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Moving To L.A.

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Audrey and the gang decide moving to L.A. is their best bet. Can you imgaine how crazy it would be, Alicia Zui and Audrey in one apartment? Wow. Insane...

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Ew. I smelled terribly. But then again, when the hell have I ever cared what I smell like? I grabbed my cell phone and dialed in Hanna's number. The band (and Zui) and I decided moving to L.A. would be smart being we would be recorded the first REAL Evident Fury album there. We would have to leave Florida in the dust. Hanna was moving all of my stuff and all of Alicia's stuff. Honestly, it would be a breeze. We didn't have that much stuff.

"Hello?" She sounded way out of breath.

"You alright Hanna?"

"Oh yeah! I just got the last of the boxes out on the porch. The moving guys will be here any minute to pick up your shit. Then its over to Alicia's house to repeat the process!"

"You have no idea how grateful I am. I cant believe you're doing this for us."

"No prob. You and Ali deserve it. I'm honored." She laughed a little.

"Now I remember why you're my best friend. You compliment me constantly."

"Right!" We both laughed loudly then continued the conversation.

"I cant believe all this is happening."

"Me either! Hey, do you really trust that Brandon guy's taste in apartments? What if its shitty and you and Alicia get eaten by rats?"

"Then so be it. anything for this record."

"That's what I love about you. You'd kill for the music."

"You have no idea."

"I got to go! Listen I'll call later. Off to alicia's for me!" She hung up the phone before I could get another word in. Alicia walked up to me.


"Yep. Our stuff is on its way today."

"I'm glad its getting there four weeks in advance." She said sarcastically and got up. before she left she turned to me.

"Does Jeremy know?" I shook my head.

"You might want to tell him. He's going to freak."

"Whatever." She turned again and left. One more thing to add to the list. Tell Jeremy.
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