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getting closer to camryn

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travis has kidnapped camryn and holding her in a house. will pete and the guys be able to save her in time?

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(pete pov)

i'm so sick to my stomach. my sister is missing. and to think i actually used to like that scumbag travis. he made camryn happy but after kk told us what happened between them, i was going to make sure he never saw daylight in person again. i felt like this was all my fault. if i hadn't of said anything about them dating then camryn and ryan wouldn't have gotten into a fight and everything would be ok. i called my girlfriend danny. she was in new york for school. "hello" "hey danny, it's pete" "pete! i miss you. what's wrong you sound upset" "umm..camryn's gone" i said, choking back tears. "what do you mean gone?" she asked sounding scared. "you remember her ex-boyfriend travis? well he took her. and she's in danger" "well, i just finished my finals and i was planning on coming out there later this week but i'll pack my things and be there in a few hours" she said. "ok, call when you get in and i'll come pick you up" "love you. and don't worry. camryn will be ok" "love you too. see you soon" i said hanging up the phone. i went to the front of the bus to tell everyone else that danny was on her way.

(ryan pov)

i'm a horrible boyfriend. i shouldn't have gotten mad over travis. i know she loves me but i don't know i guess him being there didn't help any. and now she's gone and i don't know if i'll ever see her again. i felt someone sit down next to me. "you ok ry?" pete asked me. "no, i'm not ok. the girl i love is gone! and with her crazy ex-boyfriend. do you think i would be ok pete" i snapped. "ok ok. i'm sorry. i shouldn't have said anything earlier. i feel like it's my fault you two were fighting" pete said shaking his head. "don't think that. things can't stay good forever. i just sucks it had to happen now." "we're gonna find her ry and she's gonna be ok. and then you two can be together forever. i've never seen her this happy. she really does love you" pete said giving me a quick hug then getting up to talk to brendon. i sighed and just hoped for the best. if travis lays one hand on her, i'll kill him.

(camryn pov)

i woke up with the worst headache ever. the room i was in had very little light. i couldn't move for the fact that my hands and feet were tied. how typical is this? crazy ex-boyfriend shows up just as everything is going great in the girls life...why me? i heard some yelling from upstairs then stomping coming down the stairs. i looked up to see travis. "hey dollface. i kept my word didn't i? i told you to watch your back. now i have some friends over but they'll be leaving soon and then me and you can have some real fun." he leaned down to kiss me but i spit on him. "get it through your sick head travis. i don't love you anymore. i love ryan. my brother and them will find me. and when they do, you better pray the cops arrest you because i can guarantee all of them will kill you." i said to him. "yeah right. by the time they find you, i'll have what i want and you'll be dead" and he walked up the stairs. i can't believe it. i started sobbing. 'please! please! if there really is a God. he'll let them find me before travis has a chance to do anything' i felt my sidekick vibrating. 'oh yes! well, this is as good as them finding me' i somehow got my hands from out of the rope and got my phone. derek had texted me, asking me how everyting was. 'derek, you have to do me a favor" "ok what" i got up and hopped over to the window. "ok well travis kidnapped me and is holding me at some house" "what? i'll kill him!" "yeah you and everyone else. just call pete and tell him i'm at a house on...carrington rd. it's on the corner and there's a steak -n- shake right across the street" "ok, are you still in phoenix" "yeah. i saw that steak -n- shake when my and ryan went to the park" "ryan who" "now's NOT the time to act all over protected. give you details later" "ok, will ryan remember where it's at" "he should. tell pete to tell ryan. and tell them to hurry" "ok sis don't worry. everything will be ok" "thanks derek, i owe you" with that i hopped back over to my spot and tied my hands back together. 'i sure do hope they hurry'

(pete pov)

i just got a call from my brother derek. he said he texted with camryn and found out where she was. why didn't any of us think about texting her? oh well, as long as we know where she's at. ryan immediately remembered the place and left before we could leave together. we called the police and told them where to meet us and ran after ryan. travis is about to get a rude awakening!

he he sorry to leave you with a cliff hanger but i gotta keeped you hooked :) i'll have the 7 chapter out hopefully tomorrow.
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