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Chapter 5

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Alkam a young boy of sixteen discovers the truth behind the lies his beloved Duvan and brother Airk have been telling him. mxm

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The Magic Poet

Kismet (n.) destiny, fate.

Such a deadly four-letter word

Chapter Five

They found Alkam standing on the deck surrounded by fog like some solemn god. Long golden locks tumbling listlessly about his person, while those fire red eyes gazed into a different time.

Duvan sat in the large orange couch centered neatly against the wall in the back with a small dark wooden table in front it, the size of a desk only about 3 feet off of the ground. Moreover, two wooden tables nearly identical to the one in front of him only these were about 4x4 on each side of him. Before Alkam could try to walk by, Duvan spread his legs widely, which would’ve made it nearly impossible to get by. His pale skeletal hands yanked Alkam into his lap. Alkam thigh length hair caught between their bodies.
“I love you hair. It’s as pale as your blood. And almost smells as sweet.” Duvan had told Alkam. “Your blood that’s so marvelously gold.” Duvan reached up and touched Alkam’s golden locks at the nape of his neck stroking them gently before he yanked Alkam face toward his crotch. “Come on boy.”
“Duvan………..gods I love you.” Alkam moaned.


Alkam had stood alone in the chilling air all night thinking of Leti and Duvan. Moreover, it was that wonderful kiss. The kiss Leti gave him that promised him everything just as much as it promised to take. He hadn’t felt so alone since when his father died so long ago. It wasn’t even three days after that he had used Duvan to fill that empty space in his heart. Or was it that he had been used. At this point Alkam hardly found the will to care. He felt as though Duvan was the center of his life. He always had to care about Duvan and yet the man didn’t, no wouldn’t care about him. Alkam couldn’t help but to notice how quickly a man, a single man could disrupt his entire view, no his world so quickly. Alkam was stuck he wanted Leti more than even his beloved Duvan and yet he couldn’t explain to himself why. A few moments was all Alkam could get to dwell on the thoughts when he felt the others staring at him from behind, he let go the whisper of a breath he hadn’t noticed was caught in his throat before allowing the nagging tug at the tips of his lips slip them downward.
“Alk don’t go ‘bout getting ‘hat pretty ‘ead of yours worried so much.” Lizum warned in a motherly tone. Or as motherly as the sailor could get.
“’e’s got more worries t’an ya aware, Lizum.” Gado sneered.
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