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Chapter 4: Peanut Butter! at the Disco

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So we learn the damages that Brendon has done.

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A/N: so i'll say this up front today, i have a few comments and announcements pulls out the page of announcements soooo first of all i have decided that for your clarity, and for the better of my writting this story will be mainly from Liz's point of view.
secondly i would like to ask you guys, do you find the chapters and plot too slow? i swear i have a plan, but i don't want to rush, but i don't want this to be boring for you, otherwise it's not worth me writting this really, is it? so let me know about the pace of this story, as well as the length of the chapters. this was four pages on word, which i thought was okay :D. But i don't know, i can try to write longer chapters if you like, if i am inspired enough, if it fits etc.

and now for some shout outs!

You are all very very special to me and i read and respond to all of your reviews. but there are two people i must give special recognition to.

First of all Meeniemoe, who is my best friend in real life, and without whom 1) i probably would never have written a second chapter and knowing me would certainly never have written a third, but thanks to whom i have posted more than two chapters and WILL finish this story! and also she's my brainstorm buddy and one of my inspirations, so i love you dear!

secondly to KatieLove for her support from the very beginning, her encouragement, her faith in the story, and for making me feel like the story is worth writting/coninueing. If only ONE PERSON enjoys this, that is enough for me :D and Katie dear, you're just awesome and your reviews make me happy and feel like i'm doing something right! alright. Now dears, please enjoy chapter four of...It was Just For the Experience.

Luvvles huggles and hearts,

Chapter 4
Peanut Butter! at the Disco

"Fuck." Brendon repeated, seriously mad at himself. "Fuck!" he repeated, as everyone glanced nervously at each other.

"Don't worry about it Brendon." Natalie said in a falsely cheerful voice, "Like, the worst that happens is I itch really badly and my face gets a bit swollen. No biggie. Dude, just calm down."


Brendon was pacing back and forth, turning sharply, and looking a bit like a drama queen.

"Well...." He said hesitantly, "as long as I haven't hurt you." He laughed nervously.

Brendon huffed into his sidekick, pacing the waiting room, "Pete, shuddup already, I did NOT mean to put her in the hospital! God! All I was trying to do was tell you that if you looked for us at the hotel we wouldn't be there." He whined.

He listened to Pete at the other end, who was laughing his bottom off over the fact that Brendon's 'cooking' managed to put someone in the hospital with a first degree peanut allergy reaction.

"Ha. Ha. Ha." He said in a sardonically un-amused voice, "Yeah fine, we'll meet you here then. Look I have to go; the nurse just came with an update." He flipped the phone shut. "Bastard." He muttered, as Jon and Spencer sniggered at him. "Oh, apparently they just landed at LAX." He glared, "a day early." He added. There was a general nod of understanding. "So they are on their way over." He finished.

The nurse interrupted them, "You can see her now, and the doctor will be in shortly to...discuss her condition with you." She looked grim, "I don't want anyone being loud," She glared at Brendon, "Or in anyway disruptive to her." She glared at everyone else...and Brendon again. "Follow me, then." She said in a slightly exasperated voice, leading them down a freakishly clean hallway and into a private ward. "We've moved her from ER to here since she will be more comfortable. The doctor will be in shortly."
Brendon entered the room first, and was stunned by what he saw. Lying there, hooked up to multiple beeping machines and monitors, IV lines dripping in several places in each arm, and a oxygen mask, was a very tired looking Natalie.

"Shit." He mumbled looking at Natalie, and the state into which he had inadvertently placed her, rubbing the back of his neck, "This is awkward...." He said, smiling a little at her, in a 'don't be mad at me' sort of way.

The doctor came, removed the oxygen mask, spoke in long complicated sentences, abbreviated what he said into a short English summary that basically said Natalie was to remain in the hospital until the next afternoon, and left seven were left together.

"Hey Natalie, you know I didn't mean it right?" He murmured, "in fact I think you're awesome." At this point he pulled out a typical "Brendon" face, "In fact I love you!"
Natalie was about to respond when five people came bursting into the room noisily.
"How's the patient?" A lanky, gigantic actually, man asked, sitting on the edge of a gurney being wheeled in by Pete Wentz. The man had jaw length brown hair that fell over his face, insanely long legs, and surprisingly nice hips for a guy. Patrick, Joe, and Andy bounded into the room after the first two, carrying a teddy bear, flowers, and a squishy pillow all tied with ribbons, respectively.

"Oh. My. God." Natalie whispered in glee, "William Beckett I love you! Can I touch your hips?" She stared at the longingly, "Or at least hug you?"

William grinned in response, hopped of the gurney and gave her a big squishing hug, as much of a squishing as can be given to someone hooked up to IV's and monitors.

"It's what I'm here for babe! To make you feel better," He winked charmingly.

"Hey, I just said I loved you!" Brendon whined like a small child, from underneath Pete who, seeing as chairs were limited, had seen fit to park his butt on top of Brendon.

"Yeah but you don't have his hips." Natalie replied.

"What about my Apple Bottom?" Brendon asked in a hurt voice.

"Apple Bottoms are so last year." She grinned, rolling her eyes in response to his pout.

"I'm going to go get food." Jon announced, standing and making his way through the crowded room, "does anyone want anything?"

"Uh, yeah, I'll just go with you to pick up a sandwich or something." Liz decided, uncomfortable in the crowded and noisy room, "Natalie, you don't mind me leaving you for a few minutes, you have enough company by the looks of it." Liz laughed, looking at one of her best friends who was smiling blissfully with William Beckett sitting on her bed ....right next to her....there....his hips. Brendon was looking very put out.

Natalie nodded serenely to her friend who was following the man-flopped bassist to the cafeteria.

"You could bring me back some," and Natalie experienced a sudden coughing fit, in which Liz swore she heard 'man' sounded out, "soup." She finished.

"Do you not already have enough darling?" Liz replied, now laughing hysterically and getting odd looks from almost everyone.

With a roll of her eyes she left the room, amazed at how ....but she seemed to have lost the ability to think, as Jon was now looking at her curiously.

It was kind of awkward. She didn't know what to say, and she could feel him glancing her way every now and then.

"So fortunately, Eric has the next couple of days planned out for us," Liz said abruptly, breaking the silence.

"Er, good." Jon said, obviously a little confused.

"I mean that way we can focus on helping Natalie recoup, and not worry about letting the organization slip." She clarified. They continued to make small talk as they entered the hospital cafeteria, ordered their food, and decided to sit down and eat their own food first before bringing back food for the others.

Her thoughts took a turn as they sat down. It bothered her a bit, and she had to let it out.

"You know, despite how welcoming you guys have been, I can't shake the feeling know....I feel like we are kind of marked as idiot fan girls now. After trying to find your bus." She looked away, her gaze settling on the bit of turkey falling out of her sandwich, poking the bread to fit over the sandwich properly.

"Kind of. But you seem okay. You're all in good schools. You've got to be smart." He offered.

"Heh. Yeah. We aren't usually so impulsive. Alright maybe we are. Just a little. It's just...we weren't trying to get on the tour early or anything. We just wanted to see what it was like. And we were right there, and it was an adventure, you know?" She smiled a little.

"So what do you major in?" He asked, leaning on his elbows which were resting on the table.

"Well I'm a business major, and I'm taking a management minor. Not very glamorous, but it should get me some good connections. I'm taking a classes on management, organization...something in the field of Logistic Manger is in my career future and also some acting and law classes, so I could have the potential to become...sort of like a Talent Agent I suppose, but really what I'd like to do is combine all of this knowledge to become a Manager, kind of like Eric, I suppose, only...well that's the whole point of this internship. You know?" she was talking a lot now, passionately, Jon could see a light in her eyes that showed that this is what she wanted to do.

"Yeah, it sounds like you want the challenge of showbiz." He smiled, reaching across the table to squeeze her hand," You'll be able to keep up with it too, I can tell."

Liz smiled, "Thanks. It means a lot you know. Some...people, don't think there is enough opportunity in show biz." She became aware of the fact that his hand was still resting on hers, in that ultimate cliché that still makes readers squee slightly, and cleared her throat, standing.

"So how many meals do we have to bring back?" She asked quickly, "Bren, Ryan, Spence, Pete, Patrick, Joe, Andy, William, Grace, and Natalie, if she's up to it." She counted off on her hands.

"We're going to need some kick ass bags to carry all that food." Jon laughed.

Liz and Jon slipped back into the crowded hospital room and handed out the food as Pete stood to make an announcement.

"Here me, here me!" He called proudly, his chest puffing out a little as he called from the chair he was standing atop.

"It's 'here ye, here ye." Moron." William laughed, from where he was petting Natalie's hair.

"Like it makes a difference," Pete retorted, "it is my great pleasure to annou-"

"Do you know," Liz interrupted. She couldn't hold back this comment, "that you look a bit like a self centered feline, standing up there."

"tha- what?" Pete's train of thought was completely cut short as he turned to stare at this previously very quiet girl in disbelief.

"Awwkwaard." Jon smiled, breaking the moments of silence that had followed.

"I'm just saying! Well look at him. He's so...cattish." Liz blushed, feeling a little mortified that she had made such a fool of herself in front of so many people. So many famous people. Yes she was still star struck. She found herself moving a little closer to Jon who, at this point, was really the only person she felt comfortable around. At least after their little heart to heart in the cafeteria.

"Um, okay." Jon grinned patting her on the back. "Pete, you were saying?"

"Uh. Yes." He blinked and discontinued his prolonged stare at Liz, "Well Decaydance is hosting a promotional masquerade party, formal wear with masks basically, and I am here to tell you that everyone present..."

A nurse who had been adjusting the settings on Natalie's IV drip looked up hopefully, causing another awkward pause as Pete waited for her to depart.

"Everyone NOW present," Pete continued, "is invited to attend. And it is formal and you're supposed to have dates, so you boys had better get a move on asking these three fine ladies because with this boy to girl ratio they will go quickly." He finished his speech by light heartedly leaping down from the chair and giving a flirtatious wink to the room in general.

Ryan swiftly pulled Grace out of the room swiftly with a mischievous smirk, giving Grace only the time to send Liz a "what the hell?" look and for Liz to return the look with a "go get'em" grin.

"So!" Liz said, to pull the groups attention away from the two apparent lovebirds. She felt that they needed their privacy. "This is sounding really cool Pete. So when is it and when do we get to go shopping for dresses?!" She grinned excitedly.

The group was immediately thrown into a huge discussion of details, but Liz, edging near to the doorway, could not help but to exchanging of words. But wait! Was exchange of heated words?

AN (again): i haven't really reread over this chapter, so if something does not make sense, i've made grammar/spelling mistakes, or if something is incoherent, please forgive me. :D love Lifey.
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