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A series of drabbles about the characters in the anime. Description and ratings above each one.

Category: Samurai Champloo - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama - Characters: Fuu, Jin, Mugen - Published: 2005-11-05 - Updated: 2005-11-05 - 243 words

Disclaimer: I do not own Samurai Champloo.

A/N: This drabble is for Jin. It is rated G. Please Read And Review.

Jin had not been well received after he'd arrived at the dojo. Sure master was always kind to him, the ladies who cooked were friendly, but the other students had never befriended him. He had accepted this, by the age of ten he had even understood it. He knew they would never get over his skills, his ability to pick up any technique with the least amount of effort. What they didn't understand though, was that he had a plan. He had a goal that he would achieve, even if it meant his eternal solitude in fulfilling it. He would prove his worth. He would make them regret not wanting him. His family, the other students, there was not a single person in his life who he counted as a friend. Even the ladies and master didn't take the time to get to know him well. Not a single person had ever cared what he liked and what his dreams were. It was a good thing he had basically quit dreaming then. His only wish was to prove himself in all their eyes. He would not stop until they all knew. Sighing, he picked up what was left from his lonely lunch and walked back toward where the other students where, all huddled together, aside from him, awaiting the next lesson.
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