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Touring With Toddlers

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Continuation of Prior Chapter

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Title: All I Ever Wanted To Do Was Be With You
Chapter Two: Touring with Toddlers.
By: Heavnhelpus.

Disclaimer: I do not own MCR or any of their music/murchandise. I only own the OCs and the plot line for this story. Thank you.

The guys, who were talking to Taryne and Rachel looked up when Bob and his little bundle of blonde giggling joy came over to the bus.

"Aww... dude, you picked up a baby!" Gerard immeadiately grabbed Addyson from Bob as if she belonged to him. He smiled at her, tickling her stomach and listening to her little giggles. "I'm your new Uncle Gee."

Addyson beamed before play-hitting Gerard's face, laughing as she did so.

"Addy!! Addyson Lynn Perry stop that now!" Maddyson scolded. "I'm so sorry Mr. Way, Taryne get her now."

Gerard moved away from Taryne's out-stretched arms, "Its allright, no harm done, and the name's Gee."

"So, who are you and the kids and how old are you?" Mikey asked, crossing his arms.

Maddyson smiled, "Taryne is my seventeen year old sister, Rachel, my friend, is twenty. My name is Maddyson, I'm twenty two. Addyson is two, and Chris here is 10 weeks."

"Nice. Well, I want to hold him." Mikey said before grabbing him from his mother's arm, Chris cooing in response.

Maddyson laughed, "I'm guessing I have enough babysitters on this tour."

The group piled into the bus. Immeadiately the guys, Taryne, and Rachel surrounded the Perry Children still in the Way brother's arms.

"Well, I hopefully will get to see my children sometime on this trip." Maddyson told Bob as he sat down on the couch beside her.

Bob nodded, "They're cute kids, your husband must be proud." he commented, a slight tone of disappointment mixed with jealousy in his voice.

"He was." Maddyson commented, a sad forced smile on her face.

Bob raised a brow in confusion, "Was?"

"Yeah, Kevin died before I found out I was pregnant with Chris. He was a fire fighter. He saved the family inside but the building plummented and crashed in on him."

Bob placed a hand on her shoulder in support. "I'm sorry for your loss."

"Thank you." Maddyson replied solemnly.

A shrill cry erupted from the group of adults. Maddyson saw Mikey bouncing Chris on his knee, looking helplessly at the wailing baby in his arms. "Here, let me have him."

"What's wrong with him... what did I do?" Mikey asked curiously.

"He's hungry. It's time for his feeding, isn't it Chris?" she asked him, a smile on his face as she carried her son to the entrance of the bunk area.

Mikey looked at Maddyson, "I can feed him."

"Unless you provide the milk, I better handle this one." Maddy picked up the blue diaper bag before going into the bunk area for privacy.

Mikey crossed his arms in defeat, "We have milk in the fridge, I could've fed that baby."

"The Baby doesn't umm, drink regular milk Mikey." Gerard replied.

Mikey stuck his tongue out at his brother, "We have Soy milk."

"Baby's don't drink regular milk or soy." Ray replied, tickling Addyson.

Mikey looked at Bob in disgust, "Do they drink skim milk cause that's just nasty."

"Umm.. no... mommy's, erm, they uh, supply, the milk." Bob nervously stuttered, uncomfortable where this conversation was leading.

Mikey nodded at the closed door, "You mean Maddyson is feeding Baby Chris from her..."

"Yep." Bob replied looking down.

Mikey looked down, now uncomfortable with the conversation. "Oh, um... well... I can't exactly do that I don't think."

The group erupted in laughter at Mikey's last comment, even little Addyson laughed along with their joyful laughter.


A/n: Thans for reading hopefully this was soon enough for you :) I enjoyed writing this chapter. Thanks.

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