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Numero Tres

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A little bit of drama...

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"Wentz, I think you have a problem!" Joe yelled a few days later as he stepped into Pete's house.

"What's going on?" Natalie croaked from her cocoon of blankets on the couch.

"Your husband is in trouble, how are you feeling?"

"Fat, huge, /blimp-like/."

"That's not what I meant," he laughed, giving her a hug as Pete came into the room.

"Off the wife! You're going to have your own in a few months!"

"Yeah, yeah, you have some issues to attend to."

"What issues?"

"These issues," Joe said, throwing a folded magazine at Pete.

"Oh my God."

"What's wrong?" Nat sniffled.

"It's her..."


"Her, Riley found her and now..."

"And now they've gone to the tabloids," Joe said softly as he handed her the magazine.

"In the time span of six years Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz has fathered two children and currently has one on the way. 'As soon as he found out I was pregnant he left me,' states ex-girlfriend Riley Williamson, 'And a few months after that I found out he was engaged to someone else and she was pregnant.' Within weeks of posting our first article on the subject we received a letter from another woman by the name of Samantha Richardson who has proof that she is the mother of his five year old daughter. 'I was shocked when I read he fathered another child, he already left me after gaining custody and I was sure he must've learned from his mistakes. But I guess not.' We have not heard from Wentz yet but we'll be sure to keep you posted!"

"Oh, Babe."

"Nat, I can't do this. I can't handle this right now. Things were going good for us and then they have to pull a stunt like this. Riley's ignored me for the past two years, every time I've called to check on the baby, and Samantha left Ally on my doorstep! She didn't even wait to see if anyone was fucking home! She rang the doorbell /and fucking left/!" He yelled, as Natalie wrapped her arms around his waist in hopes of calming him. "They can't do this to me, not now..."

"Shhh Petey, calm down, everything's going to be fine. You have me, and the babies and Joe and the rest of the guys, we can get through this."

"Yeah Man, you know we're always here for you," Joe smiled, patting Pete's back softly.


"No problem, I think you two need some alone time though so I'm going to head over to Mia's call me or one of the other's if you need anything, we'll be here in a heartbeat."

"Thanks Joey," Natalie smiled, as she watched him leave, "Come on."

Pete nodded, sitting down next to her as she walked over to the couch, "I don't know what I'm going to do. What happens if they try to come here or if Samantha tries to talk to Ally? She's my baby, you adopted her and I have full custody! She can't just run over here with a lie and expect everything to go back to the way it was!"

"That won't happen Babe, you have custody of Ally for a reason and no matter what happens they can't get her back. She's our daughter, not hers or Riley's. This whole thing is just a publicity stunt to get back in the limelight for another ten minutes. Riley saw that her modeling career was going downhill so she's trying to find something else to keep her up. And Samantha thinks that she can join in because she knows that she has a connection to you whether we want it or not. They're just trying to get back in the spotlight by spreading lies."

"Daddy!!!!!!!!" Allison yelled before jumping into Pete's lap as they heard the front door close. "Daddy what's wong?"
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