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Chapter 5: Shakespeare! at the Disco

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we have our first couple, ladies and gents!

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AN: This was stemmed from a bit of an injoke between friends. i doubt you will fully understand it, or really find it amusing, but it gets...well you'll see i suppose. It is shorter and fluffier than i had intended, but I hit the perfect spot as a writter and i couldn't bear to ruin it. it's hard to explain. enjoy.

Chapter 5
Shakespeare! at the Disco

Ryan paced the dressing room in a state of complete and utter agitation. The dressing room itself was not bad, if rather cramped. It had two large couches lining one wall, a table with various magazines, snack items, and game controllers trashing it, a TV opposite the couches, a vanity mirror/make-up counter, a closet, a cluttered costume rack, and an adjourning bathroom. Given it was a little small, and the color of the walls was a dull grayish color, but certainly his surroundings where not the cause of his agitation. No, his problem was the event of last night between himself and a certain Miss Grace. His companions in the room, namely Jon, Brendon, Spencer, Natalie, and Liz, were seated on the couches and watching his pacing, their heads following his progress as a crowd would follow a rather interesting tennis match.

Liz's brow was creased as she watched him pace. It disturbed her a little because she felt sure she knew what his problem was, yet she had no facts to prove her point. She had seen him pull Grace aside yesterday at the hospital, with what one could only assume was the intent to ask her to be his date to Decaydance's masquerade bash. Even though she had officially known Ryan for going on the third day, she could not help but be pleased at the apparent match. Though as of yet they all knew very little of each other, she could tell that Ryan was just the sort of artistic, sensitive, non-mainstream guy that Grace needed. So why had she heard in the hallway the two bickering? Why had Grace reentered the hospital room in a dark and silent huff? Why had Ryan entered shortly thereafter in an equal to or greater dark and silent huff? Why had both, upon returning to the hotel where the group was now staying, stormed to their separate rooms, refusing to speak to anyone? And why was Jon's arm draped over her shoulder? Oh well...there important things to worry about.

"Ryan, what have you done to Grace now?" Liz said, slightly annoyed with his pity party, "You've obviously done something. First you slept with her, then you pulled her out of the hospital room to talk, then you both end up like...." She wave her hand at him vaguely, "This. Dude...JUST SIT DOWN!" She burst out, restraining from twitching in annoyance, as he began making sharp fast turns to match his increased speed of pacing back and forth.

"Sit. Down." She hissed irritably through her teeth, "and explain to us what happened between you and Grace."

"Wouldn't you all like to know!" Ryan announced dramatically, a wave of his hand adding to the diva-esque feel of his words.

"Glad tidings are given," Ryan started his monologue of woe,
"but along with the sweetest of treats,
must also accompany the bitter sting." He paused for effect,
"A word desired with a fair lady,
who's character cannot help but to intrigue the hearts of mere mortal men,
a word granted, but a heart torn to shreds!"
"What have I done?" He continued dramatically,
"To deserve to be thus treated?
'Grace,' quoth I, for Grace be-eth her name,
and Grace deserves to be her name, for never was a woman so
embodied by the very beautiful traits of her name as she is thus,
'I have to say, I mean to say,' continued I,
for I was, at the time, most abominably tongue tied,
'Grace, I prithee be my date to the masquerade.
I mean if thou art not otherwise engaged...'
And ay, I admit to be man enough to have blushed at that moment,
for fear that so fair a maiden be taken by another,
as like such fair maidens are like to be."

Ryan let this sink in before he turned to face his audience and wailed,

"and her words did crush my soul!"

before sitting down in a chair across from his friends, his head in his hands to hide his tormented emotions.

Blank stares were all that followed his monologue. The air throughout the room was awkward. Very awkward. Liz doubted if one of her awkward moments could top the awkwardness of the moment.

Liz raised an eyebrow. Had he cracked?

"Uh......" Brendon said blankly, staring at Ryan with open worry.

"Ryan has been taking Shakespearian acting lessons," Jon whispered in explanation, "he is quite proud of his progress with monologues."

"So in English, please." Natalie requested of Ryan.

"I asked Grace to go to the masquerade with me because she really intrigues me and has a kick ass personality unlike anyone I've ever met and when I clarified that only if she didn't have a boyfriend of course her only response was "I have a boyfriend named CHAD! Haha! Loser!" and then we argued over the propriety of having slept in the same bed the other night on accident and she kept calling me an idiot for some reason and now I'm depressed because I feel stupid and I really rather liked her." Ryan said the sentence in a flat tone, which was rather anti-climatic to the dramatic monologue that preceded it, in Liz's opinion.

Ryan stood and let out an anguished yelp, "I mean she's so...witty, clever, she has the attitude! I'd like to meet whoever this 'Chad' person is and kick him firmly up the-"

"Lower back." Spencer cut in.

"Yes. I mean," Ryan sat again, an air of dejection washing over his body, "I really do think that...I could have liked her a lot more than I do now." He glanced around to see if anyone understood, "I'm jealous alright!" He cried finally when his friends remained silent.

"Um...Chad?" Liz said, looking doubtful of Ryan's sanity.
"Oohhhkay." Brendon blinked, trying to absorb all of that information. "That clarifies both of your behavior...but...just one thing...yesterday the girls said they were all single." He added blankly.

"Well she could have met him recently!" Ryan said in a 'no-duh' voice.

Liz caught Natalie's eye and they both began to laugh at poor Ryan's expense.

"Chad." Natalie wheezed through her laughter, "Where the hell would she even meet someone named Chad? We've been on a tour bus! You can't meet that many new people dude!"

Ryan stared at her, a cautious yet hopeful gleam in his eyes. "What do you mean? What about the bus driver? Huh?" Oh he thought he'd cornered them with his logic at that point! Or not.

"His name is CHUCK. Even I know that!" Natalie laughed.

"There is not Chad!" Liz laughed gleefully, "It's just Grace's way. She teases people like that." She rolled her eyes.

"There is no Chad?" Ryan murmured, hopefully, questioningly.

Liz and Natalie shook their heads as Jon and Brendon looked a little clearer as to the topic at hand.

"So it was just Grace being random!" Brendon said, happy to have a grasp on the situation at last.

"Yep." Natalie grinned.

"You actually thought there was a Chad?" Grace's voice floated light heartedly from the doorway, "Sorry about that, I didn't think you would actually fall for that! Idiot." She added the last name teasingly.

She walked a little ways into the room, situated so there was a great deal of space between her and Ryan.

"You er..heard all of this?" Ryan sulked, pulling a face.

"They're called keyholes." Grace smirked.

"That's our Grace." Liz smiled in a murmur to Natalie.

Liz smiled and shook hear head at the two. It never ceased to amaze her how weird her friends where at times.

"So!" She said brightly, looking between Grace and Ryan, "Ryan will you be gallant and steal Grace away from Chad by whisking her away to a romantic masquerade, and Grace, will you stop tormenting poor boy's hearts by falsely claiming to have boyfriends named Chad, and go to the party with Ryan?"

"Okay." Grace smiled, then looked a little worried, "If I haven't scared him off?" She questioned Ryan from across the room.

"Maybe a little, but then I'll just have to get to know you better to make up for it." He smiled slyly, "How about over a coffee?" He asked while standing, walking over to her, and taking her arm.

"You're on, then." She smiled.

Cue exit of the first happy couple. Cue readers wondering which two will be the next to pair together. Cue plot thickening.


AN: And there is my attempt (i was hyper) at a shakespearian monolouge
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