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Everythings perfect now

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At last, the guys are back in town!

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Renn woke up early the next morning. Frank and the guys werent due round till 12, but Renn decided to get up anyway. She wandered into the kitchen, the sun came streaming through her apartment window and the sun reflected off the marble work tops. Renn had never really noticed how beautiful it was...
She sat down on the sofa and turned on the TV, watching some kiddies saturday TV show, she knew she was too old for this stuff but she sat and found herself watching 2 episodes of Sponge Bob Square pants and then a couple of episodes of her old faverite - Drake and Josh. Before she knew it, it was 9 'o' clock and she had been up an hour. She stretched and walked into the bathroom. She turned on the shower, was about to get un - dressed when she had an idea. She walked back into her room and turned on her stereo, turning 3 cheers for sweet revenge up loud.
She was washing her hair by the time 'Im not ok' came on, and instead of crying when she heard Frank say 'trust me', she sang along, and then carried on for the rest of the album, before turning off the shower and wrapping a towel round her.
After dressing in a pair of skinny fit blue jeans and a tight fitting, dark pink top, she blow dryed her hair and straightening it. Her hair was blonde and she had never had the heart to dye it, she may be greb but she loved her blonde hair, that any girly girl would kill for. So she had settled with getting it layered and dyed black underneath. Renn smiled at her reflection in the mirror, she had always had low self esteem, until she had listened to MCR's music, for some, un - known reason, it caused her to love herself, for being herself. She didnt want to be anything other than what she wanted to be, and she made a point of walking past as many chavs as she possibly could when wearing her MCR hoodie. (Yes, she had one).
Renn had just finished making 6 cups of coffee when there was a knock on the door. Renn raced over to the door and pulled it open, only to be swooped into Franks arms, and being held in a bone crunching hug.
"RENN! AWWWW! I'VE MISSED YOU SOOOOO MUCH!" Cried Frank spinning round before pulling away and kissing her lightly on the lips. Renn laughed, tears of happiness in her eyes.
"Oh Frank I've missed you so much!" She cried, before spotting the guys hovering behind Frank, looking like they were intruding.
"GUYS! OH MY GOD I'VE MISSED YOU ALL SO MUCH!" She ran over to them and hugged and kissed them all. They all said Hi and told her they had missed her. Renn felt so happy, like she was going to burst. She lead them into her apartment and they all looked around smiling.
"Nice place" Said Frank.
"Awww, its nothing much" Said Renn taking milk out the fridge and pulling the sugar bowl closer.
"Ha! At least you have a place, we've been living on a tour bus for the past four years" Said Mikey.
"Its not exactly five star luxury either" Laughed Gerard. Renn laughed.
"Well, I wasnt sure who had milk and sugar and who didnt so, there all black with no sugar but put milk and sugar in if you want it" She said, the guys walked over, taking coffee and adding want they wanted before all following Renn into the living room.
They sat, drinking their coffee and talking for hours. Just catching up on everything they had been doing and then discussing memories. Bringing tears into Renns eyes.
"Awww, whats up?" Asked Frank.
"Its just, I've missed you all so much" Said Renn with a laugh. Frank smiled and hugged her.
"We've missed you" Said Ray.
"Yeah, we were all ways talking about you and all the cool memories when we were down" Laughed Bob.
"Especially Frank" Added Mikey and they all laughed.
"By the way, what time is it?" Asked Gerard.
"Its...8:30" Said Mikey glancing at his watch.
"Really?!" Asked Gerard. Mikey nodded.
"Hey, do you guys want some dinner?" Asked Renn.
"Are you sure you dont mind?" Asked Frank who was starving and didnt want Gerard going all polite and saying no.
"No of course not!" Laughed Renn getting up.
"What do we all like?" Asked Renn, looking in the cupboards.
"Aww, we dont want to be a bother" Said Gerard.
"Oh dont be so ridiculous! " Laughed Renn.
"How about...Spaghetti bolognese? With quorn mince...thats vegetarian" She added when Mikey had looked confused at the word 'Quorn'.
"Well, sounds good to me!" Said Bob.
"Same!" Said Ray and Mikey at the same time.
"Well...if your sure!" Said Gerard.
"I WANT TO HELP MAKE IT!" Cried Frank.
"Oh no, we'll all get food poisoning if Frank helps!" Laughed Gerard. Frank stook his tongue out.
"Now I really want to help" He said, Renn laughed.
"Ok Frank, you can chop the onions" She said, Franks face fell.
"Awwww, not onions!" He cried. The guys laughed.
"Aww, I thought you wanted to help" Said Mikey. Frank scowled.
"Fine! Where are the onions?" he asked.

At 10, the guys decided to call it a night.
"We'll meet up again tommorow if you want?" Said Gerard as they were about to leave.
"I'de like that." Said Renn.
"Ok, we'll ring you two love birds in the morning" Said Mikey with a devilish smile. Renn laughed and Frank shouted from the living room.
"Your just jealouse!" Renn shook her head as the guys laughed.
"Thanks for coming guys, its been great seeing you" She said. They all hugged her and said thier farewells before leaving and Renn shut the door. Frank, had decided he wanted to stay and so Renn had told him he could stay the night if he liked. He did like, and so he was staying.
After an hour, whilst Renn and Frank sat watching Edward Scissor hands the door knocked.
"That'll be Mikey" Said Frank getting up. Frank had insisted that the guys should bring him some spare clothes, his toothbrush and his razor, Mikey had been lumbered with that job. Renn watched as Frank answered the door and took a small bag off Mikey.
"Thanks Mikey!" Said Frank.
"Dont mention it" Said Mikey and he left, Frank shut the door and returned to the sofa. Renn had a huge grin on her face.
"What?" Asked Frank.
"I just find it funny how you answered the door like it was your apartment, my neighbours will think you've moved in!" She laughed.
"Well, let them think that" Laughed Frank sitting down. It wasnt long before Renn lay with her head on his chest. Frank sat stroking her hair and watching the movie. Renn had forgotten what it felt like to lay with Frank, it had been so long. She had almost forgotten his wonderful smell of Ciggarettes, deodrant and alchohol, the way it felt to rest her head on his chest and rise and fall with his breathing. It felt so wonderful, after so long of dreaming about him, she was finally back with him, and he felt so solid and real (Because he was I suppose! lol) and Renn felt so safe with him. It was something she had always loved and always would. They stayed that way for the entire movie. And it felt great, at last, everything was perfect.
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