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Iintegra meets with Enrico!

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Integra, angry with the condition Seras was put in even though she had been healed, goes to meet with Enrico. When she is meeting with Enrico, Alexander enters and swears to kill the two vampires u...

Category: Hellsing - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica - Characters: Alucard, Anderson, Enrico Maxwell, Integra, Seras - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007-04-11 - Updated: 2007-04-12 - 658 words

Integra walked into Seras's room to see Alucard placing Seras in her coffin and covering her with a blanket. He looked up eyebrow raising at the sight of her and he asked amused," Why, my master, are you here?" "How is Police Girl?" Integra asked ignoring Alucard's question and he answered like a good servant," She may have healed the wounds but there had been something on the tip of his bayonets and that something is still flowing through her blood stream. She is going to be like this until it exits out of her blood stream."

Integra clentched her fists and her blue eyes turned icy with anger and she said," I see. Stay with Police Girl, that's an order Alucard." She turned to leave but paused when Alucard asked," Where are you going, master?" "To deal with Iscariot and their weapon Alexander." Integra answered criptly before leaving and Alucard gave off a dark chuckle as he said to the unconcious Seras," Police Girl she's furious for you. If you were awake I wonder if you would feel honored by her concern."


Integra stormed to the helicoptor and stepped in the door closing behind her as she ordered coldly and firmly," Get to the Iscariot Building now." "Iscariot has messed with a member working under Hellsing for the last time. Integra thought as she stared out the window with her icy blue eyes.


"Well now this is a surpise. I never thought that the heiress to Hellsing would ever step foot into the Iscariot building. Especially since some want to kill her." Enrico said smirking with amusement as he sat across from the clearing storming Integra who glared at him. "Cut it out, Maxwell. I'm here dealing with a incident that happened with one of your members severely wounding almost killing one of my members. That member is right now in a comatose like state getting whatever that's in their blood out." Integra said coldly and Enrico suddenly looked serious.

"Oh really? Who is this member of mine that did what you said did to one of yours?" Enrico asked finally getting down to business, this was a very serious matter. If this got to the queen, there would be a lot of trouble. "Yes, really. It was Father Alexander Anderson your 'tool'." Integra answered eyes narrowing when Enrico had the guts to look surprised even, dare she say, shocked. "As much as we don't like you, I would never order that, Integrea. If we are going to kill you or any member of yours, it's going to be honorable. I didn't know that Anderson had gone to do what he did to your member." Enrico said sincerely.

"I don't believe that. I mean it Enrico if one more incident like this happens, i'm going to the queen about this. She won't be pleased because the person that Alexander has almost killed but put the person in a comatose like state is Alucard's fledgling. Alucard, who works under me, in a way works under the queen. So Seras, who is Alucard's fledgling is just like him." Integra snapped back and Enrico paled slightly at what she said.

The door to the meeting room busted open and the two turned and watched Alexander Anderson walk in. He paused looked at Integra and smirked as he said," Well well, if it isn't, Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing. Has the lil' lassie died yet?" "No." Integra answered through gritted teeth. "Stupid devils. I'll kill the both of them, ye just watch! If it's the last thing I do, i'll kill those two bloodsucking vampires that work under you." Alexander promised and Integra's eyes narrowed as Enrico paled even more.

Integra stood up slamming her hands onto the table and her eyes flashed with anger. "You better watch what you say, Father Anderson. You may come to regret what you say. Don't ever forget what Alucard was and is." Integra hissed out.
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