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Numero Cuatro

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Number Four...

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Sorry this is short, but I've had a pretty crappy day =(. If I get four reviews I'll update again tonight though.

"Nothing's wrong Baby, how was Grandma's?"

"Good, we maded cookies and Untle Drew let me eat some of the dough!"

"Yeah? Was it yummy?"

"Yep," she smiled as Pete's younger brother joined them.

"Thanks to my favorite niece I now have a date in three days," He smirked.

"You're using my daughter to meet girls?"

"Yep and it works pretty damn well."

"Idiot," Pete mumbled, throwing the pillow Natalie was using at him.

"You better get me a new one," she glared.

"I love you?"

"Nice try."

"Daddy that was mean."

"What was?"

"You're not tupposed to throw things at people," Ally frowned.

"I have special permission to throw them at Uncle Drew though, Grandma gave it to me."

"She did not! Just like she didn't give you permission to pull a Mary Poppins," Andrew laughed.

"I still have a scar from where my butt landed on the flower pot."

"Aww, you poor thing," Natalie laughed.

"Stop making fun of me, it hurt," Pete pouted.

"You're the dork who did it."

"Yeah, yeah, now back to the lovely conversation I was having with my favorite daughter."

"I'm your only dauwter Daddy."

"But you're my favorite," he smiled, kissing her forehead.

"Nat, how do you put up with him?"

"After the first ten years you start to tune him out."


"I'm kidding and you know that," she chuckled before kissing Pete's cheek, "I love him, that's how."

"Riiiiiiiight, really though, is it because of the Wentz charm? Because you know I have that too."




"Guess you don't have as much charm as you thought," Pete chuckled.

"Petey, /shut-up/."
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