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It's All Fun And Games Until The Cops Are Called

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After breakfast, Pete, Kate, Joe, Patrick and Andy made their way into the living and sat down to have a chat. Kate and Pete shared a chair, Andy sat on the floor on a pillow and Patrick and Joe both sat on the couch.
It was quiet for a few moments, until Andy broke the silence.

"So, who wants to play a board game?"

Pete laughed. "As long as it's not Battle Ship."

"Ok cool. Oh, i know. Let's play Truth or Dare."

"Yeah! I love that game!" Joe said loudly.

"Yeah that sounds good. You ok with that, Kate?" Pete nudged her in the arm.

"Yeah, it does." She agreed.

"Ok. Who wants to go first?" Andy asked.

"Oh, oh! Pick meeeee!!!" Joe yelled.

"Ok, ok. Joe can go first." Andy sighed.

"Alright...Patrick." Joe said.

"Truth or dare?" Patrick stared wide eyed. He had only hoped no one would pick him.

"Um..Truth." He said timidly.

"Alright. How many girls have you slept with?" He giggled.

"That's a stupid question. I'm not answering." Pete crossed his arms.

"C'mon Pat. You have to. It's the rules." Pete said.

Patrick paused. "None."

Joe froze in his seat. "What? I couldn't hear you. I thought you said none."

Patrick sighed. "That's what i said, Joe. None."

"Oh snap." Andy mumbled.

After a long pause of aquwardness, Patrick yelled, "Ok! Can we move on now!"

Joe giggled. "Sure. It's your turn to ask someone."

Patrick thought, and then answered, "Ok. Pete, Truth or Dare."

"Dare." Pete answered.

"Hmmm,ok. I dare you.... To toilet paper and egg the next door neigbors house." He smiled.

Pete's eye's widened. "You serious?"

Patrick nodded.

"Alright. But if they catch me i'm blaming you."

"Ok." Patrick agreed.

Pete walked into the bathroom and brought out three rolls of toilet paper. Then, he went into the kitchen and grabbed a carton of eggs.

"Ok. I'll have to do it before they get home from work. You guys comin' or what?" He asked.

Kate, Andy, Patrick and Joe got up and followed Pete over to the neigbors house, where they watched him anxiously drape the thin sheets of toilet paper across the windows of the house. After covering the entire yard and house with toilet paper, he got out the eggs and began throwing them at the walls of the house.
Just as he threw the last egg, a cop car pulled into the yard, flashing it's lights.Patrick, Joe, Andy and Kate hid behind the bushes. Patrick was feeling extreamly guilty.

"Put the egg down, son!" The cop yelled as he exited his car.

Pete dropped the carton of eggs and held up his arm in the air.

"Officer. T-t-this is a h-huge mistake. I- was jus-..." He studdered.

"Put your hand behind your back, son. We're taking you for a little ride."

Pete cringed and did as he was told. The officer slapped handcuff's on his writs and lead him to the car. Pete entered the car and the cop shut and locked the door. While leaving the driveway Pete turned his head towards the window and glarred at Patrick.

"Help me." He mouthed as the car rolled away.

"Oh shit." Patrick cursed.

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