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A Mother's Voice

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Jessica recieves aid from a unexpected source

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Later Acima and I sat in my room talking, I admitted to her that Nigul and I had kissed. "Why did he act like he regretted kissing me? I asked, Acima pressed her lips together, "As you know Nigul was once a demon." She started, "he knows that the devil would kill him given the chance. He's afraid that anyone he got close to, would suffer as well." Acima got up to leave, "Nigul is a great guy," she said, "but even though he may be human, his blood that would be passed on is not." Than she turned and left.

That night I dreamed about my father, he was standing outside the gates of The Sanctuary, calling to me. I woke suddenly and realized I still could hear his voice, as if in a trance, I walked toward the door, and down the stairs. Part of my mind was screaming to stop, but a bigger part was guiding my legs. I walked out the front door and was halfway down the lawn, when someone screamed my name. I felt a large body tackle me and bring me down into the grass. I struggled for a moment, than as if waking up from a dream realized that Nigul was the one holding me down.
"I'm ok," I said, and he let me sit up. "I had a dream that my father was calling me,"I began to explain, "than I woke up and felt drawn to go outside the gates." Nigul nodded, "the devil is trying all his tricks," he said, "it's a good thing I was patrolling the building." Suddenly I realized I was sitting in the grass with Nigul, wearing only my night shirt. "Oh!" I cried, blushing, quickly Nigul stood up, he helped me up, than gave me his coat. "Thanks," I said as we walked back to the school.
Nigul walked me back to my room, "Jessica..." he started to say than stopped. "What is it Nigul?" I asked. He shook his head, "never mind." I closed the door and leaned against it, with my eyes closed.

When I woke up, I got dressed and opened the door, Acima was standing there about to knock. We laughed, than I stepped out, closing the door behind me. Acima walked beside me quiet for awhile, than she said. "Nigul told me about what happened, last night. We're going to put some wards on your doors, to keep out the dreams." She looked around, than leaned over and whispered "Nigul spent the rest of the night sleeping in front of your door, but I'm not supposed to tell that." She winked at me, than we walked down the hallway. She had classes to teach, so I went back to the garden, half hoping I would see Nigul again. I was walking back to the building, when I had another vision, this one hit me so hard it brought me to my knees.
I was standing in the same room, Nigul was hanging from the ceiling. I cried out and started to run to him, when the devil suddenly appeared in front of me. "You must choose," he growled, "your soul or his. Watch him die a terrible death or come with me willingly."
Than as sudden as it came the vision was over. Nigul and Acima were kneeling beside me, and some one was holding my head. I turned it slightly and saw Abdeel, "good she's awake," Nigul said. "I had a vision," I said shakily, "in it, the devil told me, I must choose. To save Nigul's soul or mine. He said I would watch Nigul die a horrible death if I didn't come to him willingly."
Abdeel turned to Nigul, "it's clear the devil knows about the feelings that you've been trying to conceal from everyone else." Nigul shook his head, "I don't know what you mean," Abdeel gave him a look. "Don't I?" Than he helped me stand up.

Acima helped me to my room, where I spent the rest of the afternoon lying down. Suddenly as if someone had yelled in my ear, I woke up. I looked at the clock and realized I had been sleeping for 12 hours. A flash of a dream I had, went through my brain. I realized what had woken me up. Nigul was in danger, I stood up and put on a robe, running down the hallway to Acima's room. I pounded on the door, until she finally answered.
"What's wrong?" She asked concerned. "I think Nigul's in trouble, I said panting for breath. Acima didn't even pause, she grabbed a robe and ran down the hall. I followed her until we came to Nigul's room, she pounded on the door, but there was no answer. She tried to knob and found the door unlocked. Quickly we entered the room and found it empty, "Don't panic," Acima said. "He may be patrolling the grounds still. Go get Abdeel and tell him What's going on. I'll look for him." I started to run down the hallway, than stopped, as if in a dream I heard my mother's voice inside my head. "You must save him, you are the only one who can."
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