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Part 2 ~ I Will Avenge My Ghost ~

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A Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance combination story,,,,

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The room was surprisingly silent for the office of a club. Though the baseline silently crept in through the layers of walls, the atmosphere was not heightened. It was dark and quiet. Patrick leaned back in his leather chair. Taking the glass off whiskey in one hand. He spun the liquid around. Sipping it. He pulled a face of pure disgust. Taking the glass and slamming it against the wall. Pete, who was watching in anticipation, jumped as the pieces shimmered in all directions. Bowing his head with shame.
"Pete, what the fuck is that."
Pete stood to attention and could not think of a single thing to say. Patrick's ever growing rage pulsating in his throat. Pete could not keep the ignorance for lone. "It's - I- erm...It's a drink sir."
"You call that a drink."
"Yes, I mean that is what you asked for."
Patrick laughed repulsively. He stood up and walked quietly over to Pete. Keeping angered eye contact with the poor bartender. Patrick stared until he grabbed Pete by the tie. Pulling him down closer to the floor. He slapped Pete and threw him to the ground. "That, Pete, is not a drink. That is shit. And I for one do not drink crap."
Pete scrambled to his feet. Bowing his head pityingly, "You're right sir, I'm sorry."
"If you don't get me a new one soon you will be."
"Yes sir, right away boss."
Pete rushed out of the door leaving Patrick fuming with anger. He sighed and sat back down upon the chair. Gripping the arms. Trying to let his anger subdue. It wasn't long in his anguish when the door knocked again. Patrick smirked to himself. Knowing, well, assuming, who it would be.
"Come on in."
The door opened sheepishly. Gerard let his head roll from the doorway. Patrick let out a smile.

"Gerard.." he said, "Come in come in sit."
Gerard wasn't sure of Patrick's tone. It was inviting, true, but there was always something sinister about whatever Patrick said.
"Thank you," Gerard spoke graciously.
Patrick let a mood hit the conversation. He let Gerard ponder for a while. He leaned forward. The light reflecting upon his sinister looking features. Gerard was neither shocked or scared. But he was gravely intimidated. As usual.
"Did you do it?"
"Of course I did."
Patrick laughed. "Thank god for that. You're a saint Gerard."
"Thank you."
Patrick peered at Gerard. "I suppose you're wondering why I asked you to get rid of her?"
"I guess, I mean what did she do?"
"Nothing, that's the point. She was a shit singer and wasn't bringing in the crowd. I had no choice."
Gerard sighed at the statement. Patrick did have a choice. He just chose to ignore the morals. "You could have just fired her."
Patrick nodded his head. He began to twiddle his thumbs. "True, very true, in fact I could have just fired her."
"Why not?"
Patrick. "Because she knew too much. It's a concept you seem to not grasp. She knows about the dealings in here. If I were to just fire her, then who knows what secrets may be leaked to the public."
"I suppose your right." Gerard hung his head in a mix of shame and anguish. Hating being involved with this type of life. Wishing Patrick didn't have a disgusting superiority over him. He looked at the palm of his hands. Trying to hold it together. He knew, though, that Patrick would look straight through it.
"Why are you bitching anyway? You got a decent fuck out of it."
Gerard held himself back from grimacing. "Yes, I know."
Patrick began to pick up and pen. Working at some stocks for the club. He ignored Gerard's presence for a while. Gerard was stuck on whether to walk out or stay without a word. He chose on the second option. Gerard could only focus on the patterns that were upon his palms.
"I have a problem now though," Patrick said, not looking up from the papers upon the desk.

"What do you mean sir?"
"What I mean is that I have possibly the most popular club in this city and I have no goddamn entertainment."
"I'm sorry."
"Oh no it's not your fault, well, technically it is but I instigated it. But you can help me."
"In what way?
Patrick finally placed down his pen. He glared at Gerard for naivety.
"I believe you know a singer?"
"Me?" Gerard began to panic slightly, Patrick couldn't be talking about Amelia could he?
"I don't think I do."
"Yeah, some blonde chick.....what's her name? Amalie...."
"Yeah. Doesn't she sing?"
Yes Gerard thought. "Well I don- I'm not sure, I haven't known her long."
"Really? She's pretty stunning from what I heard."
"Hmm, well she's only just moved in my block."
"Bring her in."
Gerard stutter back slightly. "What here?"
Patrick frowned at him. "Yes here...."
"No but. Gerard you have your orders."
"Sir I can't"
Patrick pulled open the door quickly. Removing a black revolver and with speed pointing at Gerard.
"Gerard what kind of persuasion do I have to show you?"
"None sir."
"Now, as I have said you have your orders. Go."
"Yes sir."
Gerard slouched out of the office. He straightened his tie in confusion. The power Patrick had over him was taking a toll. And now Gerard had to pull in yet another innocent into the dark depths of the underworld.
Ciao Bella
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