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They Know More Than We Do, Peter

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Mandi was your avrage 13 year old girl. What happenes when 4 men come into her life and treat her like family. Will one grow to love her as more? Why did she run away anyways? How about you just re...

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The next week the guys announced I'd be going on tour with them. My biggest dream was coming true, sure it was in a different way then I had expected but it was still my biggest dream. Well, one of them at least. I've now been on tour with them for a month and things couldn't be greater. Me and Patrick always lounged around talking about music, Pete and I always cuddled at night like we normally do, Andy introduced me to vegetables I never even knew existed and slowly I was turning into a vegan like he was. Joe and I barely spoke to each other; instead we played videogames half the time and still became very close. They were becoming my second family; even though one in particular made it very clear he wasn't going to be my brother any time soon.
This morning, well evening, I woke up and nobody was in the bus except me. There was a note left on the door of the bus for me. It read: "Mandi, you looked so cute while you were sleeping so I couldn't wake you up. The concert started earlier than planned so we had to get going. By the time you read this it'll probably be half over. You can come in if you want or you can enjoy your alone time. When we get back I have to talk to you though. Well I gotta go finish getting ready, sound check and all. I'll talk to you later sweetie. -Pete" Well wasn't he a little forward. I decided to spend my last minutes I had taking a shower.

When I thought I was actually clean enough, I got out of the shower and did my hair. [When you're living in a bus full of guys you'll feel dirty all the time too] When I was done brushing my hair I opened the door only to find, you guessed it, Pete just standing there looking at me. "Find something interesting Peter? Or are you just staring to stare?" I laughed when he snapped back into reality.

"I have to talk to you remember?"

"Yea I know. Can I get dressed first?"

"Right yea get dressed first. Come get me when you're done."

"Will do Peteybear." With that I left to get my clothes and then headed back to the bathroom to change. When I was done and thought I looked decent for bed I went and sat next to Pete on his bunk. "I see the guys left to celebrate with some sluts. You didn't go why?"

"I needed to talk to you."

"I'm here, talk."

"Well see, I feel that you are closer to me than any other guy. Why?" His eyes, they were so full of questions that only he and I could answer.

"That's because we are closer than anyone else. Not in a family way though. I don't know but it scares me to think that there is something between us." I had to be honest with him. Times like this I couldn't really think before I say something. Everything just comes out like word vomit. In the end I always end up spilling my heart out to this man and now's where I'm regretting it.

"Why are you scared, Mandi? There is nothing to be afraid of."

"But there is Pete, you don't get it. You're 13 years older than me, double my own age, do you know how much trouble you could be in if anyone found out?" There is goes again. I'm sure he knew I wanted to be with him but the age difference was too much.

"Yea, there's always that. But I want you to know that I really do love you." Looks like he has word vomit too. "We could always keep it a secret. I'm sure the guys wouldn't tell if they found out, but we can always hide it as much as possible." There is was, the offering I knew I would never want to refuse. I want to be with him, but I can't it wouldn't be right. The next thing I knew Joe was walking through the bus door.

"Are you 2 together yet? Cause seriously we've waited a little too long for you guys to come to your senses and ask the other out already." Well, Joe knows, and apparently the rest of the guys do too.

"Well Pete there's your answer. We can make it work Panda, and least we can try." He smiled at my response and pulled me into a hug. There would definitely be NO kissing in our relationship, at least not for the moment, and definitely NOTHING more than kissing either. Now that would be wrong.
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