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Chapter 4

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How will they escape the block?

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They hit the hard concrete of the basement and continue running. Mahad runs ahead after the door. He grabs the knob and turns it but he runs right into the door.

"It's locked," Lena gasps.

"You," Cortes turns around at Alse who flinches. "You did this, didn't you? You knew this door was lock!"

Alse's expression of confusion and fear darkens into a shallow glare. He laughs.

"You're not an opposite," Lena shouts, backing up agents the wall. "You're just as evil as he is!"

"You're wrong," he explains, walking forward. "I AM an opposite clone, but even Oslo has well in him."

Without warning, Lena attacks. The powerful blow sent him flying backwards. Just as Oslo enters, Alse smacks right into him.

"Way to go, Lena," congratulates Mahad.

"Cortes," echoes Dahlia's voice. "Cortes, we're coming!"

"Look out, Dahlia," Cortes yells. "Oslo and his crony are standing at the entrance!"

Wayan and Dahlia stop behind Oslo and Alse. They hold their weapons up ready to shoot. Cortes aims at Alse's head. Lena's arms glow and Mahad takes out his boomerang. Oslo and Alse start to charge an attack, but just as Oslo thought victorious, Alse strikes him on the head.

Once again, Oslo falls unconscious. Everyone stares astonished and confused at the clone. Alse picks his original up by the neck and takes a key out from his collar. He opens his hand letting Oslo drop to the floor like a rag doll. Alse turns to the rebels, smiles and winks.

"You lied to us," Mahad sighed in relief. "Could have warned us, you know."

"Yeah," Alse responds, walking toward the door. "But that would have taken the fun out of it."

Cortes glares at him as he opens the door. Fun!? He thinks to himself. He's almost worse then Mahad... almost.

"Okay," Alse walks through the door revealing a crevasse path to the surface. "I have to say, Mahad that was a nice move using the metal crowbar like a baseball bat a while back."

"That was your doing," asks Cortes as they start walking up the path.

"Yup," responds Mahad. "I didn't want Oslo to hurt anyone, so I made a ruckus knowing he would open the door and BAM! I hit him."

"Oh puh-lease," sighs Lena. "You're knees were shaking. You were scared to death."

"Was I, Lena?"

"What a swollen head," laughs Dahlia.

"Okay," he moans. "I was scared..."

The teasing stops as they reach the top of the path. They keep quiet with their weapons ready as they circle the house toward the Saint Nazaire. Wayan peeks over the corner and spots two Brigadiers guarding the front of the house.

"We can shoot them down and make a break for it to the Saint Nazaire," whispers Wayan.

"What about Alse," Lena asks. "If he stays, Oslo will execute him."

"I don't exactly trust him," Cortes responds. "He did a very good impression of Oslo back there."

Alse remains silent. He doesn't want to argue. He doesn't even want to be the subject of a conversation.

"Just as a temporary guest," Lena asks after a short awkward silence.

"Okay," Cortes sighs. "Why do I listen to you kids...?"

"They're too loud to ignore," Dahlia answers. She holds the energy bow toward the corner of the house. "Are we going on offence or are we running like crazy?"

"Let's do both," Mahad clings to a drain pipe and starts climbing.

"What are you doing," Wayan asks, holding the pipe so it won't shake and make noise. "Are you crazy?"

"No," Dahlia answers. "He's insane."

Mahad crawls on the roof and unfolds his boomerang. He stares at the two guarding Brigadiers. He stands in a certain position and throws the boomerang. Just as soon as the Brigs get beheaded, five more march out to take their place. "Ooooops."


The Brigadiers open fire before Cortes could finish his sentence. Dahlia had already charged her energy bow giving them an advantage. She fires and sends the energy arrow through a Brig's eye. Mahad jumps off the roof and lands on a Brig's head. He gets off the ground and runs from the business end of a weapon arm. Cortes shoots another Brig.

"Let's get out of here," Wayan shouts when the last robot hits the dirt. "I'm sure there's plenty more waiting inside the house."

Dahlia peeks around the corner to make sure it's clear. They run out after the Saint Nazaire. Just when it seems they're home free, a barrier blocks their way. Stunned by the slam into a seijin barrier, they turn toward the house to see the cause.

"Nice try," Oslo grins from the door entrance. "But you're not getting away that easy."

"My nightmare is alive," Gasps Mahad. "We're stuck on a block with bloody bones!"

Oslo's response to the insult is an attack. Lena jumps in front of Mahad to counter. He catches it and charges the energy before sending it at Alse. The blow to the head sent Alse to the ground.

"Ouch," Alse moans, crawling to his feet. He looks at the barrier's texture and back at Oslo. "He's weak."

"Brain damage," laughs Cortes, aiming for the bloody gash on Oslo's head. Wayan follows his eyes to the same target and takes aim. Dahlia charges the energy bow and waits for the first shot.

Oslo jumps when they open fire all at once. He puts a barrier in front of him to block the attacks while keeping the isolated barrier around the block. Diwan rushes out of the house to help redirect attacks, but because of the dim light she's reduced to protecting herself.

"Worthless fool," scowls Oslo. His eyes widen when he realizes his power are fading. The outer barrier disappears, but they continue to attack Oslo. His barrier fades and he's shot in the head four times before hitting the ground.

"Now run," Cortes lowers his gun and runs after the Saint Nazaire.

"How the mighty have fallen," Mahad says insultingly at Oslo. He turns around to see the Rebels evacuating the block without him. "Hey, wait for me!" He rushes ahead and passes Alse half way there.

Cortes races up the Saint Nazaire's hatch and into the fuselage. "Cheng, prepare for take off."

"Rodger," Cheng replies. He gets to work on the computer.

"Cheng," Mahad stops in front of him. "Did you..."

"Hyperion is on board," interrupts Cheng with a smile. Mahad rewards him with a high-five.

The Saint Nazaire lifts off the block and slowly gains speed. Lena walks out of the tavern where Alse is leaned over the rails staring at the block.

"Problem?" she asks.

"Here come the men in black," he says in a rhythm as S-22s emerge from the clouds.


"I'm going to need a drink after this," moans Cortes. "Release the Mosquitoes!"

The Patrollers race forward when the Mosquitoes begin to attack. The Mosquitoes are forced to hold their fire when they veer to close. Alse keeps in front of Lena as the ships' turbulence threatens to send them flying off the edge.

"Mosquito One to Saint Nazaire," Wayan says. "I'm going in."

"Very well," Cortes responds. "Just don't scratch my ship!"

Lena leans over the rail waiting for a Patroller to fly within attack distance. Before she could attack, Alse pulled her back against the wall.

"You could've been blown right off," He says, clinging to the window seal as the turbulence sweeps away their equilibrium.

"We have to help," Lena replies. She lets got of his arm and runs to the rail. "You're a seijin too. Block an engine of the Patrollers."

Alse leaps forward and clings to the rail. He watches as two Patrollers are destroyed by the Mosquitoes. He follows the flying pattern of a chosen Patroller. "It sees us!"

Lena ducks when they're shot at and Alse attacks the Patroller when it flies by. That one S-22 distracted its allies making it easier for the Mosquitoes to destroy them.

Lena stands up and sighs in relief. Alse leans against the rails with a pale smile.

"Alse," Lena becomes confused by his expression. "What's wrong?"

"I didn't block the attacks," he replies. "That's my mistake."

Lena blinks. She blinks again. She suddenly knows what he meant and runs to his aid. But it's too late. He fell over the rail. Lena leans over the edge and stares at the clouds where he fell. She stands up and drops her head, climbing the stairs to the cockpit.

"Hey, Lena," Mahad greets as she enters. He blinks. "What's wrong?"

"It's best we forget about today," She replies, lifting her head. "Alse's gone."

The pirates fall silent. They question themselves during the trip. Who was right? He was a clone of their arch enemy. Could he really be trusted? Was he really the exact opposite, or was he just incomplete? If he was useless to him, why did Oslo return? What would happen if Mahad listened to Dahlia and never went on a sight seeing trip? Would Alse be disposed or would he they alter his personality?

Finally, after an awkward silence, Mahad stands up. "Well, I'm going to the tavern."

"Oh no, you don't," Cortes says, stopping Mahad in his tracks. "You left without my permission."

"Why don't we let that fact slide," Mahad stutters.

"What would be a good punishment for you?"

"OH, C'MON!"

By now, the name 'Alse' no longer exists.
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