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Numero Ocho

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"I'm your Mommy, Babydoll," she chuckled.

"No you're not, Natty is!"

"Aww, you're a cutie, what's your name?"

"Allison Isabelle Wedtz."

"Why don't you give me a hug, Baby?"

Allison shook her head, trying to make her way back into the house as Samantha's grip tightened.

"Aww, what's wrong Sweetie?"

"She doesn't want to see you that's what's wrong," Natalie hissed, trying to pick up the little girl as Samantha reluctantly let go.

"Can you take Ally into the other room please?" Pete whispered, kissing both his wife's and his daughter's foreheads.

"I want to stay with Daddy!"

"I'll be in there in a minute Sweetie, but for now go watch cartoons with Mommy. Kay?"

"Do you pwomise?"

"I promise," he smiled, kissing her forehead again before turning back to Samantha and Riley. "So really, why are you here?"

"Can't we come by to see the father of our children?" Riley smirked.

"You could if you'd let me even see the baby within the past two years. Oh and if /you/," he paused turning towards Samantha, "Hadn't gone to the tabloids with some crackpot story about things."

"What are you talking about Petey? Everything we reported was the truth," Samantha smiled.

"You're right, because I definitely took Allison from you after I found her on my doorstep, in the middle of winter. What kind of mother does that to her child? Oh wait, you're not her mother, Natalie is."

"Natalie's not the one who gave birth to the little brat!" Riley yelled, shoving a finger under Pete's nose.

"She also doesn't call her a brat. Nat's the only mother figure Allison has had in her life, and you're not going to take her away from her."

"Fine, I'll guess you'll be hearing from my lawyer then," Samantha seethed, reaching out to slam the front door as Pete chuckled.

"Daddy are they gone?" Ally whispered, sticking her head around the corner.

"Yep, they're gone Baby."

"Yay! Can you come watch tartoons with us now?"

"Whatever you want Munchkin," He smiled, as she led him into the other room.

"What's going on Panda?" Natalie whispered a few hours later as she covered Ally with a spare blanket.

"Sam wants to sue for custody," he answered monotonously, "And Riley said she had a girl, I don't know what I'm supposed to do Nat."

"Come here Baby," She sighed, opening her arms for him.

"I don't know what to do, she's my daughter. They can't take her away from me, she's mine. I'm the one who's taken care of her, and made sure she was okay, and got her back to sleep when she had a bad dream, they can't take her away from me," his voice cracked as Natalie rest her forehead against his.

"Petey, they're not going to take her from you. Neither of them have given her anything, or shown her anything. The courts can see that, no matter what she tries to pull they won't let Samantha take her, she's legally and emotionally tied to us Petey. We love her and Samantha and Riley just want her for bragging rights, anyone can see that and they won't let them have her."

"But they won't look at that, they'll just see a 'single mother' who's in a custody fight with her rock-star ex, that's all they care about."

"That's not true, and you know it," she whispered, gently kissing him, "You're a good person and you're a good father. You've never shown that you were incapable of taking care of Ally and that's what matters. Not who you are or what you do but whether you're capable of taking care of this little girl and I don't know anyone who could do that better than you."


"Yes, you're our guardian angel Pete."

"Thank you," he smiled softly before giving her a sweet peck, "I love you, all three of you."
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