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Caution: Reading Inscriptions May Lead To Finding Your Soul Mate

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When Bianca discovers a statue of Apollo, her dreams of true love may only be a inscription away.

Category: Romance - Rating: PG - Genres: Romance - Published: 2007-04-13 - Updated: 2007-04-13 - 398 words

Bianca slowly woke up, than realized to her dismay that her cheek was pressed up against a wall of warm, bare male flesh. She quickly pushed herself away and stared at the man kneeled beside her. "My love are you alright?" He asked her, in a voice that reminded Bianca of warm honey.
"Who are you?" Bianca squeaked as she tried to keep herself from looking any lower than his face. The man looked at her in confusion, "you don't know who I am? You could read the inscription, you are my true love." Bianca scrambled to her feet quickly, "hold on mister," she said backing up. "I don't know how you knew that or how you knew the words from my dream.
But I'm not your or anyone else's true love." She turned to run out the door, when she noticed the statue of Apollo was gone. Bianca turned around and marched back to the man, "Ok mister, I don't know who you are but I want my statue back now!" The man stared at her for a moment than spoke, "I am Apollo," he said as he walked toward her. "You read the inscription meant for my soul mate, that means we were fated to be together." Bianca stared at him as if he was crazy, grabbing for the phone.
"Back off mister I mean it," she said as he advanced toward her, "I'm calling the police." Apollo stopped, "I am telling you the truth," he assured her in a soft voice, "I mean you no harm. You've felt a yearning you don't understand ever since you discovered the statue." He said as he slowly walked toward her again, "you've been dreaming of a man you've never met, and a place you've never seen." Bianca lowered the phone and stared at him in shock, "how could you know that?" She whispered, Apollo smiled, "because I am that man, I am the one the fates bound you with at the instant of your birth." He stopped in front of Bianca, reaching a hand out to touch her face. Bianca shut her eyes at the sensation of his hand against her face. Than opened them, squeaking in embarrassment, she realized that he was inches from her, and totally naked still. She turned away blushing, "let me uh, get you some clothes," she said "than we'll sort this out."
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