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Numero Cinco

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Blah...Summaries ruin everything =)

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"So why exactly are you still here?" Pete asked an hour later as Andrew took the remote from him.

"Oh, Mom wanted me to tell you that she wants you guys over for dinner tonight."

"And you couldn't tell me that before because?"

"Because I forgot," he smiled, "She wants you over at six."

"You idiot, it's 6:30!"


"Pete, your mom's on the phone, supposedly we were supposed to be there forty-five minutes ago?" Natalie smiled, as Allison walked in front of her, talking happily on the phone.

"My brother's an idget."

"I am not! My memory just sucks."


"Daddy, Gwamma says you're in twouble," Ally giggled, handing Pete the phone.


"Peter, I thought you were coming to dinner tonight?"

"Drew didn't tell me until a few minutes ago, sorry Ma."

"Okay, you're coming by later though right? I have something for Natalie and the baby."

"Sure thing Ma, we'll see you then," Pete smiled.

"Bye Peter, and make sure your brother doesn't think he's off the hook."

"Yes ma'm," He chuckled, "Have you read anything in the tabloids lately?"

"No, why?"

"They've written a new article about me," Pete started as he walked into the kitchen.

"About what?"

"Me, Ally, my family, Riley found Samantha and they went to the tabloids with some bull- sorry, some lie about what's going on and what happened involving Al."

"Has anyone contacted you? Do you want your dad to call someone? Peter, come here for a second-"

"Mom, calm down, so far nobody's talked to me or any of the guys all we know is that they've talked to the tabloids. As long as nobody shows up at the house we'll be fine, it'll just blow over."

"Are you sure? Your father's right here, he could make a few calls if you want."

"Mom! It's fine," Pete laughed, "Don't worry about it. All you should be worrying about is your granddaughter and the grandson you have on the way. Oh, and their lovely mother and adorable, generous, breath-takingly handsome father."

"Don't push your luck, I love you Peter, remember to come by later."

"I will, love you too Ma." Pete hung up the phone, resting his head in his hands as Natalie stood beside him, giving him a sideways hug.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, I'm just worried that maybe this won't blow over like other things have i.e. my pictures."

"But unlike the internet this is a tabloid, the internet's worse, zillions of teenies looked at you on the internet just to say they've seen one before and that blew over after a couple of weeks, this will be the same."

"Yeah but what happens when they start showing up at Ally's preschool or when we go out some place, they've figured out by now that the easiest way to get to us would be in public, especially since they know I could never act like an ass in front of the fans."

"Which is why they'll do it, you can refuse to talk to them in public, Pete! The fans will understand, and if they don't then they aren't true fans in the first place. It's just like with friends, if they care about you because of who you are and not who you are then they'll love you no matter what. Trust me on this Babe."

"You sure?"

"Positive," she smiled, kissing his temple.
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