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Chapter 3-Word's can hurt

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Chapter 3-Word's can hurt
Next day in: Waterloo Riverfront Stadium, WATERLOO, IOWA

It was now late afternoon Pierre and Alexis had left for their appointment about an hour ago. I was sitting in the bus watching a movie when I heard car doors slamming. Pierre came storming into the room. He looked heated. When I did not see Alexis I felt excited maybe he kicked her off when he found out that she was lying to him this whole. He came over and sat next to me on the couch.

He put his hands over his face and sigh and said "Why? Rox, Just answer me that one question?" He looked up at me

I gave him a look of confusion "Pierre, what are you talking about?" I questioned, Moving over to him and put my hand on his shoulder. To my surprise he jerked it away.

"Don't, Touch me," He half yelled standing up and looking at me with fire and rage in his eyes "And don't play dumb," He was full on yelling at this point and it was scaring me. I have never in the whole 5 years that I have known Pierre for him to get this mad. It was clear to me now that my plan and totally back fired right in my face. I had not given Alexis enough credit when it came to thinking.

"Pierre, Whatever Alexis said to you is not true," I said trying to stay seated and calm.

"Really so you did not tell her and I quote 'Roxanna told me that you where just marrying me cause you felt bad for me and you wonted nothing to do with this baby, So I deiced to get an abortion'." He said, Waving his arms around in the air witch would have been funny if he was not yelling at me.

"Would never say that, And you know that," I yelled getting up from my seat "Pierre, please believe me, I can't lie. And you know that hell iam Jeff's sister and he can't lie to save his life" I looked up at him,

He opened his mouth and said still yelling "Yea, Jeff cant lie, But you aren't really his sister, Your real parents could have been. Murders or con artists." I looked up at him with my mouth wide. All of the guys knew never to mention my real parents or saying anything bad about them. Pierre just completely crossed the line. It was in the moment that I knew that nothing would ever happen between the two of use. If he wonted to marry Alexis and have a marriage full of lies. Then he could have it see if I gave a flying fuck.

"That, Was low Pierre," I said in a whisper looking up and him "Some friend you are," Holding back the tears I walked away from him. I got to my Bunk and started to pack up my things. Soon after I heard the rest of the guys coming onto the bus.

Patrick came in the back of the bus with his camera and started to take pictures of me "Pat, Stop iam not in the mood" I said looking up at me. Iam guessing that he noticed that I was packing up my belongings

"Rox, where are you going" He said, Lowing his camera

"Iam going to stay with a friend for a while, I need a break from everything" I said closing my bag and taking it of the uncomfortable bed walking past Pat to the front. Where everyone was talking and laughing. I saw Alexis sitting next to Pierre they both looked up at me with dirty glares. But Alexis was not just for her hatred toward me. Part of her glare at me said 'HAHA bitch I won,' At this point everyone was looking at me. Sebastian was the first to speak

"Where are you going?" He said with full concern in his voice. I shook my head and went outside to see if my friend still live in Waterloo Iowa. The phone rang a few times before someone answered

"Hello" A voice that sounded like a little boy, Then I remembered that Brittany had a little boy. But only if I could remember his name. Albert no, Alex no, Aidan YES that's it

"Hello Aidan, Is you mom there" I said trying to sound glad.

"Yea" he said into the phone then started to call his mother

"Hello, who is this?" The voice said, I felt kind of bad asking her if I could stay with her a few days but I need to get away from the Pierre I could not stand looking at his face right now.

"Hey, Brit its Roxanna, I was just wondering if I could crash with you for awhile" I asked, The bus door opened and Jeff stepped out.

"Why? I thought you where on tour with you brother?" She said

"Iam, I... well... Its just.... It's a long story I tell you when I get there" I said, Not wonting to think about it

"Ok. Where are you ill come and get you," She signed caving

"Iam at Waterloo Riverfront Stadium, Thank you so much" I said, Hanging up not letting her say anything else know that if I did she would change her mind. I pocketed my phone and turned to Jeff

"Rox, where are you going, You cant go, I told you he really does not love her" He said, putting on my shoulder I quickly shook it off

"You are wrong Jeff, He does love her" I said, Looking up at him he looked very confused

"I guess he has not told you yet has he"

"No, He has not told me anything, But why don't you tell me" He said, Getting angry, I was about to say something but was saved when Brittany's car pulled up beside me.

"Why don't you ask him yourself, And when he tells you, You will find out that he is not the same guy that you have come to know over the years" I said going onto the bus to get my bags. Jeff followed in suit.

"What are you talking about? Pierre is a great guy, and you have said it yourself, So don't deny it" He yelled everyone on the bus looked the two of use. Jeff and me really get into fights and when we do it is never big at all and we never yell.

"Well people change" I yelled turning from Jeff. To Pierre and Alexis sitting on the couch and said "O and Pierre I hope you have a nice life full of lies with Miss. Slut" I said in a calmer tone and left
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