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Alucard finally gets to Seras and goes into a rage at the sight of a very badly wounded and bloody Seras. He soons feel the bloodlust radiating from Seras and seems slightly surprised but over all ...

Category: Hellsing - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica - Characters: Alucard, Anderson, Seras, Walter - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2007-04-11 - Updated: 2007-04-11 - 729 words

"Sir Integra will Miss. Victoria be alright until Alucard can get to her?" Walter asked concerned for the woman who had crawled her way into all of the Hellsing Organization member's hearts. "She'll be fine, after all she is Alucard's fledgling. She also isn't just some push over, she can defend herself well enough." Integra answered coldly seemingly that she didn't care but Walter could tell that she was just as worried if not more than Walter.

"Against someone like Alexander, Sir Integra?" Walter asked prodding her to answer with his gaze and she flinched slightly at the name. "I don't know.. I really don't know, Walter. But i'm hoping for the best and I pray Alucard gets there in time. He would go on a killing spree if Police Girl had been hurt." Integra answered and Walter said looking over at the door," No one would be able to control him either."

"Alexander would get what he always wanted. He would get to fight a very serious and deadly Alucard. He just doesn't know how dangerous Alucard can be." Integra stated and Walter nodded a slight smile passing on his face. Integra prayed that Alucard got to Seras in time if he didn't and she had been killed there would be hell to pay... literally. Even she wouldn't be able to control him and she knew he thought more of Seras than as a fledgling, Seras just didn't know that.


Seras panted as she kneeled on one knee and blood dripped to the ground in a steady stream. She had wounds all over her body, but the worst on was the one on her chest a few inches away from where her heart was. She raised her head up weakly her crimson eyes dulling at bloodloss and before Alexander could deliver the final blow a flux of power startled him into dropping his weapon. "M-Master?" Seras asked shocked and relieved at the sight of Alucard but what was frightening was the rage on his face and in his eyes.

"Ahhh the Dracula comes to save his fledgling! But it is too late for ye, Alucard! I'm going to send this lassie's soul to hell but don't worry ye'll be joining her soon!" Alexander said laughing insanely as he picked up his bayonet and started to bring it down only to hit air. "What?" He asked confused and angry only to hear something being placed down and he spun around to see Alucard placing Seras onto the ground behind him gently.

"Master!" Seras cried out and buried her head in his chest and clutched his shirt. She had thought that she was going to be a goner and she'd never see her master, Sir Integra, or any of her troops but most importantly her master. "Hush Police Girl don't talk. You are weak from bloodloss. I'll finish this up here and then we can take you to go get some blood to heal those wounds." Alucard stated firmly before turning towards Alexander.

"Ye bloody devil." Alexander said glaring at Alucard only to freeze as the rage rolled off of Alucard in large waves. "This is our fight, Paladin. You shouldn't have messed with what's mine. You'll pay with eternal damnation." Alucard said grinning and his fangs poked out giving him more of a insane look. Their fight then started.


Alucard paused when he felt something shift in Seras's scent. He then grinned as he turned to her and ignored Alexander who was also staring at Seras but with slight horror. Seras was kneeling beside a puddle of blood and licking it up. She looked up her eyes darkening as she bared her fangs and stood up wounds fully healed. "Police Girl." Alucard said grinning widely at the sight of his fledgling. "Master, my master." Seras said and then turned her gaze on Alexander and she grinned ferally.

Alexander seeing the change growled and soon he disappeared papers flying around him. Seras growled at the disappearance of the food but soon Alucard was in front of her. "Drink from me, Police Girl. Become a true Nosferatu and be my No-Life Queen." Alucard said but before Seras could bite Alucard's neck she fainted. "Now this is just amusing." Alucard said amused as he looked up to see Integra lower the dart gun and Alucard pulled the dart out of Seras's neck.
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