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The Yearly Ritual

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Chapter 1

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Gerard glared at them.

His hazel-eyed gaze traveled across the sea of students before him, always following the same sweeping pattern, jumping from one clique to the next without missing a step. The jocks over by the fence, already talking of tryouts for every sport imaginable; the computer geeks cowering in the shade, fearing the abuse they were bound to receive sometime later in the day; the older-younger sibling pairs, one advising the other of which teachers to befriend and which to avoid.

He smirked, though not on the outside. He had already gone through standard procedure with his brother on the way to school: Don't make eye contact with anyone; only acknowledge those in their small group with a single nod. Don't even look at anyone outside his grade level, unless he was going to torture some useless sixth grader. And especially don't wander too close to the high school corridor, though it was unlikely anyone would mess with him. After all, he was Gerard Way's younger brother.

He watched the entrance to the school. The doors couldn't stay shut if they wanted to. Every two seconds another middle school kid would walk through the metal double doors. Some were meeting long-unseen friends; others were trying not to throw up.

Gerard smirked. By now it was easy to tell who was who. The sixth graders shuffled along slowly. They were terrified of the alleged evils contained within the bleached walls, legends no doubt taught to them by their older siblings.

'That's good,' he thought. 'If only they could keep that fear all they way up the ladder. That would make my life much easier, instead of teaching it to them every day.'

The seventh graders were a little more relaxed; foolish, even. But they still knew to respect their seniors.

It was the eighth graders that annoyed him the most. They were far too over confident for their own good, sometimes even boasting to the freshmen of their superiority. But whenever they did that, they made a sore mistake. They forgot about him.

"You ready?" he asked, not even glancing at the much shorter boy standing next to him. His younger brother nodded slowly, thick-rimmed black glasses following every motion of his head. Gerard almost rolled his eyes. What was so wrong with contacts?

He checked his watch, knowing he would to meet up with the others in a few minutes to discuss the coming year's plots. But first came the yearly ritual.

After all, what kind of big brother would he be if he didn't walk Mikey to class?
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