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The Party (2)

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Concert... presents... weird behaviour by Pete(duh)... dissections... yea

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Cierra said I looked like the rocker she wanted me to be and Sheila and Britney agreed. That's good, it's nice to know I'm finally accepted in their group. Now it's the guys turn, starting with Patrick. He said his coaching finally worked out. What coaching? He wasn't coaching me. What a dweeb.

Joe's turn: "You look absolutely rockin'!" I laughed at him obviously and looked at Pete. He shook his head and told Andy to go. How strange...?

"You look amazing. I didn't know you had it in you. I'm proud!" I smiled bright, I had his approval. Now Pete's turn, why was he waiting to be last? I didn't get it, until he spoke.

"My turn to dissect you," His tone surprised me but I nodded, more afraid of what he was going to say. He walked around me then stared at me when facing me again. "I did well on your hair, the shoes I bought are a great touch to the outfit..." He sounded like a girl giving fashion advice, weird. "...but... I have to say, you look absolutely stunning girl. I didn't mean to scare you but you deserve the truth. You look like the perfect kid rocker. Cierra has quite the affect on you!" I laughed so hard and so did everyone else. I nearly had a heart attack. For some reason I took what Pete said to the heart, more than anything anyone else said.

We ate at Cattlemen's, mine and my sister's favorite place to eat, and it was the best. They all sang to me making me sink in my seat from embarrassment. Since Sheila was in choir she sang that version... and the guys sang their own version. It was very interesting. You had a pretty birthday song, a normal birthday song, and a rock birthday song, along with Cattlemen's birthday song. So it was full of music that day.

It was time for the concert so we headed out. I didn't tell my sister about this part cause she'd refuse to come but when Andy mentioned it she looked as if she was going to bite my head off. I gave her an apologetic look and she smiled, letting me know it didn't matter. Because of me she knew every song on the last 2 CDs and I was proud!

The concert was awesome. They played all my favorite songs like Grand Theft Autumn, This Ain't A Scene..., Thnks Fr Th Mmrs, Dance, Dance..., Sugar We're Goin Down, A Little Less "Sixteen Candles", Our Lawyer..., The Carpal Tunnel of Love, and even more! Then to my surprise they had me open presents they got me on stage. Of course I was embarrassed but I did it anyways!

My sister and Sheila and Britney got me another stuffed animal. It was a bear and I named her Bessie off of Cars. Cierra got me a necklace that said "Friends: Forever and a Day" and she had the matching one. I smiled and hugged them both. Then without warning 4 big presents came my way. Each was carried by one of the guys. The first present was from Patrick. He got me the guitar I had told him I wanted for Christmas. Sure it was a week early but I didn't mind it. Joe's was next and he got me an amp for my guitar. Andy's present was a box inside a box that seamed to never end. Finally I got down this small paper that said he'd give drum lessons, perfect for me.

I hugged each of the guys then realized Pete hadn't given me his present yet. He handed me this huge box and when I opened it, it was another box. Just like Andy's present it went on forever. Finally I got to the last box and inside it was a cupon booklet. I opened it to the first page and it was guitar lessons. Exactly what I needed since I couldn't play the guitar in the first place. I left it at that, how cool was it that they got me exactly what I wanted.
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