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I Put The Never In Neverland

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/I Put The Never In Neverland/

My eyes open and I'm Wendy.
Peter Pan is by my side.
He has the pixie dust in his hand,
And I'm ready to glide.

We soar through the sky together
Past Big Ben, second star to the right,
And we fly straight on till morning.
I look down and can't believe I've taken flight.

Within seconds, we've arrived in Neverland.
It's so magical and I never want to leave.
Everything's so surreal with the touch of magic,
Yet there's something real to believe.

It turns to night here in Neverland,
And it's time to sleep or so it would seem.
I close my eyes and I can't help but wonder,
Could that really have been a dream?

Chelsea Pollok
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