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A great celebration is made for a new ally.

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Here's Chapter 6 everybody.

The battle was won. And the victory caused one of the largest celebrations that the Rogues had ever even had cause to have.
Everyone was dancing or drinking or laughing or gambling, even the few Griffins in residence.
Except for two men, standing on the sidelines of the party, looking serious and in rather deep thought. Their names were Choi and Dennis. As far as anyone knew.
Just then, Sean sauntered over, with his arms around two of the female workers.
"Hey guys! Why aren't you joining in the festivities? We just won a battle, outnumbered two to one, and came away with less than fifty casualties! C'mon, grab a girl and let's celebrate!" Sean greeted enthusiastically.
Choi looked up at Sean with a small smile. Dennis didn't bother.
"Alright, alright. You girls go ahead and please someone else for now. But I'll be waiting for both of you later," Sean said. The girls giggled and walked away.
"So what's up, guys?" Sean asked.
No answer was forthcoming.
"Alright, let's compare kills. How many did you get, Choi?" Sean tried again.
"Oh, probably almost a hundred and fifty," Choi answered.
"You loser. I got almost three hundred."
"You had more targets to choose from. Dennis and almost five hundred other soldiers kept taking mine."
"Whatever. How many did you get, Dennis?"
"I believe I got around as many as Choi," came the reply.
"Alright, well, good night to the both of you. I hope you join in the celebration and all, but of course I can't make you. Oh, and Choi?" Sean asked.
"Do you mind bunking in another room tonight? I don't know how comfortable you'll feel sleeping in our room tonight," Sean said with a grin.
Choi shook his head.
"Sure, Sean, whatever. See you around."
"See you."
And with that, Sean took his leave, off to find himself very drunken, very heavy-chested women who would like to have a party long after the party was over.
Dennis walked away soon after, saying he would like to see if he could get some rest.
Which left Choi alone to wonder if his message would be received.

The next day, Sean, Choi, and Dennis were given medals for their courage and skill in the battle, and set off with the Giants not long after.
The ride was pleasant enough, with Choi only crying out in fear once or twice.
And then they heard the cries and loud noises coming from the direction of the Alliance's village.
"Get me to that village now!" Sean yelled at the Giants. And suddenly the Giants were jumping and climbing so fast that the forest around Choi became a blur. He suddenly felt quite nauseous.
And then they were in sight of the village. And at the sight of the village, they realized that it was not, indeed, under attack.
There was a celebration going on.
However, although the celebration was large and raucous, it was not quite the kind of celebration that occurs after a victorious battle.
The Giants jumped onto the platform and quickly let their passengers off.
Sean ran forward, obviously not as nauseated as Choi by the rough ride, and grabbed the nearest soldier.
"Private, tell me what's going on on the double!" although there was urgency in Sean's manner, his tone was calm and controlled. He knew that word of the victory couldn't have reached the Alliance yet, and he also knew that the Alliance wouldn't get into a battle without him there. Therefore, he was quite curious about what could be celebrated at this time and in this manner.
"Sir, we're celebrating because, well . . . Danielle's back!" the private said enthusiastically.
Sean threw the private out of his way with enough force to almost fling him off of the tree. Sean started running straight towards the heart of the party much faster than Choi could or Dennis was inclined to.
However, this 'Danielle' was not to be found in the heart of the party. Nor was she to be found in even the proverbial 'kidney' of the party. Ditto for any of the other major bodily organs.
However, Sean was able to find her in what was probably best described as the hair on the big toe of the party.
Choi had been able to almost keep up with Sean in the press of dancing bodies, and saw Danielle not long after Sean did. Danielle was a fairly short young woman, with dark eyes, dark hair and a kind of presence that seemed to warn people away. She was standing off to the side of the party, looking at the people dancing with a look of distaste and contempt on her face.
However, her presence was totally unable to keep Sean away.
He ran forward pulled her into a fierce embrace.
And then she decked him.
Choi stared. Someone . . . a non-Giant . . . a girl . . . had just decked Sean. There was definitely something he was missing here.
"Sean, how many times have I told you not to touch me?" she asked in an annoyed tone.
Sean jumped up as if there were springs in his feet.
"I think I've lost count," Sean said cheerfully. Danielle shook her head ruefully.
"So, they threw this whole party for you, huh?" Sean asked.
"Obviously, Sean. Jeez, you're so stupid. These idiots just wanted an excuse to party, and seeing as my mission was successful. . ." she answered.
"Well, I mean, they threw it for you. But you don't even look like you've had a single beer. Let alone gotten busy with any of these fine young soldiers here."
"First of all, you know I don't drink. Second of all, I'm not really in to the whole soldier macho man thing. Most of these guys will be dead within a year anyway, so any kind of commitment would be stupid to make with these people."
"Danielle, you really need to loosen up."
"Shut up. Anyway, who's your boyfriend here? He's staring at me like I just grew a penis out of my forehead."
"His name's Choi. He's a great soldier. He just served very well on a mission we just got back from, and he's already saved my life once," Sean said.
"Now why'd you have to do that?" Danielle asked.
Before Choi could stammer out an answer, Danielle had already told Sean that she was going to bed and walked away.
"Well, Choi, I'm going to go drink and please my women. I'll meet you at the room." With this, Sean walked off, leaving Choi to figure out if his mouth would ever work properly again.

Sean walked into the room, which made Choi stand up very suddenly. Choi had been waiting for him for the better part of an hour.
"What's up?" Sean asked nonchalantly.
"Who is Danielle? What was her mission, and why haven't I seen her before?" Choi asked.
"Well, I won't tell you her mission. I have a feeling you'll find that out soon enough. You haven't seen her before because her mission caused her to be away for several years. And Danielle is my younger sister. Now, good night, Choi."
And Sean was almost instantly asleep. Which left Choi to be very confused and disoriented for several hours until sleep was granted to him, as well.

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