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Chapter 3

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Cortes has been pulled into a room and the Brigadiers didn't even nodice it.

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Cortes removes the hand off his mouth. "ARE YOUR CRAZY!?"

"Shush, Cortes," whispers Mahad.

"You could have given me a heart attack," growls Cortes. "Where are we anyway?"

"Let's call it an invisible room," responds Alse. "No one else, except Oslo, will find this room unless they lean agents the wall."

"Who are you," asks Cortes, holding up his gun.

"This is Alse," explains Lena, grabbing Cortes' wrist. "He's an opposite clone of Oslo."

Cortes lowers his weapon, striking a glare right into his eyes. The sudden eye contact makes Alse flinch.

"Mosquito One to Saint Nazaire," says Wayan as he shoots Diwan's get away Patroller. "Do you see any action inside the house?"

"Saint Nazaire to Mosquito One," responds Cheng. "All I see is Brigadiers running back and forth. Dahlia's going in."

"Reload Mosquito One," Wayan replies. "I'm going with her."

"10-4, Wayan."

After running in circles twenty times trying to catch the missing fugitives, Diwan starts to throw home equipment across the room in anger. "Damn brats!" She picks up a lamp and walks across the living room. She hears someone approaching from behind her. Without hesitation, Diwan throws the lamp.

"OW," Oslo hits the ground.

"Forgive me, Commander," stutters Diwan. She runs to his aid. "I thought you were..."

"Spare me your pathetic excuses," interrupts Oslo as he climbs back to his feet. "Just take care of the Rebels up front. I'll take care of Alse and his guests..."

"Yes, Commander," nods Diwan, leaving the room.

Oslo turns around and puts his hand over his forehead. He removes his hand and marks the wall with his blood and continues down the hall.

"We have to get out of here," Alse runs down the stairs.

"How do we know we can trust you," asks Cortes, running down two steps at a time.

"You can stay here if you don't trust me," enquires Alse. "Say hi to Oslo for us."

"Aye," Cortes runs faster. "You made your point,"

Oslo walks through the hidden wall and stares down the stair case. He hears the multiple steps of retreating echoing up the narrow path. He follows.

Dahlia moves slowly to the door, keeping her Energy Bow ready. Wayan crawls under the window and slowly looks into the house from the corner. He lowers his head and crawls back to Dahlia.

"Three Brigadiers and Diwan," he reports. "I don't see any sign of Cortes. Let alone, Mahad and Lena."

"Alright," Dahlia gets ready to charge the Energy Bow. "We'll ambush on three..." Wayan stands up and aims his gun. "two..." Dahlia puts her hand on the door knob. "One."

They jump in and start shooting rapidly. The Brigs were cut off guard and went down easy. Diwan was shot in the arm before creating a barrier. Wayan and Dahlia keep shooting, knowing that she can't keep it up with the dim sunlight. Diwan's barrier fades and she gets shot in the face. As she's down, Wayan and Dahlia run into the house.

"Cortes," shouts Wayan as he runs into every room. "Where are you?"

Dahlia sighs after they double check once more. She gets tired for running so fast, so she leans on a wall. "AH!" She falls right through.

"Dahlia," Wayan runs in after. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," she says, getting back up. "And I think we found where they might be hiding."

"Let's go," Wayan readies his gun and walks down the stairs. Dahlia follows, activating the energy bow.
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