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A Long-Awaited Battle

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The battle of Imperials vs. Rogues. And a secret mission is assigned.

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Ok. Chapter 5. Here we go.

As it turned out, there were only two rooms available for Phil's guests. Therefore, Choi and Sean got to share a room just as they had at Alliance HQ.
After a hard day of training and conditioning 490 novice soldiers alongside a silent, fearsome Wolfman, Choi sank gratefully into his bed. He wondered what Sean had been doing with the 10 soldiers he had taken, and where the General could be now.
Just then, Sean walked into the room, as energetic and powerful as ever.
"Where've you been?" Choi asked.
"Burning the mission parameters into the brains of my soldiers. Also, I trained them very hard. They were good, and now they're great. But they'll have to be truly awesome if they hope to survive the coming battle, and they know that. But they won't shirk from their duty, and that makes me very proud of them," Sean said.
"Why did you only take ten? And what do you expect to accomplish with yourself and ten novices a month out of the academy against almost 500 Imperial soldiers?"
"But how?"
"I suppose that you'll only keep pestering me about this if I don't tell you, and I very desperately need some sleep. What's going to happen is that we will go along with dear Phil's strategy, but when we break into two, you'll be left with enough soldiers to equal the Imperial forces that you must fight. My ten men will spread out, five on each side, and will stop the Imperial forces from breaking through and onto the backs of your men. I'll be in the middle, killing a lot of Imperial bastards, and really fast too."
"But how do you expect to kill that many soldiers?"
"You're new to the Alliance, aren't you?"
"Yes, why?"
"So I suppose you've neither seen me in action nor heard about me in action, correct?"
"No sir."
Sean grinned fiercely.
"You're in for a real treat, my friend," Sean said mischievously.
Choi, still confused, had no other choice but to go to sleep. For you see, Sean was already asleep. And only the insane, suicidal people of the world had ever woken up a Giant and lived to tell the tale. Even though Sean was only part Giant, he still had enough Giant in him to be true to that rule.
Choi fell asleep to dreams of battle, and worse, massacre.

Choi woke about an hour before dawn, which was when they would start marching. There was already much activity in the treetop city, and soldiers were preparing everywhere.
Some were donning various amounts and sizes of armor. And there were many kinds of armor. Some were wearing armor that had been passed down through their families for centuries. Others were wearing rather new armor, bought recently on the way to the recruitment camps. Some, that either had no money or no inheritance or neither, were wearing armor mass-produced by the Rogues. However, few wore that cheap, poorly made stuff. And if they were, they had either painted it or customized it in some other way, making each soldier identifiable by their unique armor.
Choi donned the armor he had taken off of the Alliance soldier, which was rather heavy. However, it was quite sturdy, well made, and easy enough to move around in.
He then belted his broadsword, which was also of good quality. However, the real prize was the bow he had been given, which was truly the best bow he had ever used, even seen. He was primarily a swordsman, although he was quite skilled with the bow and arrow as well.
If he was able to use it correctly, he would be able to serve his Emperor quite well.
"Are you ready, Choi?" asked a voice from behind him.
He turned to see Sean and Dennis standing behind him.
Sean wore armor that looked rather thin, and would give him freedom of movement as well as good protection. His twin swords hung off of him strangely. One hung from his left shoulder, and was secured against his back rather strongly. The other was at his left hip, and secured as swords normally were.
Dennis, however, still wore a nondescript black cloak covering most of his body.
"Yep. Um, I have one question though," Choi said.
"Ask away," Sean said.
"Um, are we fighting this battle in the trees?"
Even Dennis chuckled.
"No, Choi, we're not," Sean said when he had stopped laughing. "You probably didn't know this, but the base of this tree we're standing on isn't farther than three klicks from the Plains. We're fighting on the Plain."
Choi nodded.
"Well, it looks like everything's almost ready. Dennis, Choi, start to take out the army. I have to go get my baby," Sean said.
Before he could ask what Sean meant by that, Dennis had pushed him towards the soldiers, and Sean was walking in the opposite direction.
Soon, Choi was making sure that all of the soldiers were lined up perfectly, and checking their gear to make sure that each one was combat-ready. Or as combat-ready as it was reasonable to hope for.
They marched onto a branch, towards a huge platform attached to perhaps a hundred pulleys, with half that many workers preparing to use them.
Choi, Dennis, and fifty other soldiers stepped onto the platform. Quickly but steadily, the platform began to drop.
Choi wondered where Sean could be at a time like this. Then Sean nimbly jumped onto the platform, carrying the six-meter wrapped package that had been taken to the camp by the Giants. There was some muffled swearing from above as the workers tried to compensate for Sean's sudden imbalance upon the platform.
"Sorry!" Sean called lightheartedly. He turned to Choi.
"So, excited?" Sean asked.
"Well, uh" Choi started to say.
"Good. And no, I won't tell you what's in the package until we get to the Plain."
So they waited until they stopped on the forest floor, and then waited until the rest of the army could come.
When all of the army was there, they started the march.

Choi blinked. The sun, which was so different from the darkness of the forest, blinded him momentarily.
But when he could see again, he gasped.
The Plain, full of tall grass and low, rolling hills, was so long that he could see for miles if he tried. But he didn't need to.
Because less than a mile away, his own army marched towards the trees, to kill him and the traitors that he marched into battle with. The army of the Empire.
"Onward, for freedom!" Sean yelled.
"For freedom!" came the cry of the soldiers.
Sean leaped onto the Plain, out of the trees, to stand apparently alone before the coming army. He held out the six-meter package in front of him, and unwrapped it.
Which revealed the largest sword Choi had ever seen.
Sean screamed a battle cry, and he and the rest of the Rogue army charged towards the Empire.
Farther and farther they ran, until Sean was not five meters from the Empire's army.
And with a mighty swing of his giant blade, he killed twenty soldiers.
And the rest of the armies met.
But like a hot knife through butter, the Rogue army sliced right into the center of the Imperial army, dividing the Imperials in two. Sean, with his ten elite soldiers, broke ranks towards the right and quickly spread out.
That was the signal for the rest of the army to turn left.

Choi shot his arrows so quickly his hands became a blur. He shot and shot, hitting the Empire's soldiers in the arms and legs. Wounding them, but not killing a single one.
He looked around for Dennis, and saw a nightmarish sight.
The Wolfman was out of his cloak, and had morphed. Fully.
Choi beheld a giant wolf, twice as large as any normal one, leaping and jumping so fast that it took an incredible amount of concentration just to track him.
He was all over the place, slashing and biting with so much speed that he was able to kill ten soldiers in about half that many seconds.
Looking around Choi saw his chance.
A Rogue was standing over an Imperial soldier, who had just been disarmed. The Rogue was just about to stab down when three arrows went straight through his neck in quick succession. The Rogue toppled over, dead.
The Imperial looked around, not daring to believe his luck.
Then Choi jumped on top of him.
"Listen to me, soldier," Choi said hastily, "I have an important message for the Emperor. Recognition code Delta Alpha Omega."
At the mention of the recognition code, the soldier stopped struggling and his jaw dropped.
"Soldier," Choi continued, "your mission assignment now is to survive this battle at all costs. You absolutely must get this message to the Emperor." He handed the soldier a piece of parchment.
"Do you understand, soldier?" Choi asked finally.
"Yes sir," said the soldier. He got up and ran off.
Choi stood as well. The battle was a long way from over, and he intended to allow as many Imperial soldiers to survive as they could.
He readied his bow.

Sean, meanwhile, was intensely pleased. Battle madness was one of his favorite things in the whole world. Next to girls and alcohol, of course.
And he was feeling some serious battle madness right now.
Every one of his ten elite soldiers had survived thus far, and each one had at least twenty kills to their credit. Sean had something like one hundred.
Sean hadn't even unsheathed his twin blades yet.
He hadn't needed to. Each swing of his gargantuan sword took the lives and limbs of ten soldiers.
And not one of the novices had figured out that when facing an opponent with a weapon that large, it's best to get in close to him. Of course, any smart guy who tried it would die by one of Sean's twin blades.
But, you know, whatever.
Thirty minutes later, the battle was over.
The Rogues had won.

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