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Am I just another stranger?

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Its been four years since highschool, how do the guys and Renns life pan out now then?

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Renn lay on her bed, listening to 3 three cheers for sweet revenge. The second album released by My chemical romance. A tear formed in Renns eyes like always as she listened to Franks voice ring out through the room.
"Trust me" Renn sniffed. She missed Frank so much, it felt as if they had barely got jobs and offers to go into college when Gerard and the guys were offered a record deal. They took it of course, and within the first few months, shortly after Franks 19th birthday, they had released a song and were recording an album, only to leave New Jersey, on tour, never to be seen again...Well, they hadnt been seen for the last four years anyway. They had of course come back to New Jersey to perform shows and things, and Renn used to speak to Frank every night over the phone. But things were busy in the band and they hadnt spoken for a while. The last time Renn had tried ringing Frank a voice had said 'This phone is out of survice...this phone is out of service...this phone is -" Renn had slammed her phone on the hook, crying like mad. Frank had got a new phone and hadnt sent her his number. So, for about 2 years, she hadnt spoken to him, she had been to one of thier concerts with Melissa and they had loved it, she tried going back stage but a security guard stopped her, she had tried yelling for Frank but no one came and the guard shoved her aside for the lucky people with passes.
Renn turned the album off on the ghost of you, it was her favourite song on the album, becuase it was so sad and beautiful, but she didnt feel like listening to it anymore.
She wandered into the living area, her apartment was starting to look like a home now she had un packed everything. She sat on the brand new sofa and turned the TV on, Kerrang TV was on. Renn put the buttons on the arm of the sofa and she sat and watched the adverts, when, to her shock, MCR apeared on the screen smiling and looking happier than ever. It was an interview. Renns heart missed a beat as the second part of the interview started.
Interviewer: Hey guys, welcome back people, I'm here with My chemical Romance, and we'll be asking them some more of your questions. So are you guys ready for round two?
Gee: Bring it on. Laughs
Interviewer: Ok, this ones for Gerard...How do you get inspiration to write your songs and do you have any tips for me? Thats off Kelly Mitchel in Wales.
Gerard: Erm...I dont know how I get my inspiration, I guess if you feel strongly about something then you find it easy to write down into a song, but, tips wise, I would just say dont be afraid to write what you want, you know? Dont let people tell you what you can and cant do.
Interviewer: Yeah, I guess you dont really set a boundary do you Gerard?
Gee: No no, I set boundaries, like, I dont want to sing about stuff people dont want to hear about because its too...I dunno really, I guess you should set boundaries, but make sure you have all the freedom you want.
Interviewer: Ok. Erm...this one is for, Frank. Frank, I love you and I was wondering is there a special someone currently in your life or are you single? Thats off Samantha Jones, from Manchester.
Frank: Laughs Well, sorry Samantha, but, yeah there is a special girl currently in my life -
Renns mouth dropped open, she felt sick. She knew she hadnt spoken to Frank in a while, but they had never broken up, how could he do this to her? Why was he doing it? Renn gave a small sob and turned off the TV, she raced into her room and sobbed into her pillow until she fell asleep.
Frank walked passed Renn. She spun round.
"FRANK!?" She cried. Frank turned round and looked at her.
"Oh, erm...can I help you?" He asked. Renn raced over to him.
"Oh my god Frank! I, I've wanted to see you for so long now I - " Frank cut her off.
"Yeah, I would love to stay and talk but I'm on my way to see my girlfriend so...but hey! I'll give you an autograph and stuff ok?" Frank took a pen out of his pocket and scribbled his autograph on a piece of paper.
"What? Frank I thought I was -" Once again Frank cut her off.
"Yeah yeah yeah, I know, our number one fan, dont worry love, heard it all before. Thanks for being a great fan, but you know? Like I said - Girlfriend waiting, so, it was nice to meet you but I gotta go so Bye" Frank turned and walked away leaving Renn stood on the sidewalk holding the peice of paper with his autograph on.
Renn sat up, tears running down her face. It had been a dream, nothing but a dream. Renn got up and walked into the kitchen, she put the kettle on and sat down, her head in her hands. She knew it had only been a dream that she wasnt Franks girlfriend any more, was she just a fan? Just another person who would always love him, just another stranger he would give an autograph to and then walk away? Was that all she was now...?
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