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New School... Lame.. New Friends...Didn't want any.... New boyfriend? NO THANK YOU.

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I'm Kayce and as you know, I just moved here from California. It sucked so badly. But I can't do anything about it. So I sit here, feeling sorry for myself. Hoping someone will notice so I can comp...

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"You're going to be late for school!" My dad shouted from downstairs.
"So? Your point?" I asked rolling over.
He didn't hear me so I got up and ready for school.
I wore my baby blue baby tee that had random scribbles on it with some tight Baby Phat pants.
I wore my light blue chucks with my hair pulled back.
I looked good.
I grabbed my messenger bag and walked out the door.
I'm almost 17 but I had to wait a year before I could get my licences.

Because of that, I walked everywhere.
My dad sure as hell wouldn't take me because hes always busy.
That's probably why I'm so fit.
But anyways... As I was walking down the sidewalk, I heard my name being called.
I started walking a little faster.
Then who ever it was that called my name appeared beside me and scared me shitless.
"Don't ever do that again!!" I screamed.
He chuckled a little and apologized.
"You got your scheldule yet?" He asked.
"Nope." I rolled my eyes. He was starting to bug me and I met him yesterday.
"Oh." And it stayed silent. I liked it that way so now he couldn't bug me.
I noticed he was checking me out. I smiled to myself on a job well done.

Oh, just to let you know, My boyfriend broke up with me saying he couldn't do long relationship.
He told me to come up there when I was 18 and we would get back together. YEAH RIGHT! That's impossible.
He was the most popular boy in school and I was his.
Now that I'm gone other girls would try to get with him.
I guess I wasn't use to not having someone.
I was with him a year and a half.
Once I got into the building with this one still by my side,
I went to go get my scheldule to see what my classes were.
This one the name of Joel snatched it from me and looked and his face lit up.

"That was um called for." I said snatching it back.
"Sorry." He said barely above a whisper.
"Forgit it." I said and sighed.
I would of held a grudge but he was so cute and he gave me the puppy face.
"Do we have any classes together?" I asked not wanting to know the answer.
"4, but you have 3 classes with Benji and 1 one with Paul." He smiled.

"Who the hell is Paul?" I asked.
Then Benji and "Paul" came up behind me.
"That would be me." One said.
"Don't do that!!!!" I yelled louder at him then I did with Joel.
"Sorry, I didn't mean to." He apologized.
"It's fine, Joel did it to me this morning..." I explained my rudeness.
He nodded and I stood there studying him. He was on the heavy side. He had blonde hair and he looked like he could give some good hugs.
If you didn't figure out yet, I can read people easily.
Thats mostly what I did in California.
"I'm Paul." He put hs hand out to shake but I rejected it.
"That's nice." I smiled fakely.
"Who's in my first class?" I said to anyone tht was standing around me.
"Me and Benj." Joel said smiling.
"Okay." I sighed and started walking. When I noiced they weren't following me I turned around and they were all staring at me.

"Coming?" I asked.
"Oh, yeah." They started to follow me now.
"Later paul." They said at the same time.
God that's going to get annoying.
But I could get use to them...
They were rubbing off on me....
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