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Chapter 4

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Alkam a young boy of sixteen discovers the truth behind the lies his beloved Duvan and brother Airk have been telling him. mxm

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The Magic Poet

Kismet (n.) destiny, fate.

Such a deadly four-letter word

Chapter Four

“Al” the sad tone in Leti’s voice immediately put him in anguish.
“… Alkam. Goddess boy, even at a time like this you lose yourself in that pretty lil’ head of yours.” A chuckle echoed in Alkam’s ears though he was still alert for the worse. But he still he couldn’t help but wonder why everyone always said that to him. He even remembered his father saying that to him once. Was he so bad? Yes, yes he was Duvan said he was so he must.
“KID!” the shout him brought back. Just before Leti’s hand cupped his face and soft, moist lips grazed his temple. “You might be going back we’ve already made port. You’ve probably missed that too, no doubt. I’m not gonna lie and say I’m not gonna miss ya. Even if you think too much and it’s only been a couple weeks.”
He was gonna miss this kid he was a sweet, cute kid. Sure, he was a little weird and obsessive but a good boy nonetheless. Moreover, that smile how it lit up his entire face even his posture changed seeming lighter and more graceful. Oh and those freckles spotted across his cheeks and nose that were perpetually red from his new sunburn not that it would matter as much as the boy blushed. It almost made him regret his relationship with Gado, but he and the boy wouldn’t last. After the proof even a friendship couldn’t last was all he needed to be convinced of this. However, that didn’t mean he couldn’t show the boy there was more out there than Duvan. He hugged the boy to him, warming the sea-chilled skin. He placed a hand upon that baby soft skin of the boy’s jaw, lifting it and kissing that exquisite mouth. He was yelped in surprised when he felt a velvet tongue caress the valley between his lips. He couldn’t help but moan when it entered with the yelp. Goddess the boy was a little daemon. It wasn’t long before the need for air drew them apart, leaving behind a little line of spit hanging between them, pushed away by the gust of the wind. He couldn’t believe it the boy was some dominate little brat the whole time. It nearly made him laugh.
“See kid, that wasn’t so bad.” He whispered upon those sweet, buttermilk lips.
“Yeah.” The boy’s lips red and bruised, and hair once neatly hung high in a tail fell freely across those tiny shoulders and stirring with the wind. Even if his eyes held a glazed over look, they held a bold twinkle hidden in them. Alkam looked so untouched in that moment. Leti released his hold on the boy and backed away before saying a quick goodnight before leaving.
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