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Chapter Seven

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The following morning

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Chapter Seven
"You just fuckin' met her yesterday and you're already sleeping with her? And you! You know better then to sleep with one of my fuckin' employees. What the hell were you thinking?" Asha screamed. She was irate and the intense feeling had taken over her whole body making her momentarily forget the fact that her head was pounding.
"Hey what's going on?" a sleepy Bob said as he walked into the doorway obviously awake due to the screaming that was taking place upstairs.
"You're boy slept with my girl! That's what's going on!" snapped.
"Whoa, hold on a fucking second ok. First things first, stop yelling so goddamn loud, I'm coming down and my head is pounding. Second of all, if you took time out to look a little closer at the situation instead of jumping to conclusions you would have observed the fact that we are both fully clothed. Nobody slept with anybody ok!" Scarlet said a she flung the covers off of her and Mikey. Sure enough, they were both wearing the same clothes they had on the night before.
"Oh." Asha said quietly, completely embarrassed of the spectacle she had just made for no reason.
"Yeah fuckin oh!" Scarlet said as she grabbed the covers and pulled them back over herself and Mikey.
"I'm sorry guys. You're right I did just jump to conclusions. I'm really really sorry." Asha said looking at her feet.
"Don't worry boss. It's cool" Mikey piped up.
"Yeah. It's cool, Just don't let it happen again. Now seeing as we're all up, I say it's time for a joint. Who's with me huh?" Scarlet laughed putting her hand out.
"I am." Mikey said putting his hand in.
"Me too." Bob and Ray said walking over to the bed and putting their hands in.
"Yeah I guess." Asha said rolling her eyes at her best friend as she walked over to join them. She couldn't believe how much positive energy she had after being woken up so abruptly and then being yelled at for no reason.
"GO TEAM!" Scarlet yelled as they all threw their hands in the air.

"Ya know, I really am sorry about what happened before." Asha said as she picked up the last of the empty bottles from the previous night's festivities.
The group had gone to a late greasy lunch to help make their hangovers a little more tolerable and had then gone back to the girls' house to watch a movie. They guys stayed for a few hours before heading off. It was now 7pm and the girls had been cleaning up the mess they had all made for half an hour, and after some hard work they were finally done.
"Seriously babe, it doesn't matter. I probably would have done the same thing if I were in that situation. It's all good." Scarlet said shooting her friend a comforting smile.
"Yeah you keep saying that but I still feel bad. But can't help but wonder what you and Mikey were doing if your weren't fooling around." Asha said as threw out the bottles and then launched herself onto the couch.
"Ash, two member of the opposite sex can just hang out and do things that are not of a sexual nature ya know!" Scarlet laughed sitting down in the armchair.
"Yeah I know that. But he is pretty cute and I'm just wondering." Asha replied innocently.
"Well if you really must know we just sat up talking and smoking for awhile and then we had some lines" Scarlet began.
"Mikey and you had lines? Did you tell him I do it too?" Asha asked frantically. She had only known the guy for a short period of time and if anything went wrong between them, he could easily dob her into her boss. While she hated her job, it was all she had.
"Yeah but he's cool. Don't stress so much. At least now you have someone to do lines with in the storeroom." Scarlet shrugged.
"But ANYWAY, we had some lines and then talked some more and then watched some movies until we fell asleep I guess." Scarlet finished.
"You didn't make him sit through your stupid horror movies did you?" Asha asked.
"Yes I did actually, and he loves them just as much as I do. And we've decided that every Tuesday night is horror movie night so the two of us will be takin up this space every Tuesday. Got it?" Scarlet said.
"Fine." Asha groaned.
"YAY! I didn't actually think you would say yes, but you did! I'm gonna go call Mikey and tell him the good news." Scarlet squealed excitedly as she ran up the stairs in search of her phone.

Sorry it's so short guys... got sooooo much uni work to do it's not funny. Will update again as soon as I can I promise xox
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