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The move.

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The moving is what I wished he regretted.

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"Were moving?!" I was still in shock.
"Yes. To Maryland." He said proudly.
"But why?!!" I ask in disbelief.
"I want to get away from this." He said like this is his decision.
"What about me?! I want to stay here with my friends. My boyfriend. My school."
Ew. Maybe not my school. The rest is true, my family and friends are here and most importantly my boyfriend.
I am going to marry him.
"They can visit you over summer. Or the other way around but you are moving."
He said sturnly. I walked out of the house knowing I lost this arguement.
I live in California and I really don't want to move from my loving state to a nowhere nothing town.
Los Angeles, California to Waldorf, Maryland? I don't think so.

Man, I didn't know I had this many tears.
All the way to Maryland was off and on with tears.
Off because I was asleep.
I woke up and I looked out the window.
We were in the middle of nowhere...
We must be close. "Here we are."
My father said as cheerful as he could.
The house was nice but I still wanted to go to my home.
This is just a house to me, not a home.
I got out of the car and strecthed my legs, looking at the house when I heard to voiced coming from the house next to us.
"Come on! Throw the ball, dude."
One boy said to the other. They looked alike, Twins.
The one with the ball in his hands was staring at me.
Once I cought him, He stopped staring and threw the ball to his twin and started walking over to me, along with the other one. Once they reached me, I saw their faces better and they were actually pretty cute.
"Hey, I'm Benji and this is Joel, my..." I cut him off. "Twin?" I said looking between them.
"Yep." Joel said proudly and they smiled.
"That's cute but if you excuse me I have to go unpack now."
I said. Once I turned around my father was standing over me.
"Geez dad. Can't I have any space? You already took my friends and school and boyfriend away. Now my air!?"
I said angered. He rolled his eyes.
"Kayce, Who are your friends?"
He said smiling shaking their hands.
"Find out yourself." I said under my breath.
"You better lose that attitude of yours!!" My dad snapped.
I was a little tooken back by that. "Bite me." I said closing the door.
The rest of the night I spent unpacking until my dad called me to dinner. It was totally quiet.
"Would you say something?" He asked unpleased with my behavior. "Something."
I said emotionless. "Like a sentence."
He said get upset with my smart ass remark.
"Heres a sentence for you, happy?" I said with hurt and anger in my voice.
"Whatever. stop being a bitch would ya' Kayce? Okay so what if we moved? GET OVER IT." He said.
That shocked me too.
I put my fork down and just walked up to my room and slammed to door.
"Screw you." I whispered.
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