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Basically here, for no good reason lol

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The next day, Frank and Renn went round Gee's house to see how Mikey was doing and to tell them the news.
"Married?" Asked Mikey, a huge smile on his face.
"Yup! Ha! I always knew I'de be first to get engaged!" Cried Frank, but Mikey held up a hand shaking his head.
"Aaaah, but what time did you propose?" He asked, Alicia was there and she was sittting on Mikeys lap, she gave a small giggle, obviously she and Mikey knew something the rest didnt.
"What does it matter?" Asked Frank.
"Just what time?" Repeated Mikey. Frank looked at Gerard, but Gerard shrugged.
"Why?" Repeated Frank. Mikey opened his mouth to ask again when Renn butted in.
"I see where this is going!" She cried. Mikey turned to look at her.
"He proposed around 11 at night, why when did you?" Mikey grinned and Alicia snuggled into his chest smiling, Frank and Gerards jaws dropped.
"YOU TWO ARE GETTING MARRIED!" Cried Gee staring at Mikey and Alicia.
"Yep! And I proposed at quarter to nine, so technically, I'm the first to get engaged." Said Mikey. Renn laughed.
"Awww, Im so happy for you both!" She said, giving them hugs.
"Thanks! How did you guess?" Asked Alicia.
"I know you both too well" Said Renn laughing. Gerard looked like he was in a state of shock.
"I've known Mikey his whole life and I didnt see that coming!" He cried. Mikey smiled.
"Your happy for me though...right?" He asked. Gerard nodded.
"Of course Im happy for you! Why the hell wouldnt I!?" He asked, giving Mikey and Alicia a hug each. Mikey shrugged.
Frank hugged them too, saying he was also happy for them. The Renn and Alicia began discussing how each man had proposed and examining each others rings.
"Yeah...who wants to go watch some TV?" Asked Gerard. Frank and Mikey instantly agreed and left the room.
"Well, I feel quite left out now" Said Gerard.
Yeah but Gee, your still going out with Mary arent you?" Asked Mikey. Gerard nodded.
"God, you've been going out with her since you were 19, why dont you two just get married, your as good as -" Said Frank, but Gerard shook his head.
"Nah, we've discussed it, and though we love eachother, niether of us is ready to make a commitment." He explained.
"Your gonna be one of those people who stay with the same person their entire life, get a family and all the rest of it but never get married." Said Frank. Gerard nodded.
"Yeah, probably" He said. Just then Renn and Alicia entered the room.
"What are we all watching?" Asked Alicia.
"God knows" Said Gerard glancing at the TV, which had just been switched onto some random channel, which happened to be Kerrang, top 10.
"AND NOW - VOTED BY YOU - ITS NUMBER ONE!" Said a 'monster - ish' voice. They all looked at the TV to see what band were doing well, and were shocked to see a green screen, then a warner brothers logo and then Ray and Gerard sitting on some steps talking.
"I dont wanna make it - I just wanna" The song started. Gerard had gone paler then usually and Frank was grinning.
"Dont look so shocked Gee" He said. Gerard smiled.
"Wow, people like us" He said.
" to Gerard! Why else do you think we've just done two world tours?" Asked Frank. Gerard shook his head.
"Erm...I guess I never thought about it" He mumbled. Frank rolled his eyes.
"OOOOH IM ON IN A MINUTE!" He cried. And sure enough the song stopped, to show Frank, sitting with a cheerleader.
"You know what?"
"You got something in your eye" Frank and the girl leaned forward as if they were about to kiss when Frank pulled something off the girls eye and wiped it on her sleeve before walking off. They all laughed.
"Ha! I should be a professional actor!" He cried.
"This is the bit I hurt my knee on the first shot! We had to re - take it!" Laughed Gerard.
"Yeah, that was a pain in the arse!" Said Frank.
"Actually - the knee" Said Gerard. Mikey laughed. Alicia began to kiss him, quite randomly.
"Hey hey hey hey hey! Come on children, pleeeease no kissing when siblings are in the room!" Cried Gerard. But both Mikey and Alicia ignored him.
"AHEM!" Cried Gerard pulling them apart.
"Seriously! I could get scarred for life!" He said raising his eyebrows. Mikey smiled shyly.
"Heh, sorry bro" He said.
"Now now Mikey. I dont think getting your face sucked off by your girlfriend -"
"What ever! Anyway, you dont want it causing you to have a heart attack, your not fully healed yet" Said Gerard. Mikey sighed.
"The doc said I can take my bandages off in 2 days. And they're gonna take the stitches off tommorow" He siad.
"Yeah, how is the old battle wound?" Asked Frank leaning against the chair, Renn leaning on his chest.
"Its Ok. Still a little sore" He said, touching the bandages.
"Its gonna leave a scar" Said Alicia. Gently stroking the bandages.
"Y'know, Mikey isnt a dog" Said Gerard. Alicia stuck her tongue out, only to have Gerard do the same. Then the phone began to ring. Gerard answered it.
"Hello?...Hi Bob...we were?..since when?!...Oh yeah! CRAP!...We'll be right there" Gerard put the phone down.
"DAMN! Frank, Mikey, we gotta go, we're supposed to be having an interview with Kerrang! Magazine, Bob and Ray have been there for half an hour already!" He said, pulling on a jacket and shoes.
"AH! Bugger I forgot!" Cried Frank jumping up, followed by Mikey.
"They'll just wanna ask about Mikeys attack anyway" Said Gerard. Mikey pulled on a jacket.
"I dont like being the centre of attention" He said. Giving Alicia a quick kiss before racing after Gee to the door.
"I'll meet you in the apartment ok?" Asked Frank, quickly kissing Renn. She nodded.
"By the way, I wont mention the engagement today, too many question will come out of it" He added before quickly leaving. Renn and Alicia looked at eachother, before laughing.
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