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Chapter 2

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The doors opened, and almost all sound seemed to cease at the arrival of the five black-clothed figures blocking the bright sunlight. All eyes fell upon them, though many turned away just as quickly; some knew from experience, while others had only heard the stories. At an invisible signal they proceeded down the hallway as if they were one person instead of five. All moved in unison and stared straight ahead. Well, all except for one.

Mikey glanced around wildly and nervously. Everyone was staring at them, and he hated being the center of attention. He could see part of his brother's face out of the corner of his eye. Gerard stared straight ahead as if his eyes were locked on something in the distance. He didn't appear to give any of the frightened middle-schoolers a second thought.

Mikey wished he could be that calm on the first day of school. It had been like this ever since he had started school: Gerard would walk him to class and command the attention of everyone in the hallway. When they were in elementary school, the act was regarded as cute in the eyes of their teachers. But ever since Gerard had garnered his reputation as a less-than-perfect member of society, people began to fear them both. Mikey's name became synonymous with his brother's. He could never go anywhere without being recognized as Gerard Way's younger sibling. He hadn't done anything to deserve the title, except for being born.

A casual observer might have looked upon this ceremonial event and thought it was Moses walking through the Red Sea. Gerard certainly seemed to command that kind of power. Everyone stepped aside to avoid being crushed or slammed into the wall. They all feared him, and rightfully so.

"Well, here you go, Mikey." Gerard's voice broke the dead stillness of the corridor. He placed one pale, strong hand on Mikey's shoulder, then frowned when his brother shivered slightly. There was no room for fear in a place like this.

"See you later," Mikey responded, managing to keep his voice steady. Gerard nodded in approval and left his brother at the door, continuing down the hallway at a slow pace. He heard the murmurs of sound begin to return to the hallway as their footsteps faded. No doubt many of those kids were recovering from the shock of seeing him on their first day of class. Normally he stuck to his side of the school, but occasionally it was fun to drop by and see their reactions. Besides, he needed to remind them of their place in school society.

One group of freshmen that had often gotten on his nerves as eighth graders decided to provoke him. Their leader pulled a crisp piece of paper from his backpack, crumpling it into a ball with one hand. The rest of them smirked and laughed. If they could pull this off, they would be hailed as heroes in the junior high community. If not, at least they would be considered martyrs.

"Heads up!"

The piece of paper flew through the air like a missile thanks to the baseball jock who had thrown it. Its path was straight and true - right into the back of Gerard's head.

He didn't immediately demand to know who threw it. He didn't flinch. In fact, his face held no emotion at all. But he stopped walking, and that was enough. He turned on one heel, spinning sharply and facing the other direction. He took a sweeping glance of each face lining the hall. Most were white and wide-eyed with fear; this did not surprise him. His eyes locked on the group of freshmen boys that were trying to hide their laughter. As he slowly approached them, however, that laughter quickly turned to fear. They knew they couldn't run; trying to outrun a high schooler - let alone Gerard and his gang - was absolute suicide.

Gerard stopped in front of their self-elected leader. His friends quickly surrounded the small group of freshmen. He looked straight into the younger boy's eyes.

" seems you think you're funny," he said softly. His voice gave everyone who heard it chills.

"Well, my friends tell me-"

"I don't believe I asked for their opinions, did I?" he said coldly, glancing between two of his friends and nodding. They picked the smaller boy up with iron grips on his upper arms. He struggled futilely.

Gerard lifted his chin ever so slightly, thinking of a suitable punishment.

"Saran wrap."
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