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Meeting with a Goddess

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Jay is reminded of his old job.

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Ch 2: Meeting with a Goddess

The blankets twisted around Theresa's slender figure as she soon realized she was half on the hotels floor, and half on the bed. The phone rang, pulling her out of her half-conscious state. She felt around for it and eventually got to it.
'Hello?' She said drowsily.
'Where are you?' Josh's worried voice rang through her ears. 'You were supposed to meet me at the school twenty minutes ago!'
'When did you tell me that?' She responded, sitting up.
'I told you last night after you left and then came back.'
'Josh, I left and didn't come back.' Theresa said, utterly perplexed.
'Well you seemed really worried about something, like that there was something that you really needed to tell me. But I told you to tell me now. So what was it?'
'I honestly have no idea what you are talking about Josh.' Theresa said as she pulled on a pair of casual jeans and a red tank-top. 'Well I should get going to meet you. I'll see you when I see you.'
'But Theresa-'
She hung up the phone and bolted out the door to the school. The drive was boring, and more or less uneventful except for the occasional photo being taken of her. At last she reached the school and Josh was standing in front of the doors, desperately trying to persuade the janitor to allow him in. Unfortunately for him, the janitor stayed firm and the door stayed locked.
'Theresa can you get this janitor to open this fucking door?' That was more of an order than an actual question.
'Theresa, is that really you?' The janitor asked her as she approached the door.
'Hello Mr. Suez, could you please open the door?' She responded, a fake smile on her face.
'Why yes, of course Theresa. In fact, Mrs. Areh wishes to speak with you.'
'Mrs. Areh?' Theresa repeated. 'Oh, Mrs. Hera.' She whispered.
She walked along the Olympia High School hallways alone, since Josh was not allowed to go any further than the door into the school. And with good reason, their secret held the fate of the world.
'Theresa!' Hera greeted her with open arms once she had gone through the secret passageway to the secret wing of the school with her pendant that she always wore. 'So good to see you again!'
'It's nice to see you too, Miss. Hera.' Theresa responded, smiling until, of course, she saw Jay. His face unshaven but his hair neat. She finally got a good look at him; his hair slightly longer and darker, he was wearing his usual jean pants and running shoes, his eyes still as chocolaty as ever, and that smile was still on his face. That reminded Theresa of the summer; always warm. Everyone was there, even Neil who hadn't really changed much, except you saw him more on Abercrombie & Fitch ads, obviously shirtless. Theresa was the one who had changed most in maturity and figure, her hair shorter and more like Courtney Cox's, her figure more curvaceous and she was slightly taller. Archie's hair was a platinum blond, his nose large and his skin pale, he was definitely the brightest one there. Atlanta's hair was definitely longer and less volume. It was no longer standing up on end, as if she was always running, but down on her neck. Theresa still had to get used to Odie's incredible height compared to his height 10 years before. Herry hadn't really changed in height or appearance, but was wearing a baggy tan pants and a short sleeve blue unbuttoned shirt over a long sleeved white one.
'Children,' Hera said her tone suddenly serious. 'You destroyed Cronus before you split up, and he was brought back to Tartarus. But, a man at a Power Plant stated seeing a man in a black suit with a giant flying monster.'
'The typhus.' Jay said.
'Indeed.' Hera said.
'But why would Cronus do the same thing as he did on our first mission?' Atlanta asked. 'It doesn't add up. We know how to defeat the typhus, we already have. It's dead!'
'We destroyed the typhus,' Theresa said thoughtfully. 'And as Atlanta said, we killed it, it's dead. So how and why would Cronus do this?'
'Maybe he's just lost his mind,' Neil said as he picked the dirt out of his fingernails. 'I mean more than he already has. The man is crazy, a psychotic god bent on world destruction.'
'I think that there is some reason for this whole thing, Neil.' Jay said, running his hands through his hair.
'But it's not world destruction he wants,' Theresa said. 'It's world domination that he's after.'
'Exactly.' Hera said. 'I want you to go down there and investigate the scene. Oh, and uh, you'll need these.' Hera snapped her fingers and in each of the hero's hands appeared their PMR; Portable Mobile Radio.


'So Jay,' Theresa said coldly in Herry's old truck. 'How are your legendary cop skills going to help us now, huh?'
'You know what Theresa-' Jay cut himself off as he gasped. 'Herry, stop the car!'
Herry did as he was told and pulled over.
'What the hell is that?' Archie said, stepping out of the car and walking towards the Power Plant.
'It's a body.' Jay responded, his eyes following the dripping blood to the pool underneath the dead man.
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