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Chapter 15: Let Me Crash Into You

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A very Panic! chapter. Happy Birthday PATRICK!

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Chapter 15: Let Me Crash Into You

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After awhile, the rest of Panic! came to the bus and the three (Isaab, Ryan, and Alyssa) took that as a cue to leave for Alyssa's house to get her stuff. They walked out of the bus with the rest on Panic! and waved good-bye when they separated paths. Ryan hailed a cab and they drove to Alyssa's dormitory, or The Face as Alyssa put it. It was a small building, so small you couldn't really call it college dorm. It was called The Face because of how the windows and the door were laid onto the front of the house. The front looked like a face. Two rectangle windows made the eyes and were put on the highest point of the house. There was a small window on this middle that made the nose and the door finished it off. It was brick red and it looked like the face had very bad sunburn. Ryan stayed in the cab, to avoid a frenzy of college students.

Isaab and Alyssa walked up to her room, seeing there was no elevator. Isaab gave a small pant as they got to her floor. Alyssa just shrugged; she was so used to it already and asked if Isaab was alright. Alyssa saw her nod and they started to her room, which was the room with the left 'eye'.

"Hey, where are all the people?" Isaab asked seeing the building seemed empty.

"They're probably out" Alyssa said.

"All of them?" Isaab asked amazed.

"Yeah, there very little people living here. It's actually very weird, calling this place a
dorm. I love it here."

Isaab smiled. "How many people live here?"

"Umm... about 9 or 10 people, I think." Alyssa guessed and Isaab nodded.

They walked in to her room, one of the biggest rooms in the entire building. The walls were a blue-turquoise color with furniture that was brown. There was a queen sized bed against the wall where the big 'eye' window was. There was a big suitcase on the bed, the contents bulging out. The wooden closet was open and looked empty. Isaab gave Alyssa a look.

"I didn't unpack when I got home from Chicago." She explained. Isaab understood and nodded.

"Well, you have anything else to pack?" She asked.

"Does it look like I have anything else?" Alyssa pointed at the stuffed suitcase.

"No, like entertainment like a laptop or something." Isaab suggested

Alyssa pointed at the black messenger bag on the coffee table in front of the sofa.
"Laptop and all entertainment are in there".

Isaab then noticed something. "Is something wrong?"

"Nothing really. I am just tired." Alyssa replied.

Isaab raised an eyebrow. "You sure?" Alyssa nodded.

"Okay, I think we've got everything. You want to go now?" Isaab suggested and Alyssa nodded. "I think that's a good idea."

Alyssa heaved her suitcase with a groan and Isaab took the laptop bag, surprised it was very heavy and groaned too. They walked down the stairs slowly, both in pain because of the heaviness. The driver was kind enough to hold the meter while waiting. He also was kind enough to help Alyssa with her bag along with Ryan who helped Isaab. Ryan was also surprised that the bag was so heavy and Isaab laughed at his surprised face.

They drove to the bus station where the tour buses were. Ryan paid the kind driver and gave him an autograph and the three climbed into the tour bus.

(This chapter isn't long enough)

Alyssa walked in first to see Brendon holding the stick that he obviously yanked to open the bus door. Both turned pink and just stared at each other for awhile. Isaab walked in disturbing their silence. She noticed the saliva dripping from Brendon's mouth and just had to ruin it.

"Hey Bden! Whazz happenin?" She said as obnoxious as she could try. The two snapped right from their trance and looked at Isaab. Isaab laughed at both of them. "God, you guys are too cute" she said while laughing harder by the second. Neither of them heard from all her laughing. Ryan came in with all the bags and just looked at his girlfriend laughing like crazy which made him start laughing like Isaab. He dropped the bags because of laughing. Alyssa and Brendon just stared at both of them laugh for about ten seconds before laughing the same way with them.

It was like this for a good seven minutes before all of their vocal chords became sore. They went to the kitchen and drank water in silence. Isaab broke it. "Where are Jon and Spencer?" she asked Brendon. Brendon shrugged.

"I know they're in here somewhere" he replied after another sip. Alyssa raised an eyebrow.

"Wanna look for them?" She asked Isaab. Isaab nodded and hopped of the counter where she was sitting. Alyssa, who was sitting next to her hopped of it too. The four went to the room beside the kitchen, the 'Coffee Room'. The small room was pretty plain, with grey walls and two big grey-colored sofas. But despite the plainness of the room, it seemed homey. It did smell of burnt fabric and coffee. They saw the sofas occupied by two sleeping bodies, one for each. Jon and Spencer.

"This is your room" Brendon said quietly to Alyssa, talking to her for the first time.

"Correction: this is our room." Isaab said quietly too, trying to not wake up the two sleeping. "And by that I mean, WAKE UP!" she yelled and was returned with curses from the two.

"Fuck you, get out of the room. We're sleeping!" Jon yelled.

"Yeah, get out. We're tired here! Get out of our room." Spencer said with something muffled because he was saying it against his pillow.

"This is our room, you get out." Isaab said suddenly getting pissed.

Suddenly Jon sat up from lying down and looked right into Isaab's eyes. "Make. Us."

That's where she drawn the line.

Isaab walked to the space between the two beds and picked up of the throw pillows that should have been on the sofa but were lying on the floor. She swatted Jon with all the strength she had, "You".

Then she swatted Spencer, "Have".

She swatted Jon again, "Your"

She swatted Spencer again, "Own"

Then she swatted Jon, "Bunks. Get out of our ROOM." She said as loud as her throat would allow her.

Surprisingly, Jon and Spencer got up reluctantly and walked up to Isaab. Jon grumbled curses at her then walked out the room.

"There you can have your room. We just didn't want to hear Brendon and Alyssa having noisy and annoying geek sex." Spencer said in a sleepy voice. Isaab smiled and apologized for hitting him to hard and he forgave her before yawning and walking out. Isaab looked at the doorway where Ryan was trying to stifle a laugh while Brendon and Alyssa took turns slapping Spencer's shoulder playfully with angry faces. She laughed.
It was already past midnight they were sure exhausted. They settled Alyssa in, Isaab and Brendon helping her bring her stuff into the room because Alyssa was mad because 'Ryan hurt her shiny'. Ryan seemed hurt at first then they both apologized to each other. Isaab said sorry to Jon in his sleep, kissing his forehead after (AN: Nothing is going to happen to them, don't worry).

Finally, they all went to sleep peacefully, for awhile. Alyssa woke up around two in the morning from Isaab's loud snoring. She groaned and climbed out of bed. She crept out of the room into the sofa in front of the TV at the front of the bus.

Hours later, she woke up again, to a face.

The face of Brendon.

Not much to say, because I am in a time crunch as you could see the last part is not very nice and is very rushed. I am going to the beach tomorrow for the weekend so I am 'packing' more like PANICKING AT THE DISCO.

Happy Birthday PATRICK!

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