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Frank asks the big one.

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Its what weve all been waiting for! Well...I have anyway

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Once again, Frank stayed at Renns house for the night. They lay in bed together, watching 'The nightmare before christmas'. Frank lay with his head on Renns shoulder, breathing in the smell of Cherries in her hair, from washing it with a cherry shampoo. Renn was watching the film intently, Franks arms round her waist.
"I love you Frank" She said, quite randomly, she could feel him smiling.
"I love you too" He said.
"Frank...since you sleep here most nights...why dont you just...move in?" Said Renn, it was more of a statement than a question
"I've been waiting for you to ask me that for ages" Said Frank, pulling her closer, which was quite a feat since they were very close anyway.
"Really? You could have just asked!" Said Renn, turning over so she was facing him.
"Yeah...but I would have felt rude if I did" He said. Renn smiled.
"I wouldnt have minded" She said. Frank rubbed his nose against hers, before touching there foreheads together, he closed his eyes, Renn did the same, it was beautiful, lying there together.
"I really do love you" Said Frank, before gently pressing his lips on hers for a quick kiss. They pulled apart, never opening their eyes.
"I love you" Said Renn. Frank opened his eyes, he seemed to have decided something.
"Renn...Will you marry me?" He asked. Renn was momentarily stunned.
"I...Really?" She asked. Frank laughed.
"Of course" He said.
"Frank - do you honestly think I would so no?..and in case you think I would then your wrong, I want nothing more than to marry you!" Renn threw her arms round Franks neck, and they began to kiss. Frank suddenly jumped out of bed, he rushed over to his jacket and pulled a small box out of the pocket.
"I've had this ring in here for the past week, but I could never find the right time to ask you...I was always so scared of rejection!" He said, walking back and opening the box. Inside was a silver ring with a small red stone in the centre in the shape of a heart. It was simple, but Frank knew that was exactly what Renn liked. He knew she didnt like gold because she thought it looked tacky and he knew she liked simple but romantic things. Renns jaw dropped at the site of the ring.
"Oh Frank! Its...beautiful, it really is! Oh thank you so much!" She cried, Frank took the ring out of the box and put on Renns finger, she examined it closely and smiled as she saw an engraving, on one side of the heart it said -
'~I will lye with you forever~' and then on the other side it said - '~Because I love you - Frankiexxx~'. Renn lunged forward and hugged Frank holding him close, he hugged her back, resting his head on her shoulder and stroking her neck.
"By the way - you kept your promise" He said, Renn pulled away.
"What promise?" She asked.
"The one you made, in the last year of highschool, you said you would stay with me even if the band went big - that you would buy all our albums, go to as many of our concerts as you could and would be waiting for me when I got back" Renn suddenly remembered.
"I checked your CD collection and you have both albums and I know youve been to some of our concerts because I've seen the tickets left in your cookie Jar which held no cookies I might add, and, you were waiting for me when I got back." Renn smiled.
"I forgot about that promise!" She admitted, Frank smiled.
"But you kept it anyway - And I love you for it" He said, before kissing her again.
"But, If we're going to be married, then that cookie jar is gonna have to have cookies in it" He added seriously, Renn burst out laughing, and for the rest of the night, she lay, snuggled close to Frank, smiling as she realised, her life was perfect.
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