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"So tell me what happened between you and Pierre" Brittany said while we where sitting at her kitchen table. I looked down at the table.

"He just said some things to me and they really hurt, I really do not wont to talk about it right now" I said putting the cup that was using in the sink and going up to the room that Brittany said that I could sleep in earlier. When I did get up to the room I laided down and stared at the ceiling and thought why all of this had to happen.

Jeff's POV

I was completely shocked at what Roxanne had just said to Alexis. I mean I know that she hates her guts but I have never know her to come out and say something to her like that especially with Pierre right. There he must have said something that really got on her nerves and I sure as hell was going to find what it was.

"Hey, Pierre can I talk to you for a minute" I said breaking up him and Alexis making out on the couch.

"Jeff iam a little busy right now" He retorted at me. It made me think about what Roxanne said to me before she left maybe he was a different guy then I thought. He would always talk to anyone that wonted to talk regardless of what he was doing at the moment.

"Pierre, I really need to talk to you its important" I said a second time he pulled away from Alexis and looked me in the eye

"Jeff iam busy at the moment iam sure that what ever you have to talk to me about cane wait till iam done" He said going right back to what he had been doing

"Pierre tell me right now what the hell you said to my sister to make her so upset" I said feeling the anger inside me rise to a boil. I waited for him to answer when he never did I pushed him away for Alexis. Looked him dead in the eye and said, "What did you say to her?" I was beyond reasoning at this point he got me so mad.

"I might have said something about her parents. I mean its no big deal she just needs to get over it," I was about ready to kill him at this point what the hell was he thinking at the time when he said that. Every person on this bus knows never ever say anything about her parents. I need to get the real story about this but first I had to sock him in the face. But someone stopped me

"Jeff come on you just need to cool off don't punch him" Patrick said holding my hand I stormed out of the bus and dialed Roxanne's number. When it went straight to voice mail I new I would not be getting a hold of her for a few days. I took a few minutes to myself to cool off before I went back onto the bus. Pierre was in the same spot making out with Alexis that disgusted me. I walked to the bunk area and went to sleep If I talked to anyone else tonight I might just kill them.

Next morning- Roxanne's POV

The next morning I woke up and went down the stairs I turned into the kitchen to see Brittany at the stove-cooking witch I did not know that she could. Her husband Luke watching TV and dancing with Adien there son. Brittany looked up from what she was doing and smiled at me

"Hey, How did you sleep?" She said smiling

"Good thanks for letting me sleep here" I said sitting down at the table.

Luke must have heard talking in the kitchen and came in and looked at me and laughed.

"I know you, You where in my math class before I dropped out"He laughed. Luke was the kind of guy that laughed at everything and anything and was a generally happy person.

"Yea Iam Roxanne Stinco"I said laughing he could make anyone laughing I used to have a crush on him but stopped when Brittany started to date him. I was jealous of Brittany she has a son and she is in love with a wonderful man and I don't have that at all. The doorbell rang in Luke ran and answered it.

"So are you going to tell me what he said to you"Brittany said sitting down after getting Adien to stay still and watched TV. I heard voices coming toward that kitchen entrance as i started to tell her what had happened. When i was finished i went back up stairs cause if felt a lump in my tough and i did not wont them to here me.

3 Weeks later
Jeffs POV

It had been 3 weeks since Roxanne had left. I had talked her and finally got her to change her mind and come back on tour with us. Alexis was leaving for 4 weeks to get the wedding plans going.Roxanne was happy I could tell by the way she sounded on the phone. And she also told me that she has a new boyfriend. I was a little weary just because of the fact that. Even though she had yelled at Pierre like she did I new that she still had feelings for him and. She was probably just using this guy cause she wonted to feel loved. I new my sister and as much she does not like to admit I do.

"Pierre I have one thing to say to you before she come back, Don't fuck this up she is finally happy with a new boyfriend" I said and walked away when a knock came on the door.

Pierre's POV
I smiled and laughed "Pierre don't get any ideas ok, We like having her here" Chuck said looking up from what he was doing with Patrick on the computer said

I looked out the window of the bus and saw that Roxanne was talking to Jeff and some guy. He looked like a punk type guy. He had what looked like a 7inch Mohawk, Misfits t-shirt on, Gauged ears, Tight black pants with a bullet studded belt. I laughed and deiced to go out and meet this guy

"Hey Pierre" Jeff said ushering me over

"This is my boyfriend Kevin" Roxanne said he extended his hand to shake mine. I laughed again and walked away.

Roxanne's POV

"Rox, is that the guy that hurt you" My new boyfriend Kevin asked giving Pierre a dirty look to his back. I had know Kevin since high school.And had a crush on him for the longest time.When I met him again at Brittany's. He had asked me out and everything went from there. He was a real sweet guy he may be a intimidating guy on the outside but is a real sweet guy.

"Yea thats him the asshole" I said

"Yea" He said clenching his fist

"Kevin don't hes not worth it, Look i have to go i will call you later" I said giving him a kiss

"Ok bye love you" He said giving me another kiss

"I know" I said walking away he got into his car and left. I still had not told him i loved him back yet cause I was not sure that I did yet. I knew that he loved me. I mean he has said it so many times I cant even remember and He had drove me all the way from Waterloo Iowa to Charleston South Carolina and then driving back by himself.I thought walking onto the bus

"Why are you with him" Pierre said standing in front of the bunk that I usually stay in when I go on tour with them.

"One Cause I like him Two hes not an asshole like you" I said pushing him out of the way I may be small but I have strength.

"How iam I an asshole?" He questioned sounding truly confused.

"One you said thows things about my parent and everyone on this bus knows not to say anything about them purposely" I said.

"Why don't you get over that, I mean come one it has been so long, Grow up" He yelled at me

"O ok then, why don't you forget about how your brother over dosed on "E" (I know that did not happen but use you imagination)I yelled at him. He went quiet and looked down at the ground

"Iam over that so Shut the fuck up" He said walking off the bus.I felt kinda bad about what I said just because he mentioned my parents did not mean that I had to bring up what happened with his brother. I need to end this tension between us it is fucken killing me I miss having Pierre as a friend. I will just have to get used to the fact that he is with Alexis. And if I know Pierre he is not going to be the first one to say sorry he to stubborn and has to much pride. I walked off and followed the sniffs. And soon found Pierre sitting on the ground crying.

"Pierre" I said softly sitting down beside him and putting my hand over his shoulder.

"Pierre, Iam sorry that I said that, I was just really anger at you" I said he looked up at me

"Rox, Iam sorry too its just that I could not believe that you would say thoughts things to Alexis" He said

"Pierre I did not say thows things to her she hates me, She was never Pregnant in the first place" That made him mad

"And how would you know that" He said pushing my hand off of his shoulder and stood up


"Rox come here" He said pulling me into a hug

"Please, Understand, I need to know the truth from her I cant just take your word for it" He said stroking my hair "And I forgive you" He said I was still sniffling we stood there for a few minutes. I must have dosed off cause the nexted thing I know iam being carried to my bunk. I soon fell asleep.

Sorry this chapter sucks iam kinda running out of idea, But if you have any tell me iam open to suggests. And it switches POV's a lot sorry

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