curly black hair tied back into a ponytail.
'What?' He asked, bending down so that she could get a better look. 'Don't you remember me?'
'Um, sorry, no.' Theresa said as she shook her head.
'Well, let me give you a different perspective; you'd usually see me as a short, frizzy-haired, thin boy that wears green shades and is a genius in many ways.'
'Odie?' Theresa asked, purely shocked at her friends huge growth. 'Is that really you? God, you've changed so much, well, especially in height.'
'Yah,' he replied bashfully. 'I, uh, hit a bit of a growth spurt.'
'A bit?' Theresa laughed. 'Odie you're a giant! It's good look on you. So, what have you done since we last saw each other?'
'I'm a NASA scientist, and I'm currently working on an experiment on mythical phenomenons around the world. After they heard my graphic retelling about our many adventures with live Greek myths, they thought I should lead an experiment to find out if other myths of all cultures have the same reality in them.'
'Sounds interesting,' Theresa said, trying to sound smart after Odie's small speech. 'And way too smart for me, I think it's far beyond my level of understanding.'
'Yah,' Odie laughed. 'The same thing goes for most people I tell my story to.'
'I can imagine that.' Theresa said.
'Oh, Theresa, I've been meaning to show you someone,' Odie said as he easily steered her in the direction of a couple. A man with platinum blond hair and the other with short cropped red hair. 'Theresa that is Archie and Atlanta. They've been meaning to see you for quite some time now. Speaking of which,' Odie checked his watch. 'I should get going back to Calypso, or, Callie, as some would call her. She is a fashion magazine editor. We just had another boy, first Marquis and now Corbin. I'll see you Theresa, take care.'
She approached her two friends.
'Excuse me,' Theresa said casually, making sure to avoid all eye-contact. 'But would you happen to know the time?'
'Yes, actually I do,' the woman said as she checked her watch. 'It's-Theresa! Is that really you? Well of course it is I've seen you on TV! How have you been?' Atlanta said joyfully as she embraced Theresa in a warm hug.
'I've been doing great,' Theresa answered. 'Actually, I'm here also for a movie that I'm going to shoot in a few weeks. So what's with the hair Archie?'
He laughed. 'I decided that the purple look wasn't really me for the kids, so I got rid of the dye.'
'Well it makes you look refined,' Theresa said playfully. 'Almost elegant, almost.'
'The kids have inherited our colour,' Atlanta said proudly. 'A strawberry blonde with Archie's dark blue eyes. The pale skin makes them look almost elf-ish. Claire wants to dye her hair blue and Alex wants to get a tattoo.'
'And how old are they exactly?' Theresa asked, her voice filled to the rim with sarcasm.
'Claire is turning 8 in July and Alex has just turned 7 last month.' Archie responded.
'So,' Theresa said. 'How's it been?'
'Archie's an English professor at a High School and I'm the manager of a line of sports stores around the country.' Atlanta responded.
'Congratulations!' Theresa exclaimed.
'So have you seen Neil?' Archie asked.
'No,' Theresa responded. 'I just got here.'
'Well you'll know when you see him.' Atlanta said as she rolled her eyes.
Right at that moment, the flickering light of flashing cameras and the sound of a limo parking outside the glass doors. Very Hollywood-like, Neil came through the doors, designer shades on, black leather jacket, and paparazzi swarming him like fat kids to a chocolate bar. He seemed to enjoy it, however, and strut over to where Theresa was, hugged her and said very majestically, 'Theresa, honey, how are you?'
'I'm fine Neil,' she responded, with a Hollywood smirk resting on her lips. ''And how many times do I have to tell you not to call me honey?'
'I actually think I've lost count.' Neil laughed as he face the cameras and smiled.
'Neil!' Josh exclaimed as he walked up to Neil, two glasses of white wine in hand and handed one to Theresa.
'Josh!' Neil said as he accepted the glass of champagne from a gaping girl fan.
'How have you been?' Josh asked.
'Oh, same old, same old,' Neil said, obviously finding immense pleasure out of all of the attention. 'Screaming girls that just happen to be in love with me, seeing and being seen in the hottest night clubs, trying to avoid the paparazzi, but no luck.' Neil gestured to the paparazzi while he lied.
'So Neil,' Atlanta asked. 'Is it true that you are really dating Theresa here?'
'It's nice to see you too, Atlanta and Archie.' Neil said sarcastically. 'And no, that particular rumor is not true, but the one where I am dating Vanessa Anne Hudgens. She is a really nice girl, you know; very playful and smart.'
'I'm glad to hear it.' Theresa said as she put on her best fake smile. Truth be told, she didn't want to come to the reunion to begin with, and with the paparazzi there made it extra difficult to leave early.
'Josh, we need to leave now.' Theresa warned him under her breath.
'Why?' The party is just getting started. And according to this guy here, you still haven't seen him again.' Josh gestured to a tall man, the same size as Odie, but very tanned with short hair and a bristle of a beard. He had on a plain green collar shirt with baggy khaki pants.
'Herry, Theresa. Theresa, Herry.' Josh introduced.
'No need for the intro, man.' Herry said, smiling.
'Hey Herry.' Theresa said half-heartedly. She was happy to see him, but Herry and Jay were pretty close friends. 'How have you been?'
'Pretty good, actually,' he answered. 'I traveled around Europe after College and when I was in Paris, my tour guide and I decided to go on a date. Brigitte and I have a daughter, Zoé. She means life in Greek and the name is also French, it just seemed, fitting, you know.'
'Ha, yah.' She laughed. 'Well I should get going, nice seeing you Herry, Archie, Atlanta and Neil. Josh, let's get going.' Theresa barely took a step behind her as she spun around before she smacked into a man. 'Oh, sorry.' She said.
'Yah, sorry.'
That voice. It was gentile, yet strong, protective and familiar.
'Damnit to Hell.' Theresa muttered as she looked into the eyes of a Greek hero.
'Pleased to see you too.' Jay obviously heard Theresa's comment.
'What are you doing here?' Theresa asked, eyeing his police badge. 'You some sort of rent-a-cop at a mall? Or do you sit around in you police car eating doughnuts like in 'The Simpsons'?'
'No,' Jay said. 'I am head of the FBI. We just cracked a case on a bodyguard who stalked his clients' girlfriend.'
'Really,' Theresa said sarcastically. 'That is so interesting. And I was just nominated for my 7th Oscar for best actress 2 weeks ago. How unworthy am I.'
'Yes, indeed.' Jay said.
'Theresa, we should get going,' Josh said as he approached her. 'We don't want to miss the meeting with the director in a couple of hours.'
'Jay,' Theresa said, forcing a wicked smile. 'Have you met my fiancé, Josh?' And before Josh could exclaim in protest, Theresa pulled Josh in for a passionate kiss, the best acting she had ever done.
'Well I wish the best for you two.' Jay said stiffly as he walked away, frowning.
As soon as they got out of the building and into Theresa's car, she apologized sadly.
'Well at least you are a good actor,' Josh said as he wiped Theresa's lip gloss off of his lips. 'That Jay guy looked pretty pissed.'
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