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Chapter 3

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Alkam a young boy of sixteen discovers the truth behind the lies his beloved Duvan and brother Airk have been telling him. mxm

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The Magic Poet

Kismet (n.) destiny, fate.


Such a deadly four-letter word

Chapter Three

Despite wanting to very much hate the man Alkam found himself enjoying the company of a Sir Leti. While he teased him quite voraciously, he had positive qualities as well. Like how calm he was and his firm presence was reassuring in a way Alkam used to feel back when his father still lived. It was and old memory but the emotions Alkam felt were still fresh as the morning dew. Moreover, after being on the ship for little more than a week he seemed to acquire some sea legs though he wasn't as graceful as he was on land and more often than not, he found his body heaved so strongly he fell into a member of the crew and once even the Captain. Moreover, even if the crew was harsh on him often they were kind and quickly becoming fond of the young prince's presence.

Lizum the kitchen staff had taken to toting Alkam around when to the first mate didn't have him firmly attached to his hip. It was a day like this in the middle the second week of the kidnapping of Alkam when Lizum had asked a question that confused the poor boy greatly.

"Alk, why'd ya like t'is Duvan feller so much?" he had asked him.

"Well he's nice to me, I suppose. He makes me feel....." the flush that covered his face that he felt surely covered his neck and ears as well traveled down to the tips of his toes. He stumbled and tripped over his words before a string of curses danced through his lips before Lizum finally laughed heartily and told him it was alright and changed the subject. After that incident, it was never completely out of his mind. He loved Duvan for making him feel loved even if at times he was rough, and mean, and more often than not made him cry, plead, and bleed.

When Duvan was making love to him, well fucking him. Duvan had told him never to call it that. They fucked because he didn't love Alkam could never love the innocent boy. Alkam wasn't used to many people loving him just his brother, sister, and surely his mother and father before they both died. He thought of Leti then. How nice he was to him. Did that mean he loved him? A flush burned onto his face. Well, maybe he didn't surely not after the incident with Gado. Oh how he must have looked like a fool, thinking he would......well that was the problem. He didn't know what had happened except that Gado won. But aside from Gado the entire crew liked him he knew they did. They seemed to like him more than Duvan ever did. Even when he was, a young boy of nine Duvan only showed enough attention towards him to get what he wanted than he was mean again. The thought alone felt like betrayal to his love. Duvan he still wanted him. he couldn't let himself be swayed so easily.

"Alk, Goddess boy 'aptain was right when he ya were a handful. Always getting lost in 'at pretty 'ead of yours."

As was usual a deep red color came to those cutely sunburned, freckled cheeks. Alkam brought his fingers to his lips nibbling heavily on his fingernails. However, it was short lived as Lizum pulled them away with his own calloused, weathered hand and started to chastise him on it. It wasn't long after he finished asking once again about why he liked Duvan so much, more than anyone he had ever knew to like that one.

"I told you he was nice to me. Yes he was nice." Alkam said with a puzzled smile on his face. A gentle hum was rumbling from his throat. A sad wordless tune, with a sort of never ending quality about it began to drift into the air that the creaks of the ship and the deep hum of the shifting waves swallowed.

It was Lizum pat on his back that awoke him from his reverie and the sad frown on his face that creases Alkam's own brow and pursed his lips.

"Don't feel...sorry for me." He whispered. He didn't understand it seemed everyone pitied him. Was he that pathetic? Surely not, even Duvan didn't pity him. In fact, there was none. No one had ever treated him like this before except for his sister. It was why he didn't like to spend time with her.

"'ey kid? 'ow long have ya known t'is Duvan?"

"Since I was nine when dad died. He was my only friend."

It was the closest thing he got to a miracle when Leti popped up nearly out of nowhere and yanking him after him. He didn't want to think what Lizum was gonna say to that. it was like the whole world knew his beloved and hated him. Duvan would be so happy to know he was almost famous. If Duvan was than he might even let Alkam lay his head in his lap and comb his long digits in his hair. The thought made him giddy and if not for the abrupt stop in the pull on his arm, he would have mused over the thought longer.

"Al" the sad tone in Leti's voice immediately put him in anguish.


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