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Chapter Two: The Resistance

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After hearing the truth of his fathers life Jeddah along with Leanna travel to another world where a war is waging against humans and demons. Jeddah and Leanna meet the resistance...

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Chapter Two: The Resistance

They emerged into a war zone. It was night or so it appeared, and they immediately spotted resistance soldiers firing guns and using special powers to try and kill demons in their way. They were failing horribly, the mantis creatures they had fought back in their world were only a small amount of the terror to come.

Bullets came whizzing by Jeddah's head as he stood in the darkness. There was no sun or moon in sight, just illumination from streetlights and office buildings.

"C'mon this way" Genoa shouted and grabbed them by the wrist. They ran between buildings avoiding being seen and then finally into a tunnel that lead into an underground building. The walls were lined in stone and it had no electricity. It was lit by torches and small glowing rocks lining the ceiling. There were a few people in this small building but one person stood out. She had long black hair with metallic green streaks flowing through it. She was dressed down in an unbuttoned black dress shirt with a black tee shirt underneath and some baggy black pants with straps hanging from them. She had hazel eyes and red glasses similar to Genoa's. Genoa walked right up to her and hugged her like it was the first time he had seen her in a long time. "Ayame! You've grown so much!"

"Shut up Genoa I'm only one year younger than you," she said sticking her tongue out.

"Well I want you to meet someone Ayame," Genoa said motioning for Jeddah and Leanna to come forward. "This is Leanna, she is gifted in power of the elements and has no need for fire arms. And this boy, ha, he is the son of Makoto and is very strong and very brave. Sadly Makoto died fending off creatures that had transferred over to the other world today." He said putting his head down.

"M-M-Master Makoto died?!?" she asked spastically as if it were her own father that died. "How... could he do... this to me?" Just then a kid entered, he was tall, had long wavy hair. He rushed over to Ayame looking into her eyes with a sudden pause and then remembered what he was there for. "Naito... what... what is it?" she asked the boy still shuddering.

"The job is done Lady Ayame." Naito said, treating her as royalty as he usually did. Ayame looked at him, he was dressed dark. He wore a black robe though the material was thin enough you could see through to his black leather vest and a fishnet shirt on underneath that. His pants were baggy and had gray stitching. Judging form his attire you wouldn't suspect he was even involved in this war, but he was he was more involved, in fact, than most people.

"Thank you Naito, I appreciate what you've done greatly." Ayame told him as she walked towards him and wrapped her arms around him to give him a hug. He returned the action then turned to Jeddah and Leanna looking at them.

"This is Naito Shisou." Genoa told them. "He is a Scattore, they are creatures harmed by light, and must feed off of the blood of other inhabitants of this world. They feed using the four canine teeth on their top row of teeth to make puncture wound. This wound is deadly to some creatures but to others, the wound can change them into a scattore. I think I researched mythical creatures of your world similar to the scattore known as vampires?" He said raising a question.

"Um yes... it seems like you described a vampire to a tee." Jeddah spoke up.

"Nice to meet you both I trust you will be helping the resistance in this war?" Naito asked them.

"Yes... yes we are but, not to sound rude, if you are a demon of this world, then why are you helping the resistance in this war and not the other demons." Leanna had responded

"I have my reasons." He said, quickly glancing at Ayame without any one noticing, or though he thought. Leanna had seen him but brought no attention to it.

"Do you have a place we can sleep perhaps?" Leanna asked wanting to lye down. They did have a place and Genoa showed them the way. They were sharing a room with Naito. They entered the dimly lit room there were only two glowing rocks in this room. "What are those?" Leanna asked him pointing to the glowing rocks.

Genoa walked away and didn't hear Leanna's question so Naito told them, "They are called Twilight stones, we use them instead of electricity because some of the demons can track electricity and would find our underground home."

"Not to mention it'd probably be quite a struggle to get electricity running down into here right?" Jeddah asked rhetorically.

"Any way's if you need darkness then you can just cover the Twilight Stones with some dirt." Naito told them, they look around and noticed this floor wasn't wooden like the main lobby was. This was just packed soil that could be easily dug up to cover the Twilight Stones.

"Well I'm gonna go check this place out before any thing happens, c'mon Leanna." Jeddah said enthusiastically

"Um... no I'm tired I think I'm gonna stay here." Leanna responded. She covered up only one of the Twilight Stones then sat on the bed. She soon shifted her body to a lay. Jeddah left closing the door behind him leaving Leanna alone with Naito. "So... really why are you helping us what are your reasons."

"I told you I have my reasons" Naito responded sitting his back against the other bed facing Leanna. Not really seeing anything but the glare of the Twilight Stone off of her eyes.

"Tell me... please, I saw you glance at Ayame earlier when you said that." She piped back at him

There was a moment of silence before he finally spoke up. "I... I don't know why I'm telling you this but... well I... I love Ayame. One night I was stalking her, getting ready to feed if u will, and I cant remember all the details I was thirsty that night it has blurred my memory. I know I caught her and something happened after she struggled. Something I'm not sure of, but I know after that night I came her the next day-"

"Wait is there night and day, here I saw no trace of a moon so I didn't suspect there was sunlight." Leanna asked cutting him off

"Yes there is night and day the day is lit by our sun and the night has only the illumination from streetlights, but any ways I came to her the next day after I had let her go the previous night and offered my helping hand in the resistance. So that's the story that's why I'm helping the resistance okay." He told her

"Thank you... not everyone would come out and tell me something like that. I need rest though so I'm going to go to sleep... g'night Naito." She said rolling over closing her eyes.


Jeddah wandered the halls looking and studying everything he came across. Suddenly Genoa ran into him, and knocked him over. "Oh I'm sorry Jeddah I was just coming to look for you we need your help. There is an attack out side of the base we need to leave and make sure the forces avoid the tunnel and don't discover this base."

"Okay let me go get Leanna quick." He responded

"Not time we need to go now, here!" Genoa shot back and tossed Jeddah various metal objects for him to use. They rushed through the tunnel as fast as they could to the battle scene they lay just before them. Then they reached it, it was worse than when they first arrived in this strange world. Genoa took off immediately mowing down some of the creatures striking his comrades. Jeddah looked up and noticed that they did have a sun and it was starting to rise. He ran out into the battlefield and carved the metal into a javelin and tossed it into one of the smaller creatures in his view. He ran over and pulled his javelin out of the rabbit like monstrosity with the intent of reusing it when another creature suddenly snapped it in half. He looked over at the creature and was surprised when he saw that it resembled a human. Only its nails were long, pointy and hard as if to be claws that could shred most anything. Again the creature swung at Jeddah nearly ripping his face off. Jeddah pulled out a staff of metal and swung slamming the human-like creature in the ribcage.

The creature let out a howl then began to talk to Jeddah =You will never win just give up already= it said holding its side. =But I'm getting bored with you and the boss wanted you back alive,= and as he said that the creature lunged at Jeddah but Jeddah swung the staff again smashed into the creatures jaw shattering it. It's jaw was hanging there as it lunged forward again and grabbed hold of Jeddah. Genoa came running over and saw Jeddah wrapped in its arms and went to shoot the creature when both the creature and Jeddah dispersed with the only thing left behind them was a small gray cloud of smoke.
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