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3 cheers for sweet revenge

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Revenge is sooo sweet...

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2 days later, Mikey, Gerard and Frank were all in Renns apartment. Renn, was no where to be seen, she hadnt been in when they had arrived, but the door had been un locked. Frank had tried calling her mobile, only to find she had left it in the apartment. Mikey yawned and stretched, only to bring his arms down suddenly with a yelp. It hurt to stretch his arms upwards because of the stab wound. Gerard gave him a concerned glance but Mikey smiled and said.
"Forgot about the wound" He laughed. Gerard smiled. He felt bad, as if they were intruding by sitting, un invited in Renns apartment when she wasnt in and didnt know they were there. Frank, on the other hand, looked worried and kept glancing at the clock.
"Where could she be?" He asked suddenly, causing Mikey to jump.
"I dont know. Maybe we should go and come back later. We only came by for a drink anyway" Said Gerard, but Frank shook his head.
"She must come back soon. Oh where the hell is she!" He cried. Mikey jumped again as Frank hit the table with his fist. Mikey had been very jumpy lately, the doctor had said it was common in knife attacks to be jumpy for a while.
"Frank, do you WANT me to have a heart attack?" He asked. Frank blushed slightly.
"Sorry dude..." He said. Gerard sighed.
"Well...this is interesting" He said. Mikey reached in his pocket and pulled out his mobile.
"Hey I've got a text!" He said. Frank looked up hope fully.
"Is it off Renn?" He asked as Mikey checked his inbox.
"No its off...Err...I'll be back in a second" Mikey then stood up and walked over to the other side of the room, reading a text, a smile breaking across his face, Gerard and Frank watching him curiosly. Mikey texted a reply before sitting back down again.
"Who was it off?" Asked Gerard.
"Oh no one!" Said Mikey quickly.
"Ok, Mikey, when you start sending texts to no one, and then getting texts back off no one, then we need to start getting worried." Said Frank. Mikey scowled.
"I know who there off I just..." He trailed off.
"Just what?" Asked Frank, but Gerard was smiling.
"Oooooh, Mikeys got a giiiiiirl friend!" He sang. Mikey blushed.
"No I havent!" He cried.
"Oh yeah, then why wont you tell us who the texts are off?" Asked Gerard. Mikey went a deeper shade of red.
"Its none of your business!" He said, but then his phone rang, Mikey had left it on the table and was about to pick it up when Gerard grabbed it.
"Who's...Smoochies?" He asked, Frank burst out laughing.
"ITS NO ONE!" Cried Mikey trying to grab the phone back.
"Ooooh, so thats who no one is" Said Frank. Gerard pressed the green button and put the phone to his ear, using one hand to push Mikey away, who was trying desperately to get the phone back.
"Hello?" Asked Gerard.
"Mikey? Heya babe how are you?"
"Im not M...I mean, Im fine smoochies how are you?" Gerard put the phone on speaker phone, Frank was trying hard to laugh silently, Mikey had Gerards hand over his mouth, keeping him away from the phone and unable to talk.
"Im fine! Hows your chest?"
"Ooooh, its fine, still a little sore but..."
"Awww, Im so glad your ok, I was so worried when I heard, Melissa rang me and said you might not make it...but Ive told you all this already havent I?"
"Err...Yeah" Gerard looked at Mikey to be sure he had allready heard it, Mikey didnt show any sign of not hearing it, so Gerard assumed he was right.
"Anyway, I was wondering if you were going anywhere tommorow, if your not then we can go on another date if you like?"
"Oh...err" Gerard looked at Mikey who understood he wasnt going to win agaisnt Gerard and was nodding his head instead.
"I would love too!"
"Really? Thats great! I just want to say, the other night was so fun, going to the cinema has always been one of my faverite things to do! was even nicer with you to hold my hand...and that kiss was so -" Gerard and Frank cut her off by laughing hysterically.
"Mikey? Whats going on?"
Gerard wiped away a tear of laughter.
"Sorry, who is this, Im Gerard, Mikeys brother, and please...dont go into the details of the kiss - spare me the trauma!" Gerard and Frank were laughing so hard it hurt, Mikey was bright red and fighting to get the phone.
"GERARD! AAAAGH! I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN! YOU GIT! YOU WERE THE SAME IN HIGHSCHOOL! AND YOU IERO! IF I GET MY HANDS ON YOU TWO, OOOOOH YOU ARE DEAD!" Gerard and Frank stopped, did she know them? Suddenly she sounded familiar.
"Do we know you?" Asked Gerard. Mikey rolled his eyes.
"What!? Of course you know me - or cant you remember all the people you hung round with?" Suddenly Frank realised who it was.
"OH MY GOD! ALICIA!" He cried. Gerard suddenly smiled.
"ALICIA! IS THAT YOU?!" He cried.
"No shit sherlock" Said Alicia. Frank and Gerard laughed.
"Awww, I didnt know you and Mikey were going out!" Cried Gerard.
"Really? I thought he would have told you...oh well, can I pleeeease talk to Mikey now!?" Gerard passed the phone to Mikey.
"Nice talking to you Alicia!" Called Frank.
"Oh no the pleasure was all mine - you two gits - Wait till I see you two next -" Gerard and Frank didnt get to hear what she said next because Mikey had took her off speaker phone and after throwing Gee and Frank an angry glare, he walked off to the other side of the room, talking down the phone to Alicia.
"Ha! Alicia, god, when was the last time we talked to her?" Asked Gerard, Frank shrugged.
"Before we left N.J for our first tour wasnt it?" He asked.
"Yeah" Said Gerard. Mikey ended the call and walked over.
"You guys are so horrible - Your lucky she still wanted to go on a date" He said. Frank laughed.
"Aww, you two make a cute couple" He said. Gerard sniggered and Mikey opened his mouth to say something when the door to the apartment opened and a soaking wet Renn walked in. It was raining outside and she was shivering.
"RENN!" Cried Frank getting up and walking over, Renn looked shocked to see them all.
"Frank, Gee, Mikey! What are you doing here?" She asked.
"We came to see you but you werent in...why are you soaking?" Asked Gerard.
"Its raining outside" Said Renn.
"Ok then, what were you doing outside?" Gerard tried again. Renn smiled.
"Well, I was taking some rubbish out when some tall skinny girl with long brown hair was smoking a fag, with about 5 of her mates. She was bragging about Mikey - saying she had almost got on a date with him but he was being a prick and saying no so she stabbed him, her mates were finding it extremely hilarious. So, I went up to her and said, sorry, did I hear you say you stabbed someone, she smiled and said yeah, Mikey way. So...I hit her." Renn was looking proud of herself and it was only then that Frank noticed she had a black eye underneath her eyeliner and mascara which had run down her face because of the rain, she also had slashes across her arms and a small cut on her forhead.
"Renn..." Began Mikey getting up.
"I took her and all her mates on, one of them was slashing at me with a pen knife, but I knocked three of them out, including the one that stabbed Mikey, I bit one of them and so two of them ran away, dragging their little un - concious friends with them!" Renn smiled.
"Renn! You didnt have to do that!" Said Mikey walking over to her and hugging her.
"Of course I did! That bitch, stabbing you and then bragging about it!" Said Renn. Gerard crossed over to Renn and hugged her, as Mikey pulled away.
"But you might get into a lot of trouble." He said.
"Ha! My only regret is not killing that cow!" Said Renn. Gerard and Frank grinned whilst Mikey couldnt help but smile.
"Well done Renn! I would have done the same!" Said Frank.
"Yeah, next time you see her you call me so I can have a go" Said Gerard.
"You lot are so violent" Said Mikey.
"Awww, you know you love it really" Said Renn.
"Yeah, Remember Mikey, three cheers for sweet revenge" Said Gerard.
"Oh, and it was very very sweet!" Said Renn with a smile.
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