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Your back!

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Renns initial thoughts were wrong...YAY!

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It had been a week since Renn had watched the interview, but she still didnt feel like she was over Frank. She sat down on the sofa, coffee in hand, watching catchphrase. She wouldnt watch music channels any more, they were like her worst nightmare since a week ago. But catchphrase just brought back memories of when she and Frank had watched it together. She scowled and turned over to Trisha. Perfect, now she could think about other peoples misery instead of her own. Suddenly the phone rang, causing her to jump and spill her coffee, burning her hand.
"OW! Fuck!" Cried Renn getting up and sticking her hand under the cold tap whilst answering the phone.
"Ow ow ow...Hello?" She asked, as a red patch apeared on her hand.
"Renn?" Renn recognised the voice, but couldnt remember who it was.
"OW! Err...sorry. Yeah this is Renn" She said in a rush.
"Hi. err...are you ok?"
"Yeah yeah I'm fine, just, burnt hand hahaha, sorry, who is this?" Renn turned the tap off, balancing the phone on her shoulder she grabbed the tea towel and began dabbing her hand dry.
"Err...its Frank" Renn dropped the phone and tea towel in shock.
"Crap!" She cried picking it up. "Frank?" She asked, her heart skipping a beat.
"Yeah, how are you?" Renns breathing quickened.
"I...I'm" She asked.
"I'm good. Listen, I'm really sorry I havent been able to talk to you in ages, security thing, but theres no way I can express how much I've missed you" Said Frank. Renn went cold, feeling angry.
"Well, I've missed you too, dont worry about the none contact thing, you know it would have been nice to know you had another girlfriend off you, but I guess Kerrang! did the job fine" She said.
"What? Girlfriend? Your my girlfriend arent you?" Asked a confused Frank.
"Well, on an interview on Kerrang! last week, you were raving on about some girl you were seeing" Said Renn.
"What? No I wasnt!" Said Frank.
"You were!" Cried Renn and she told him everything she had heard. There was silence.
"Err...Renn, did you turn the TV off after I said there was a special girl in my life?" Asked Frank.
"Yeah. Sorry but I didnt really want to hear about the amazing person who had taken my place" Renn answered coldly.
"Well, you shouldnt have turned it off because I was actually talking about you" Said Frank. Renn almost dropped the phone again, her tongue didnt seem to be able to move, so she was silent.
"Renn? Hello? Renn?" Frank called down the phone.
"Oh my god...I was totally stupid...I...I cant beleive I didnt realise that...Oh god,Frank I am so sorry" Cried Renn. Frank laughed down the line.
"Ah, thats ok. Look, we're back in NJ for a couple of months, now the second albums kicked off we're gonna take a nice long, much needed break hahaha, I really want to meet up with you Renn." Said Frank.
"Frank, I would love to meet up, Oh my god, there is now way I can explain how much I've missed you!" Cried Renn. Frank laughed.
"All us guys have missed you Renn, will you meet us somewhere tommorow. Somewhere where no one will bother us. Cough Fan girls Cough!" Renn laughed.
"How about my new apartment?" Asked Renn.
"Sure, we'll be round at about 12 tommorow ok?" Asked Frank.
"Sure, the adress is -" Frank cut Renn off.
"Already got it" He said.
"Huh? How?" Asked Renn.
"Well, I called your old place, and your mum gave me this number and your adress, as well as a big long speech about how she missed us and how we should come over for dinner one night" Frank replied. Renn laughed.
"Ok, well I guess I'll see you tommorow?"
"Sure thing, 12 'o' clock remember, get the coffee ready!"
"I will"
"Good, well see ya!"
"I love you"
"I love you too"
Frank was first to hang up. Renn but the phone down, walked slowly back into the living room before jumping up and down yelling"YES! HAHAHAHAHAHA! HE DIDNT GET ANOTHER GIRLFRIEND! HE STILL LOVES ME HE STILL! - " Someone began knocking on the door shouting.
"SHUT UP! IM TRYING TO WATCH TV!" Renn went instantly silent but she sat down on the sofa feeling like she was filled with helium and was floating through the sky, Frank drifting along side her.
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