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Chapter 14: Are You Coming With Us?

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Chapter 14: Are You Coming With Us?

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Ryan and Isaab finally let go of each other. Ryan pointed his head toward the door, but Isaab shook her head first then pointed her own head at Alyssa. Ryan nodded, and the couple walked toward the bunks, where Patrick returned to his place and they were both listening to her iPod.

Isaab cleared her throat and the two looked at her. She pointed at her ear, and Patrick immediately took the earphone out of his ear and Alyssa, seeing this from the corner of her eye, copied him instantly. "You do know that you have your own iPod, right? And a laptop... and a gameboy... not to mention a-"

"OOH! Laptop!" Alyssa said in a kiddy way. "Where?" She looked around, and Isaab opened her eyes a little wide and her mouths dropped a little. Even when she and her best friend had grown up, they both still acted like little A.D.D 10 year olds at times. Ryan and Patrick chuckled at the 19 year old eagerly looking for a laptop or another iPod lying around.

Patrick put a hand on her shoulder. "Sorry little cousin, no more battery". She made a face, but shrugged.

"Maybe you should go and CHARGE them". Isaab said staring Patrick in the eye very sharply with a scary look to her face.

"But..." Patrick tried to reason, but the look intensified. "I want to spend some time with my cousin!" he said giving his own puppy pout. Isaab groaned and Ryan chuckled a bit, she glared at him and he stopped, trying to stifle anymore laughs. Isaab back to Patrick with all the intensity she could muster, but he didn't budge.

"Izzy, I haven't seen her in monthes!" he tried to reason.

"Well, if you came to the funeral, maybe you wouldn't be fighting with Isaab" Alyssa muttered under breath. All three looked at her, hearing what she said, with surprised looks.
"What funeral?" Ryan asked, speaking for the first time since his and Isaab's conversation five minutes ago.

"Great-Uncle Kevin's funeral" Alyssa looked down as tears sprang to her eyes.

Patrick winced. "I heard. I am so sorry Lyss." He hugged her and she let the tears fall for the first time since she heard that her Great-Uncle had died.

"Oh my God. I am so sorry, Lyss." Isaab said, still surprised that Alyssa's only grandparent, or the closest thing to one, had died. Patrick and Alyssa separated and Isaab hugged her best friend and comforting her by rubbing her back and murmuring, "it will be alright", again and again while Alyssa sobbed on her black groupie t-shirt.

Great-Uncle Kevin was the only grandparent during Alyssa's life. He wasn't even the actual dad of either Mr. or Mrs. Davies. He was Mr. Davies's uncle, making him the /great/-uncle of Alyssa. But even though he wasn't technically her grandparent, he acted like one. He spoiled her, inspired her, supported her in everything her parents would let him into, which was many. Alyssa once said that it was because of him that she could play the piano so well, being the one that pushed her to practice. Piano was a big part of Alyssa, and she let Great-Uncle Kevin be a bigger one.

Alyssa and Isaab separated as Alyssa didn't want to get too emotional. She wiped the tears from her eyes with the handkerchief Ryan handed her with a smile, instead of a intense hug from Patrick and Isaab. "It was very boring, the funeral. It wasn't that fun without you to talk to and hug." She said to Patrick. Patrick smiled, feeling guilty that he couldn't be there for his cousin.

There was a silence which Alyssa broke. "My parents put me on break for three months, effective last month". She looked at Isaab. Ryan took the hint.

"I have an idea." He said looking at Isaab. The other three looked at him. "What if you come with us, we need another groupie anyways".

Isaab looked at him. "Where? I don't think we have much room."

Alyssa nodded. "Yeah, she's right. Where will I sleep?" She said reluctantly, trying to sound cheerful. Patrick gave a look to Isaab and she instantly felt guilty. She felt even more when she realized that Patrick was only looking where Alyssa was, at Isaab. She looked at Ryan.

Ryan scratched the back of his head. "No". He looked at Isaab and the three looked at him surprised and curious as to what he would say next. He glanced at Alyssa. "No, you are coming with us".

"Ry..." Isaab tried to reason. Ryan waved a hand at her to signal to stop.

"Ryan, stop. It's fine. Isaab's right." Alyssa said politely. She looked at Patrick. "Really she is. Where would I stay? The place is too crowded, and there is sure to be not that much room for me. I can't sleep beside you, you move too much. Remember the Carson sleepover '98?" Alyssa smiled at the memory but Patrick just winced. He gave a look at Isaab again.

The look wasn't just a look. Patrick seemed to shoot a mental laser into Isaab's eyes, and it penetrated her. It hurt, but she couldn't look away. To top it all off, he had a puppy-like pout that melted her heart, but not in that way. She sighed and gave up. "I guess we can squeeze some more for more space." She muttered.

Alyssa smiled. "Thanks, Izzy". She stood up and hugged Isaab. Alyssa giggled and Isaab smiled. Isaab hugged her best friend tighter then they separated. "Are you sure? I mean, would I be much of a burden?" Isaab looked at Ryan.

"No, it isn't." Isaab told her best friend. "I did need a girl around, it was getting a little bit lonely." She smiled and Alyssa smiled back. They hugged.

When they separated, Alyssa spoke up. "Now, the only question is where am I supposed to stay?"

Ryan spoke absent-mindedly. "The sofa" his index finger went up to show that he was counting. He looked at Alyssa. "Brendon's bed?"

At once, the other three slapped him playfully. Patrick glared at him. He just laughed and the rest followed him, Alyssa blushing madly.

"Don't listen to him, you're sleeping in the coffee room" Isaab said. "Actually, I think I will too".

"Okay, great" Alyssa said, grateful. "One thing: what is the coffee room?"

Ryan spoke up. "The extra room in the back of our bus where the first thing Brendon did was spill his coffee." Alyssa giggled.

"Are you sure we'll fit?" she asked Isaab.

"Oh, sure. There are two couches there, we'll sleep on those." Isaab reassured her.

"Great! I am so excited!" Alyssa grinned and hugged Isaab.

No one but Andy heard Joe whisper: "Good lord, they hug too much." Andy laughed at this.

They all suddenly jumped out of their skin after hearing a door just suddenly open and crash, hitting the wall very hard. It was Pete looking down and passing through the people and climbing into his bunk which was on top, as fast as he could.
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Pete sat on the toilet, pants down, head buried in his hands, and using arms as posts, digging into his knees. He couldn't feel the pain anymore, and everything seemed numb. His hands, legs, even his tongue; his head seemed lightheaded from feeling his hot face being cooled down by little droplets of salty water. He sobbed somewhat silently, but making a sound that he hadn't heard him make in a very long time.

The conversation scene replayed in his head again and again, and it wouldn't budge. It would repeat in his head 100 times a second and the words raced faster yet he caught the words 'I love you'. He felt the slight tingle in his body of slight happiness if you could call it. It seemed he still had a chance then the words, 'don't ever tell anyone I did that', came and his heart sunk lower than the floor. Was she that embarrassed to be seen with him? Then again his pride corrected itself asking if she was at all embarrassed.

He loved her more than anything... and more, cliché or not. He knew she loved him, yet couldn't shake off her own love for Ryan. Did that mean that Ryan was the enemy here, and should be knocked out of the equation? But that would certainly drive Isaab away from his touch.

Not knowing what to do next, he decided to get out of the bathroom and rest his head. He thought first if this was a good idea. He counted to five and stood up pulled up his pants and zippered up and walked toward the door. He took a breath before opening it. He found out he was still furious, no matter what but felt sane enough to be calm. He looked down; trying to make sure he didn't catch eyes to anyone, especially Isaab. He climbed up to his bed, in horror that he had to pass the three discussing.

He lied down and thought about everything that happened in the 10 minute radius. The scenes repeated in his head so fast, it made his head hurt. He stopped thinking about past though, and started thinking about the present. What had been stopping him? Then it hit him, it was Ryan that made his chances smaller and smaller each day. That's partly why she had been here, to fix her relationship from him. If she wanted something, she would have a way and get it. She knew what to do if she wanted something.

And he knew just what to do...

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