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The Power Of Love

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Jessica and Nigul confront the devil, and find the power within

Category: Horror - Rating: PG - Genres: Fantasy - Published: 2007-05-05 - Updated: 2007-05-05 - 658 words

I hesitated at the stairway, I knew I wasn't supposed to leave the grounds, but I also knew this was my battle to fight alone. I ran out the door and down the lawn, to the front gates. As soon as I ran through the gates, a dark cloud descended taking the shape of my father, I gasped and stopped as he smiled evilly.
"Hello my darling daughter," he sneered, before I could react he grasped my arm and yanked me, I fell into a dark abyss, finally landing on my hands and knees in the room that I had seen in my visions. I got up slowly, than feeling a presence behind me I turned. My father stood there, "it's time," he said walking toward me. "Time to seal the Devil's bargain," I turned and ran.
Hearing him roar behind me, I dared to turn and look, a blue light was writhing around my father stopping him. I heard my mother's voice in my head, "go find Nigul," I felt a gentle push, sending me out of the room.
I realized I was in a long hallway, filled with closed doors. I turned not sure where to go when a voice in my head said "that way, over there." I ran and opened the door, Nigul was lying on the floor, beaten, eyes closed. I wasn't even sure if he was alive. I rushed over to him, grasping his head in my hands. His eyes fluttered and he whispered my name, "get out of here," he said weakly. I shook my head, "no I won't leave you," I said, helping him to sit up.
"That's right," a voice said behind me, "you won't be leaving." I twisted my body, seeing the devil standing in the doorway, my father beside him. The devil walked into the room, "the time for games is over Jessica," he said holding out his hand. "Take my hand and embrace your fate, or the traitor dies." He gestured to my father who held up his hand, sending Nigul's body up and away from me.
I stood slowly, looking at the devil in the eyes, "no." I said simply, causing the devil to gasp and take a step backward, "you dare deny your master?" He asked as if no one ever had before, I suddenly felt a rush of power flow through me. "You aren't my master," I said walking toward him, the devil and my father backing up in fear. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Nigul fall to the floor, but I couldn't let that distract what I had to do.
I raised my hand at my father, "I vanquish you." I said, my father screamed in pain as fire exploded around him igniting him. He vanished in a cloud of smoke, leaving only ash behind.
I looked at the devil and smiled, "you may be able to defeat your father," he said, "but you can't beat me, I am too strong."
"Than why is there fear in your eyes?" I asked, he reacted quickly sending a fire bolt in my direction, it hit me sending me flying into the wall next to Nigul. A searing pain ran through my body and dimly I could hear the devil laughing. I felt the darkness, edging into my vision, when Nigul groaned and raised himself.
"Nigul, no," I tried to say but I couldn't make the words come, Nigul placed himself between the devil and me. "I won't let you have her," he said simply. The devil looked at him in astonishment, "what can you do traitor?" He demanded as he raised his hand to send another fireball. "What great power do you hide that you think to defeat me?"
"I have the greatest power of all," Nigul said, "the power of love," he raised his hand and a blue light shot out, writhing around the devil, he screamed and vanished.
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