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The Power Of Love Part Two

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Jessica and Nigul realize their true feelings for each other, and Jessica discovers where her powers came from.

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As soon as the devil disappeared, the room started shaking, I screamed as the ceiling began to fall in on us, Nigul laid over me, shielding my body with his own. The shaking intensified, "what's happening?" I yelled over the roaring, "the devil's illusions are breaking apart," Nigul said, ducking his head as plaster rained down on us, "his tricks couldn't hold up to the purest power on heaven and earth."
The shaking stopped as suddenly as it began, and all was quiet. Nigul cautiously stood up, helping me to my feet. We began to pick our way around pieces of the wall and ceiling, Nigul grasping my hand to keep me from falling.
We finally made it out of the rubble, and I realized with shock that we were only a few feet from the gates of The Sanctuary. We walked through the gates, as Acima and Abdeel ran out the front door. "I was so worried," Acmia scolded, "I was about to come to your rescue, but Abdeel explained to me, "that this was your fight. He told me that your mother said you had to face things on your own."
She turned to Nigul and gasped, "what's wrong?" Nigul asked, as Acima and Abdeel stared at him in shock. I turned, looking up at Nigul, "your horns are gone," I said touching his head in amazement. Nigul looked at Acmia, who just nodded in silent astonishment, I turned to Abdeel, "how did this happen?" I asked him, Abdeel grasped Acima's arm, "I think this is something you two need to work out on your own," than he led Acima back into the house, giving us some privacy.

Nigul gripped my hand in his own, leading me into the garden, through the maze, until we came to the center. We sat on the bench where we had first kissed. He was silent at first, than he turned to me, "Jessica," he began squeezing my hand between his own, "there is only one way for a demon to fully gain a soul and lose his horns. That's by falling in love, not just any kind of love, but true love. The kind you only find once in a lifetime, if you're lucky."
He moved the hair away from my face and stared into my eyes, "I love you Jessica," he said quietly, "I did since the moment I first kissed you, but I was afraid. Afraid of my demon's blood, afraid that you could never love me back, but when you faced the devil and your father to save me, the power of that love came to life."
I grasped his face in my hands, "I love you to Nigul," I said blinking back tears of joy, than I kissed him. We held each other silently for a long time, than I drew away. "There's one thing I don't understand," I said, "your power came from your love, where did mine come from?"

"I can answer that," a musical voice answered, Nigul and I turned, a woman bathed in a soft white light stood at the entrance of the maze. "Mother?" I asked in a shaking voice, she nodded her head and smiled. "The power that vanquished your father, came from my love of you." She said, "I couldn't protect you physically, but I could give you my power to fight with."
She glided toward me, "I'm sorry I couldn't protect you when I lived, I wanted you. But I never wanted to make a pact with the devil." She smiled bringing a hand to touch my face, I closed my eyes as for the first time in thirteen years I felt my mother's touch. "You are free now. Nigul's love released you."
I opened my eyes, Nigul and I were alone again in the maze, he stood up, grasping my hands to pull me to my feet. "You're free now," he said, as he caressed my face, before kissing me on the lips. I smiled at him, "so are you," I said as we kissed again, before running back into the maze
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